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  1. Les is the "Master of the Universe" Seen Primus twice, right on the main floor at my age with the rest of the nuts! Sweat it was, like going to the gym --
  2. Ouch Sabbath fans rule!!! Some 8 string action with Tosin Abasi and Animals as Leaders....
  3. Still fun after all these years AP Up!!!!
  4. Red2112

    Cold Waters

    Glad you enjoy it, and they seem to be updateting regulary too which is great... Version 1.05 Beta Available 1 JULY - KILLERFISH GAMES Version 1.05 beta is now available. This version contains fixes to the campaigns in order to continue to resolve the most major and disruptive issues. It also contains the first draft of crew voices which were provided courtesy of subsim.com To opt in to the beta: Right click the Cold Waters in Steam library, go to properties and you should have new "BETAS" tab added, then use the pulldown to select the beta you would like to opt into -leave the early access code empty- and the new update should download. When you run the game the version number should read version 1.05. Version 1.05 1 Jul 17 General Opening Help in After Action Report no longer opens mini-map which breaks subsequent Back button Removed legacy WeaponName and WeaponDescription fields from weapons.txt Removed legacy RADARID field from sensors.txt aircraft.txt stats modified (additional weapons added later when combat balanced better) Juliette designation corrected to SSG Added date to Single Missions descriptions default/hud/default.txt added MissionMarkerColorInsertion and MissionMarkerColorLandStrike variables Added new optional variable to mission files, MissionPositionColor=LAND_STRIKE to colour deployment zone marker based on mission type Added missing MaxPitchAngle=25 variable to MK37 in weapons.txt Added temporary LogVoiceVolume=1 parameter to default/hud/default.txt (set to 0 to disable voices) Voice talent added to credits Combat Player speed no longer defaults to emergency back if reactor offline when changing speed Moving in reverse now generates noise in Signature panel display correctly Back Emergency increases noise rather than decreasing it below All Stop Sunk vessels no longer detected by player ESM Sunk vessels no longer perform surface or air radar checks Sunk vessels no longer ping with active sonar Opening Help in periscope view forces periscope view closed Fixed a bug where negative ballast not applied if player sub riding too high in the water, prevented submerging default/hud/default.txt added [ESM Meter] colour variables to aid readability of ESM meter Switching a wire guided torpedo from passive to active now works Fixed towed array calculations for AI vessels Crew voices added to audio/voices folder and implemented Anechoic coating decreases active torpedo sensor range by 50% Reference manual now opens to current signature profile Spec Ops team now deploys at under 5 knots, rather than at stop Increased TLAM cruise altitude to 300 to assist with terrain avoidance TLAM homing in on target (activate in red circle) now provides log message Land strike complete message displayed in log once all required TLAMs homing (activate in red circle) Mini-map display now correctly offset when bottom left panel is moved by editing default/hud/default.txt Enemy surface ships no longer deploy chaff or fire CIWS guns at land attacking missiles Campaign MapTimeCompression set globally and synced with pausing, briefings, summary, events, campaign menu, new sub assignment and campaign end Port reload/unload/Spec Ops time required labels corrected for difficulty level modifiers Verified subsystem displayed repair times take into account difficulty level modifiers campaign_data.txt CampaignPoints and CampaignStart points values doubled for both campaigns to increase their length Fixed a possible mismatch of player weapons in tubes which might cause some downstream bugs Restructured EndLevel() in attempt to minimise impact of unknown bug Fixed a bug where missing a mission caused all subsequent radio messages to state failed, even if won Corrected all LAND_STRIKE missions to require 8 weapons fired at deployment zone New Holy Loch background added for both campaigns Fixed a bug where entering combat near/between two (or more) ports broke mission (blank blue underwater screen) Fixed a bug where null minefields were trying to be checked with nav sonar Campaign summary now correctly tracks completed land strike and insertion missions Exit mission menu now displays whether land strike or insertion mission is complete -- Now all you need is "Command Nothren Inferno, Chains of War, CMANO or Harpoon" and you will be in Naval Warfare heaven! For sim, 688i, Sub Command or Dangerous Waters. Ahoy Skipper!
  5. Been playing guitar since I was 14, a bit layed back now but music it´s self is very special in it´s art form and within each one. Then there´s anthems...
  6. Oh, you hit my weak spot Nike I love the way these kids did the cover...
  7. Beside "X-Split" (above) which is free, I have also found another freeware app that works pretty good and is very versatile... Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) https://obsproject.com/ Works like a charm!
  8. Red2112

    Cold Waters

    Yes indeed! If Iam correct Jive Turky is a retired sonar operator. I think he had basic traning with the QTC back then which brushed corbon paper for image. Cheer´s <S> Iam waiting for my birthday (soon), Cold Waters is the only one on the list
  9. Red2112

    Cold Waters

    Patch 1.03 Beta...
  10. I wish real-time, time based waypoints with triggers, AKA... "move to waypoint X at +5min. mission time, then adopt battle stance". While at it, a real-time trigger (plan) for whom you assign to, AKA... "when plan B is assigned to unit´s X and B is triggered, then fire at will". Of course only the PL, CO or XO would have access to triggers A, B, C. As a CMDR it would be cool to be able to do this things in real-time. As I said in real-time! Similar to what you can do in "Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm". Sorry if this has already been brought up!
  11. Although I still play AW (TIR-10), this is some level´s above in every sense I think you will really like! --
  12. I never said they could not be TC´s or any part of the crew...
  13. Thanks Mirzayev! Yes, I did read about last year. In some way I have always been following CMANO, but just today decided to go for it on this sale. Added the link to my fav just in case. Again thanks Mirzayev, hope to do some playing tomorrow.
  14. Every time there has been a sale, I have been tempted to buy CMANO, although I have the Harpoon collection. The main reason not to has always been beacuse the lack of a multiplayer option. On this sale I decide to skip the MP option issue and went ahead with buying "Command: Nothren Inferno" which is dowloading now. Also beacuse a recent nVidia update has knocked out my "Janes Fleet Command" game, it didnt start-up but fixed it by installing newest nGlide 1.5 exe. but now the sound is gone too, so, so much for me playing FC for a while... For €10 I think Command NI is well worth the try. I have War in the West which is a bit different (2 phases Air/land), so I can´t pitch in here... --
  15. Ahhh, you said it, not me! Even with a CLEAN mind, I still don´t get what she is trying to show! Ohh I get it now, she´s posing
  16. I don´t get the picture, tickling rod? It´s summer what do you expect...LOL! Anyhow thanks for the vid Matsimus!
  17. AGAIN, sorry I could not make it. Recovering from 2, 24h shifts went to sleep at 6am, thought I could wake up at 10am but was a no go...
  18. TOAW IV soon to be released on Matrix Games. Another great operational level wargame for PC. http://www.matrixgames.com/products/product.asp?gid=587
  19. Iam good for tuesday. See ya tomorrow then...
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