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  1. It´s about the only (newer) FPS I havent played or have, and been thinking about it these past monhts.


    A honest reviews, as his reviews for SC too...



    I have been recently playing Hell Let Loose, really like it. In a VU, but even if I wasent, I have found that folks who play HLL are quite chilled. As with above, you do need to spend some hours before you get the feel for it. I have about 80hrs. now, and just recently started to get some hits through, and know what Iam doing.  Very Immersive, you do feel like your there. Do be communicative or you´ll be kicked from the server your on. No lone wolves here!



  2. Yes, also because you would not get a full team in every mission IIRC, so loosing a team memeber meant you had less of a chance to finish the mission.

    With regards to Ground Branch, yes they have done "some" stuff to it (two new maps etc.), but I have to agree with you, they are taking way to long.  I know there´s at least 5 people working on GB in there spare time. If you compare that to what one guy has done with Black Day since 2017, it really dosent make much sense, well it does, there taking there sweet time about it!


    Black Day might not hace MP, but it has a bunch of maps, and as is, it has way more gamplay then GB. Sure it can improve but as I said, still more gameplay then GB, and done with only one guy which also has a family to take care of.

  3. 2 hours ago, stormrider_sp said:

    Thanks for the link, after discovering that people still play TF1 classic, a dedicated a couple hours in a full server; such a joy!

    Your welcome.


    Yeah, there´s plenty of old games that people still play online today.  I used to have a blast with this one and there still playing it, Still have my disk somewhere, but could be bought online now days...






    @Apocalypse 31


    Sent you a PM with my Discord #tag.



  4. 12 hours ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

    Its fun. Very tough, because ArmA AI is insanely accurate - even on low skill levels. Do you still have my Discord name? We can rally. 


    I hate that I have games for tanks, games for planes, and games for infantry.

    Discord, no/yes. I had to format my old PC (the one Iam on now) last year as one of my ram slots when bad and my system went haywire, so when I figured out it was a default ram stick and did a format with fresh installs of what I had, I didn´t remember my Discord alias or whatever it´s called, thus lost all the contacts in it.  Send over via PM, or I´ll send you mine which ever you prefer.  Give me acouple of days to get used to the Arma controls again, before we jump in.


    Been playing some old games again, yesterday 2hrs of Medal of Honor Warfighter which reminded me why I liked it better the then CoD series hehe!  Full Spectrum Warrior, how a simple game can be a challange with just a few enemies on the map.  Will be playing Ten Hammers when I finish.  Titanfall 2, just a real fun game, and you scratch the Mech itch.


    Which shows why you don´t need a bunch of keys/options and add ons to have fun.  Yeah I know, simulators are like that, but then you realise why there was such a huge fan base with those older shooters.  Simplicity!  Which is why I still like Insurgency SS, WW3, or Black Day (Squad would be there too if it was coop).  Hassel free, you jump in, play a match or two, be done.  But yes, there´s times were you want something more flexible/complicated and you have that too (Arma or Operation Flashpoint).  Everybody happy then! 😀



  5. Maybe I explained myself wrong.  What I mean is that, all the mod fuss is what makes Arma 3 unstable when you play with others.  Which makes alot of sense.  When so many folks are working in there own way (3rd party) to make a DLC, it´s logical that some will not work well together.  This even happens with 3rd party paid for add ons for civil flight simulators.  When the main platform updates, then most of the 3rd party add on devs have to put out patches for the latest release (update).  It dosent make the game more stable, given that the platform also is trying to be more stable on it´s own.  It´s an old story that repeats it´s self still today.


    I just installed Arma 3 again, will try that DRO mod which caught my attention.  As I said, I have nothing against BI.  But one thing I have clear after all these years is that, no platform has made a stable combined arms game were everything works evenly (land, air, sea).  I wish there was, but there´s not.  Each one will be good at something, and do the rest half-way, and maybe that´s the global issue when one wants to eat more then he can chew.  By this I mean Arma, DCS, and IL-2.


    Again, I have nothing against that, and as they say "different strokes for different folks", but I think the reallity is alot different then what they intend.

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