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  1. Thank you Mr. L. Skywalker accepted! Battlescape looks promising too! Will have to keep an eye on that one! You might like Space Engine, it has to do more with exploration but the game looks beautiful! It´s also free: http://spaceengine.org/
  2. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2017
  3. Not finished yet but very promising Homer is "Rogue System", bought it some time ago but it´s a one man team so work is slow! Iam sure you know about Scott Manley´s space passion I also have "Star Citizen" but it´s a never ending project with Mr. Chris Roberts filling his bank! BTW I downloaded Dreadnought so see ya in space sometime Homer! Same nick. --
  4. 2nd or 3rd PLT if that´s ok. Or where ever needed but please advise ahead. Care!
  5. Red2112

    Towing kill

    After a engagement with some nasty BMP´s I had some minor punishment done to my Leo 2A4, a fuel leak, suspension and wheels on retreat. Once clear of enemy´s and out of fuel, I was then towed by my trusty platton leader. All fine there, I was just watching our six while I was being towed but somehow all my crew was flashing red along with the rest of the failures on the top right of my screen! After what was along trip, 10min. or so of towing and right after I was dropped on location, my tank showed destroyed! We where never shot at while I was being towed so I really don´t know why this happend. This is with the lates version of SB and in a multiplayer enviorment BTW. --
  6. Great mision tonight, would be nice to keep on with same. Please count me in and thank you for a great time!
  7. Glad you enjoyed your stay in Spain Ssnake! Badajoz, well among other things, good food, wine and olive oil Iam way up north. Nice place, politics aside...
  8. No tanks, just good old wing work with the BA, slot #3 From when I used to do these things in DCS...
  9. Thank you eSim, great news!
  10. In a similar way that´s what some people (myself) want to do with with Tac Air and MBT first edition, since the scale between both is similar. There´s even a chance to use "Flight Leader" (Avalon Hill) for air tasking. I recived Tac Air today, so on to some rules first. Yes it would be nice to see how a game play is set-up. Do you lay out ground units in DCS CA to have a general view and then do the actual recon/combat in SB?
  11. Hey nice to know that dpabrams! Nice work indeed! Could you provide me with M2A3 or a M1A1 for my avatar ? I could not find a clean second edition counter image on the web! I don´t own the second edition or I would have taken a snap-shot! So my guess is that you play LnL Heroes of Stalingrad (Matrix edition) for PC too? I do, and there´s some cool mods too over at the Matrix forum. Nice to see some boardgame talent around here too!
  12. Yes dice can make or break your session. Restrictions too, if you can not move due to a chit pull against you, thus not getting to go ahead with your plan, time (turn) can make you desperate! Yeah I know there´s alot of that in SB too, you get hit on a track and can´t move but still have your turret operative, among other drawbacks on the battle field. It´s just different to me, there just two different "Beast" I don´t have the above Volcano, but I do have "Gato Leader" from DVG. BTW theres B-17 from DVG that was in kickstart last year and is on it´s way to stores the following months. With Warfighter, you now have a pay module for Tabletop Simulator on Steam. You can also find a free module of "Silent Victory" in the Steam Workshop of Tabletop Simulator.
  13. I agree the hex movement constraints and limited 3D prespective in a boardgame gives one a different thought, it´s more about planing, odds and a bit of dice roll luck. Of course it´s all about moving counters too You worry about supply, HQ´s and how units support each other, It´s just a bit more obvious in a board game I think. You have a different sense of time and difficulty to do things. It has to do more with working with the map as in reality. Most times you work out the map/sat pictures beacuse on most missions you don´t have the chance to be there or see how the terrain is, for that a boardgame captures more the sense of making yourself a mental picture of what you will find there once you get there and what tactic is more appropriate for the terrain and/or units found there right on the board, with variable outcomes with the opsfor. Iam not saying you can´t do that with SB, what Iam saying is that with a boardgame you are forced to think/do it that way. Two tools that both work, just different. Iam waiting on a copy of Tac Air to arrive next week, another Avalon Hill classic. It has to do more with combined arms and the big picture. Video quality is not too good but the idea is there... Care!
  14. Iam a lucky man, can´t always do this (28 year old game)...
  15. This soft might work for you... https://www.xedocproject.com/joystickcurves.html Forum: http://www.xedocproject.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3-joystick-curves-development-version/ Some install notes: http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6497 As usual, use at your own risk! Hope it helps, Care!
  16. New web site and now partners with Matrix Games... http://www.matrixgames.com/products/product.asp?gid=685 Matrix forum: http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tt.asp?forumid=1639
  17. Hope this is of help to others... I find that if I havent been playing SB for awhile (say two weeks), I get a start error pop-up like above. The solution for me has been to unplug the stick from my PC and plug it in again, once done I can start SB again with no pop-up errors. This has happend quite some times now and the solution has worked every time. Ssnake would have sent me to hell if every time this has happend to me I would have contacted him! Iam glad to say the curse is under control On Windows 10 BTW. Seriuosly, try unplugging your Codemeter stick and re-plugging it again. Get yourself a USB lead with a small USB hub at one end and plug the codemeter stick (or any other sticks) there, this way if you need to unplug the codemeter, all you have to do is unplug the USB lead. This way no wear and tear of any stick is done, just on the USB lead which you can always replace if needed. If it´s a time-based licences then Iam affraid Ssnake will need to guide you. Porting from Windows 8 to Windows 10 is a bit picky Iam affraid. Some folks have issues with this. The best thing to do is a clean install of Windows 10 beacuse your old OS will still be in your HD as a "old" OS, thus giving issues on some pc´s specialy with USB´s.
  18. Armored Brigade The game has drawn inspiration from classics such as Steel Panthers, Close Combat and Combat Mission. Free version and homepage... http://www.armoredbrigade.com/
  19. You might also like this when it gets out... http://www.insidegmt.com/?p=15704#more-15704 Some thoughts as to board wargames vs PC wargames... http://hudsonshideout.blogspot.com.es/2015/01/what-does-board-wargaming-do-pc-wargame.html BTW Thanks for all your help here and in the wargaming community Volcano, people like you make life a bit more worthwhile!
  20. It´s a small world Vocano! I was wondering if you was the man behind "volcanomods" My recent channel... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXohrvDwfKyCb4YgRJztQqA Just recently joined the "Blitz Club".
  21. Not to much into miniatures apart from X-Wing once in a while or Memorie 44. HPS Simulations and Scott Hamilton although slow but constant, are in the works with Point of Attack 2.5 and Tigers Unleashed , both a TSS (Tactical Studies Series). Both seem to have some nifty balistic calculations and modifiers among other goodies in mind. Tigers Unleashed is a bit more advance in its actual state as per PoA 2.5 but eventualy Scott will finish both. It´s a two man dev team so it will be a while but they both look promising. PoA 2.5: http://www.hpssims.com/Pages/Products/POA2/POA2b.html Tigers Unleashed: http://www.hpssims.com/Pages/Products/TSS/TU/TU.asp
  22. Thank you! May you all have a pleasent and safe new year 2017 too!
  23. All I can say is that it´s not that complicated, ASL (Advanced Squad Leader) is way more complicated in it´s original form. "Last Blitzkrieg" from MMP is a Batallion level wargame which could be called difficult, but not MBT. Some people play solo, some play with others for the social aspect of gaming. Some of us just love complicated things and reading tons of rules/tables and such But if you don´t want to do all the reading (or not that much), there´s quite some good PC wargames out. All of Gary Grigsby´s series are at a operational level of grand strategy and one turn could last day´s of planning if you want. For the ASL or Old School Tactical fans, "Tigers on the Hunt" is great! Care, Red
  24. Plenty of fun if you like wargames...
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