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    Cold Waters

    Seems like good news for CW with the realism mod! See changes in the video discription and/or watch video. Mod link (Subsim) in the video discription...
  2. First part of my H.O.T. series LOS should be left as default which is 7.500m, more on that on my next video which will deal with weapons, DF and IF. Care, Red
  3. "Tigers on the Hunt"? I guess you meant "Tigers Unleashed", BTW Tigers on the Hunt is one that I really enjoy playing, It´s one of my fave´s, only grip is the key combo to select leader + squad(s) that get´s to me after playing awhile, hope he fixes that some day! Beside that, it´s a excelent adaptation of ASL and very challengeing to play. I understand what you mean. It´s not the first time I read a 250 page flight manual to find out later that the FMC on the damn $50 plane I bought is bugged, or just can´t capture a ILS for landing, just to mentioned some issues I have run into. These things will get anybody mad! Like above, quite ALOT in the flight sim world! Regarding Tigers Unleashed (TU), it´s quite stable at the moment, done a couple of scenarios (25 turns) with no CTD´s or pop-up´s. People say its more stable then POA2.5. BTW got another mail from Scott, we are just exchanging info for a fix now. My game play with TU today as Poland suppressing the choke point... I had a minor victory as Poland.
  4. Thanks for your confidence Mirzayev! Video up most likely before sunday, first part that will be. Just doing more reading and testing for now. Syrian Warfare, X-Rebirth, been there! I really wanted to like X-Rebirth! I liked the original X-3 (Terran Conflict/Reunion). Regarding Flashpoint, it´s a bit weird on my end, I don´t seem to like the ongoing exchange of shots while turns, which do last for a while. One thing is watching/reading a SITREP, another is watching pew-pew for 2mins! Same goes for Command Ops 2, same feeling. But I must say that PBEM is fun with FCRS.
  5. Thanks Thewood for your insight, I fully understand your thoughts and very much appreciate your warning indeed! You can say I have done my homework since last year, Gamesquad, DOW, some others, and Wodin is actualy Jason R. from "A Wargamers needful things" (see article above), and which I have recently been in touch with too over at the Matrix forums. Yes I understand this is old and folks are unhappy and/or spectacle about the whole deal. All I can say is, for one I have hope that it will end soon (official) and that I have spent WAY more money on flight simulation software that didn´t deliver what was annaouced and the dev´s are happy camping all over the place with no remorse what so ever! TU seems to be more stable, but then It´s quite understandable beacuse weapons are not as complex as in POA2.5, but yeah will just have to hope that it all get´s fixed, for the benefit of a good wargame/simulation for the community. Another article were Scott speaks out... Scott speakes to his customers artcle For anybody who decides to buy TU, make sure you download the update (replace files with the update v1.00.11 Beta n) and also download the"standard.TEC" v8 (version 8) file (TSS) and replace the original with this one in the TSS Data folder (HPS Shared>TSS>TSS Data). Care, Red --
  6. IMHO you have to have faith/trust in someone or you wont win a war by yourself, so yeah you could say that I have trust in Scott. If for some other reason things don´t work out then just think of it as if you had a bad dinner at a restaurant and lost $60 on a meal! It´s not that I want to convince anyone, Iam sure we are all grown up here and can make or own decisions. Iam just sharering my likings and adventures with all of you in a subject that most of us here like. Either way, here´s a article that his friend Jason put up on his blog at the begining of the year... Tigers Unleashed Article Aside from this, Iam glad your liking what your reading so far Mirzayev, that´s alot coming from you, but in a way I thought you would like it, it would be hard not to if you like CMANO. I still haven´t got to the part were they talk about leaders, just went through the first 81 pages so there´s isn´t much I could add there, but as I said, glad your liking it! I will be doing some more reading and playing today beacuse I want to have things quite clear before I do the next video as I don´t want to mislead anyone with my comments. More to come so stay tuned if you enjoy this... Thanks for your comments Mirzayev! Good care, Red
  7. Just got a mail from Scott Hamilton about an hour ago. He is looking into it, but overall he seems a nice man. Willing to help and fix things, actualy the "Tigers Unleashed" seems to work a bit better (I bought that too) and Iam sure he will find a solution for POA2.5. I played 27 turns today till I got that error (Exception EEFACE) and he seems to kind of know what could be the problem. Scott has been working on both TSS titles all this time, just hasent shown till lately as he is a one man band. TU was updated in 2014 and POA2.5 two months ago. The problem is that once you try POA2.5 the rest of games just don´t stack up to it, at least for me. Regarding realistic results, if you read the manual you will soon see that FOW in this game works both way´s, you are the CO in this game, not a TC, so the SITREPS that get to you might be late at times, that means that for example if your last SITEREP was 4mins. ago, you don´t really know exactly were your own units are (they could have moved 2mins. ago) till you get another SITEREP of those unit(s). You can even set-up coms networks in this game, be it wireless, fiber etc. gear must be the same between units too in most cases for the network to work, and I only red the first 100 pages I´ll keep on and let you all know how it turns out or if any news as soon as I know, Scott has to get back to me so news will be in short... Care, Red --
  8. A fair warning... Been doing some more playing and at times the game freezes with a external exception error pop-up. Sent some mails to Scott but no reply. Let´s hope they fix it, and not 4 years from now! So anybody thinking of pulling the trigger on this one, be it at your own risk! I will still try to do some videos on it but with a fair warning added... Care, Red
  9. I have my Futaba radio with recharged battery´s ready For the UAV that is...
  10. Yes, others have said the same, although you do have Air/Sea units aswell in PoA-2, I just havent seen them yet, but if you look at the "Weapon Sys" list (PDF) on the HPS Simulation site, you will see Airframes and Vessels on the list. Iam afraid I can´t tell you how they are implemented in PoA-2 yet, as I havent encounterd any units of that sort yet. Regarding learning curve... To be honest I havent really dove into it 100%, Iam just reading the manual when I have a chance and playing around with some mission, but this is my evaluation so far... - Compared to CMANO and taking into account that Iam using the "novice" setting while playing, which limits quite alot of options/decisions in the game, I would say that this is more realistic then CMANO. Its also easier to grasp at first hand without really needing to dive into the manual. Obviously you will need to scan the manual at some point, but almost everything of the game is self explanatory so you can easily start tinkering menus/options or what have you in-game and see a result of some sort. Of course there´s more depth to it all, but that dosen´t stop you from beeing hable to do things and play. In CMANO, either you see a video, read the manual, or the thing just stares at you, or you make a mess and waste a bunch of "dolores"! - It´s different to CMANO also in the sence that it´s kind of turn based, you have your report phase which in a way is a SITREP for the CO (the player) so nothing is happening in real-time except when the report phase/combat phase is going on which is simultaneously for both sides. I find this kind of neat, as it gives you time to think and read the SITREP before you make a decision, after all in this game you are the CO! In a way It´s similar to "Tac Ops 4", but this is just more hardcore! So yeah, I think you will like it. Also I just found out that weather effects your balistics in PoA-2! It´s not a click fest either, which I like that, it´s a thinking man´s game! I have last nights Kanium game to upload which I´ll do tonight most likely, then I will start the first part of a series on PoA-2 called "H.O.T.". Now don´t you all start thinking bad! It´s stands for "Hands On Training" So if you Like Mirzayev just stand-by for my next video and I will show more PoA-2 in a "expert mode" and with actual gameplay. Either way, while I was playing/trying a mission I was thinking you would like it! It´s like a miniature SB without all the 3D stuff and in "top-view", actualy you could replicate our missions with all the included gear (units) in PoA-2 --
  11. Ok here it is I did mess around with a different mission (level 5) last night and had alot of fun! The level of detail and work put into this is amazing, especially for a one-man team sort to say. The idea now is to put up more videos with some hands on tranning, so stay tuned if you like... Care, Red
  12. I had to decide what I wanted for my birthday (wife is paying ), and for quite some time I had that clear with (Cold Waters), but since, recently PoA-2 has had a mayor update (may 2017), and this is a game/simulation that I always wanted, but reviews were not to positive due to the fact that PoA-2 has been out more then a decade and Scott Hamilton (dev) spent most of the time in his bat-cave, I was in doubt with this one. At the start of this year, Scott decided to get out of his bat-cave and explain to the world what he has been up to and what his plans are with PoA-2, which in short are, that most of the bugs and user suggestions have been dealt with in this recent patch, and will soon be done with as a final product. I understand that If you bought this some years ago, you might have some hard feelings with the way it has matured till now, but in my case and in this regard, I have nothing to complain about beacuse I have just bought the game and it´s actual state is right for me. Iam quite excited as it´s those types of games I look for and can´t say there´s many of, this is sort of a "land" simulation in the likes of CMANO and maybe even more as I just started to explore what you can do with PoA-2 and its 493 page manual I will qive you all a SITREP of the game as I discover and move forward, expect a video too... HPS Simulation Point of Attack 2: http://www.hpssims.com/Pages/Products/POA2/POA2b.html Current version v2.5.0.9 Care, Red --
  13. I don´t mind that, but a mean face while your playing a banjo? Nothing against banjo players mind you!
  14. I´ll be there if I don´t forget as it´s next week... I got two brain cell´s left and one is on vacation, so I´ll try to remember!
  15. Red2112

    Cold Waters

    I bet it´s even refreshing to play on a hot summers day, with all that water around you Love how it looks! Countdown is on, soon on my HD...
  16. Iam afraid I can´t make it tonight, RL duty to attend. Shame cuz I really wanted to learn with you all. Sorry guy´s! Have fun!
  17. With "Nvidia Shadowplay"... While in-game hit Alt+F9 to start recording, hit the same combo to stop recording. Your video will be saved in your video folder (W10). Or hit Alt+Z to see UI on screen. You can configure your settings here too. (File path, hotkeys) By default, Shadowplay records at high settings (1080p/60fps)HD, so expect big files like 1.30hr gameplay = 18GB file size aprox. To reduce file size you would then need a video edit program and render the video to 30fps, reduce bitrate and/or cut scences out. Plenty of videos on how-to´s on YT, or you could also use other free programs with editing options like OBS or XSplit. Have fun! --
  18. Next time I play "CMANO", Iam gonna count how much billions I spent/destroyed
  19. Death in the shape of a Panzer battalion
  20. Thanks all for the game! Looking forward to the next one! Catch ya all on the ricochet
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