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  1. Thank you Ssnake! Will be on stand-by and buttend up just in case :-)
  2. Thank you for the info! I do see some sweet joysticks/controller surfaces in the thread, but I was thinking a bit more of imersion instead. Something like this... Marko, I think the biggest problem is not the deck, but if the wife will let you for most of us ;-) I´ll tell you my recent achievement regarding this issue. Some day´s ago (since we have 2 pc´s at home), I started teaching the wifey how to fly a Su25T in DCS World. She since has been more comprehesive and even enjoy´s flying! Tried the same with Armored Warfare but she looses orientation easly LOL. Thanks again folks! Good care, Red
  3. Hi folks, Just out of curiosity. Hasent anybody thought of, or has build a home "tank deck" out of SB? You know, like they do with home build flight decks (cockpits, but women don´t call them that way) with flight simulators. Care, Red
  4. Thank you Thadwb! Care, Red
  5. My guess is that not only your unit is involved, but also who´s behind it. Will just have to wait and see As most things, you go with what you like first, be it eyecandy or not, you will get to grow with the rest in time. Iam sure I will, but I have to start somewhere that´s for sure. Care.
  6. Thank you all for your kind and warm welcome! Thank you for your guidence also! I have had a glance around the forum and apart from alot of useful info, I see alot of wisdom with some of you also, so I hope to learn alot too which is great! Yes Homer a long time Rush fan, since Hemesphires, I was 16 then! Red = Red Barcheta and 2112, well you know ;-) Sabbath fan too from my avatar, aslo since the 80´s! Iam a Bradley guy so you can guess which AFV Iam starting with. Thanks again folks! Button up.... Care, Red
  7. Greetings folks, New to the SB comunity and thought I should say hello to everyone! Been simming for some time now and used to be a member of the Seawolves.org when at it´s peak (remember ICQ?). Just got a one month trial with SB which I have been wanting to try for some years now. I also enjoy wargames such as Flashpoint Campigns Red Storm, Combat Mission Black Sea / Battle for Normandy, Germany at War Barbarossa 1941. Mostly a flight simmer, DCS (Combained Arms as well), Prepars3D, (RC) Phoenix 7, RealFlight 5. Other sims, Armored Warfare, Arma III, Star Citizen, Take on Mars. Other hobbys, RC planes and helis, musician (guitar, bass, drums, keys), woodcarving, mountaineering. Known members in SB, Overlord from my virtual squad, escuadron69. Just getting the grips with SB and doing the tutos for now, but hope to be proficiant soon and be able to join some of you online soon. Best way I can think of saying hello, enjoy... Best regards to all, Mike V. (Red2112)
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