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  1. It doesn't always have to be pre-combat music does it? Good blues (swing) always brings me up. One of my fave bands too, and did spend some time In Boca Raton in the 80´s Red
  2. First person mod for GR:W... Red
  3. Thanks! Any chance there will be English support for the mod? Or a guide In English on how to Install and use the mod? Your English Is ok.
  4. Red2112


    Mech Engineer Steam store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1428520/Mech_Engineer/ Although I am struggling as It has a pretty high learning curve and there´s not much on the manual right now, It´s fun to figure out and play. Red
  5. I have no Idea! I though about the same thing with regards to the Panther. @Apocalypse 31 Maybe to play the campaign, or for a change, or for what they can offer later? Besides, people play War Thunder why not play this Instead. We have what we have In tank sims. If there a slight chance of anything getting better, why not take it. Heck there trying to mod M1TP2 so why not give the IW T-72 mod a chance too. Some people still play the moded version of Panzer Elite (I did at a time), there´s people for everything and like I said, we don´t have a ton to choose from either. 😁
  6. This sim Is kind of forgotten by some and by others not, reason why I am posting, and because personally I don´t think It´s a bad sim either. I recently found a mod (by Castello) and will be trying it out. The link to the mod Is on the Graviteam forum. It´s In Russian but you can use Google Translate to figure it out. We are having Initial Impressions/conversations on the mod over at SimHQ which you can follow If you like, and/or just post your thoughts here to help others with the mod or what ever. Graviteam forum: https://graviteam.com/forum/index.php?topic=12114.0 SimHQ thread: https://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4589521/m1tp2-v-steel-beasts-gold#Post4589521 For starters It looks a lot better then the original, and there seems to be some good Improvements done to the overall game Including the addition of a M1 Abrams. Red
  7. Very Impressed with all the things you can do just by going through the tutorial. Now I just hope the AI gets better as It Improves which Is always the hardest thing to do In a SP game. For a just SP game, a big benefit would be a editor and Steam´s workshop (mod support). Obviously coop would be the thing, but If that can´t happen, a editor and mod support would be great to keep it alive IMO.
  8. That´s what makes It different to all the rest In the actual market, and at the same time similar to R6. I really hope he can pull this off, and/or at least Inspire someone who can. We need it bad! 😁
  9. Could be but... - Black Day could have been considered a finished project with some polish and chrome later on. There was certainty enough content and gameplay to opt for it to be finished. - Heavenworld, much of the same. As a guitarist and composer, I can fairly say I am for the most part NEVER satisfied with my composition and/or guitar licks. There´s always a way to make It better, or at least one thinks so. If you come back to it a year later, even more so! Most musicians think likewise so I am not the only one with this mindset. Game design Is no different. It´s just that now we have this tag called "Early Access". With music, the tag could have been, a "demo" track, or even a bootleg recording. Basically something rough around the edges. To what extent It´s rough Is the question, and In the ears of who.
  10. ^ That´s my attitude although I know there´s a chance that a project could be drooped for what ever reason. George Lucas (Star Wars) once said movies are never finished, there just abandoned. As I see it, there´s always a progress to something, specially when it comes to art form or technology, there´s no end to it. A game is out, things get fixed, added and versions scale up, second parts are done as DLC´s or newer versions. In other words, they evolve as long as there´s commitment and funding as Ssnake pointed out. So is a game, movie or technology ever really finished? What determines If a game Is "truly" finished, the developer, the player base? If most of the player base has no clue about coding, how can they again determine a game Is finished or not, do they really know the end point? It´s Ironic but when a dev says a game Is finished then every one takes that as the end of there own curiosity. Technically they really don´t know If it really Is finished because that would mean It´s 100% operational, which Is hardly the case In most scenarios. They just pretend It´s finished because the author said so with no true knowledge of what really Is finished. Now we move on to v2.0... 😄 Well you all get the point, I hope!
  11. I am not sure that will ever happen as Steam Is quite ruthless when It comes to making money, and there customers. In other words, they seem not to give a shite who gets to dance with the ugly one!
  12. Last update was In July of last year, and the game has plenty In it already (Heavenworld). He has said It´s not abandoned this last November... https://steamcommunity.com/app/1280370/discussions/0/3202617741911093134/ These kids get triggered real fast when devs don´t deliver on demand, that´s the problem with todays gamers. There´s no respect for anything now days, no believes, no faith to say the least, and I feel sorry for these past generations TBH, what a shame. Red
  13. He never abandoned any game. BigFry´s video Is just another of his hater videos as usual. He changes his mind every time he goes to the bathroom! The man lives off his on BS! Helios gave everyone who owns Black Day a copy of his new game because he stated (some time ago) that he would rather code a new game then have to re-code his older Black Day child on the Unreal engine. He Is not abandoning anyone as I see it. But hey, all these hardcore FPS kids just love to get snobbish about future FPS games and then go spend 60 bucks on a turd like Battlefield 2042! Even Clownfield 2042 of which I paid 0.74€ for Is better then BF 2042 yet actual Steam stats show 9, 048 diehards are playing right now as I write this! So yeah, I rather think that Helios will stick to it, or maybe even get lucky and get some help from some 3rd party Investment or developers as time goes by. The game surely deserves it IMHO. Red
  14. Black One Blood Brothers has been released on Steam as EA. Steam: (15% off) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1621560/Black_One_Blood_Brothers/ Any one who has Black Day gets a free copy of Black One and should already have it In there library, at least I have. So there´s no confusion, this is a one-man team so don´t expect triple A quality. Just add that just because a game Is triple A does not mean It has quality! I beat we all agree on that. A very promising game that wants to bring back the R6 original gameplay/feel. Let´s hope It does, and the price Is not that bad. This and Zero Hour, both from Indi devs have really shown that FPS can come back and be what we old FPS gamers wanted since the glory days. No co-op but It Is considered In his roadmap. Red Red
  15. Red2112


    I have to say the same with regards to the dev, and the writing Is ok for my head, I have red some others that I could not say the same though but not from this dev. I also really like the production value, the counters and maps are very well made for my liking. This along with the Assault series from GDW are my fav modern war rules and developers. GMT´s Next War is "next". 😁 I was about to pull the trigger on this one about a month ago, but found it to expensive and I rather save my money for the next one on his other series. I still have to unwrap Dogs of War! But I did buy two titles from GMT´s Next War series (Korea and Vietnam). The NW series goes out of print fast so I decided to go for those while they last Instead.
  16. Red2112


    The "upgrade" mechanics Is very welcomed, at least for me. I rather spend points In upgrading then In purchasing new units. Red
  17. Personally I had a lot of fun with the first 40k Space Marine, let´s hope this second Instalment Is just as good or better...
  18. I hope so too. Happy new year everyone <S>
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