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  1. 3 hours ago, Maj.Hans said:


    Quite frequently I find myself wishing that, when old games were clearly done and over with, the company or team that made it would just dump the source code, resources, dev tools, etc out there on the net and leave it there for anyone interested to build upon their work.  I wish that games like Falcon 3.0, Aces of the Deep, Task Force 1942, Fleet Defender, etc, would have perhaps gotten the same kind of treatment that Panzer Elite and Falcon 4.0 did.

    Yes I would love to see that too! Dont forget all the Janes stuff, a proper Longbow 2, F/A-18 and F-15 would be great!  Or Avalon Hill´s 5th Fleet, and so many others.


    Maybe thess guys are just throwing distress calls to see what happens.  Can´t tell now days...

  2. @Maj.Hans


    I think those vids your seeing are from a Android version.  They wanna hit all flanks!


    I don´t think they want to revive old hits, but revive a great company, which would be awesome.  But I would not mind a remasterd Task Force 1942!  If they can better any of there old titles Iam good with that too if the price is right.  Will see...

  3. Thanks @Lt DeFault for your insight.


    No it´s not easy, but to some it´s not even worth it. As a teen I wanted to be a rock star, well like alot of teens!  So yeah, I played my a** off to be good, hours and hours a day for quite some years, invested a bunch of money on gear, dropped alot of girlfriends etc. you name it!  Went through some bands and had a on and off dedication through out the years.  I then got into the buisness and had a look from the other side (stage manager/promotor, among other duties). To make a long story short, being on the other end made me drop music and all my dreams with it!  The buisness dosent care about you, your just a money machine as much, they will even bleach money with your band telling your gonna make it, and burn your band name with it.  Sad story really, because it´s a form of art but that´s how sad it is in a nutshell.  I don´t work for the industry any  more by the way, but I still play once in awhile.  Do love to listen to alot of music, that part will remain with me for sure!


    While Iam not to up-to date, with the actual buisness now days, I do know that it´s alot easier to have control of your own product, compared to when I was into this.  There´s alot more freedom in this aspect, but the sharks are still out there and always will be.  There the ones who make the money, not the band, at least in it´s inital stages.  That wont change, and yeah you need luck!  In other words, be at the right place, at the right time and with the right people.


    Anyway, rock on... \m/



  4. Yeah I know what you mean when one of your fav bands screw it up live. It happend to me with UFO, singer was drunk as hell.  Anyhow, as long as there records are still good. Any one can screw it up once in awhile, but with live shows your kind of hyped to go see them, aside from the money you lose.  So yeah a bummer overall.

  5. Dead Matter dev log #08...




    Worst time to play Insurgency or any FPS is while there free weekend!  Be water my friend cuz they can get on your nerves!



  6. New update...


    Quite crazy but I love it! I play solo (single) BTW till I get my bearings with the game.  I also play Miscreated, fun games really.




  7. On 6/16/2019 at 11:24 AM, stormrider_sp said:

    Lately I picked up from a local library a book called Tigers in the Mud and that got me really excited about WW2 tank warfare. I wish we could have those in Steel Beasts, in fact, more than ever, I wish that we could MOD our own tanks in.

    Try "Panzer Elite Special Edition" (GOG) with mods (Ostpak Redux). It´s only €5,39 at GOG.



  8. Last hours of the GOG summer sale!


    You can pick up alot of PC wargames like Combat Mission (game engine 3), Close Combat and GG War in The East and War in The West for example.  For a change in pace, I picked up some good CRPG´s like ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indi game, UnderRail, and Divinity: Original SIn 2 Definitive Edition.  Original Sin is a huge game, and one of the best since the old-school days.  They are also working on the new release of Baldurs Gate III which is great news!


    Plenty of cool games to choose from...



    Have fun this summer!



  9. Much better!


    Yeah these guys play Ground Branch, I see them on the GB Discord channel, and have ramdomly played a match or two with...




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