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  1. Last hours of the GOG summer sale!


    You can pick up alot of PC wargames like Combat Mission (game engine 3), Close Combat and GG War in The East and War in The West for example.  For a change in pace, I picked up some good CRPG´s like ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indi game, UnderRail, and Divinity: Original SIn 2 Definitive Edition.  Original Sin is a huge game, and one of the best since the old-school days.  They are also working on the new release of Baldurs Gate III which is great news!


    Plenty of cool games to choose from...



    Have fun this summer!



  2. Much better!


    Yeah these guys play Ground Branch, I see them on the GB Discord channel, and have ramdomly played a match or two with...




  3. I remeber this mission, I think it was toward the end. Do remember it was a tuff one.


    Nice, but I could do without the gun movement. It looks awkward like that.  I think with just the sights it would be better, or no sights,  but that´s just me.

  4. Yeah, I know there´s more to eSim Games then just you, but hey, your the man up front, in other words, "the front man of the band" 😊


    Still nice to see a face behind a name...


    You did get a bit nervous on that take, guess you knew you were going prime-time 😁


    All the best!  <S>

  5. Thanks Ssnake.  👍


    Not to complain, but since the trend of 4K TV/Monitors, more people are using them for simming/gaming. That dosen´t mean every game/sim will support such resolutions, but the trend is there.  FWIF, here´s a decent explanation for those interested in the subject...




  6. 16 hours ago, Japo32 said:

    the problem with high resolutions is that it also affect the FOV. I have 3 monitors and in 5040x1050 resolution I have to put it at 3000x1050 more or less in windowmode, to have good FOV because more resolution, less angle of FOV.

    Could this be a wide aspect ratio problem with "zoom" levels?  Is there a way to set a fixed initial zoom level, something like 1.0 ?

  7. Thank you both...


    Finishing my build this afternoon, but wont install SB till v4.1 is available, so it will be a overall surprise, new pc with upgraded SB!  Life is good sometimes 😁


    Again thanks!

  8. At present Iam building a new dedicated "simming" PC, which will sport a 73" (29') ultra wide 21:9 monitor. So does SB Pro PE support 21:9, or will it stretch in some way?



  9. Iam not saying you asked for more money for your upgrades when a transition was inbound for X-Plane 11. But you know as well as I do that big named developers have asked for upgrade fees for newer platform upgrades.  Some of them even asked a whole new purchase in order for there module to work in a newer version.  I had to re-buy most (almost all) of my add-ons in my hanger if I wanted to fly in P3Dv4.xx (v4.5), which is the worst case scenario.


    In some cases, the version does not even justify a new purchase, but that´s how this hobby is.  Some are cool about it (iFly Soft) and don´t charge you for a upgrade, some do. In most cases we don´t even get anything NEW with the recent version, It´s mostly tweaks and bug fixes with some added BS that dosent justify the whole price. But that´s how it is, and we both know that.


    I understand your view point Japo, we both bought SB at about the same time, and yes we were supposed to get the update free, but things happen, and the price wont be as if it was a full upgrade (for those who have v4.0) form what I understand.  Aside from that, I personally like eSim and what they offer as a whole, so giving them a small fee for the effort of re-building the terrain engine (if only that), is fine with me.  Plus the new added stuff.

  10. I´ll put it this way...


    For some of us flight sim fans, which Japo32 is a developer for, the transition from one version to another (be it X-Plane or P3D), has meant a PAID for upgrade for most of the payware airframes.  In return we got a slightly better performance, with minor addition to the over all package (version).  Which means that those of us who had alot of quality payware add-ons had to re-buy those add-ons, be it full price or at a discount if we wanted such payware in our newly installed version of whatever sim (X-Plane/P3D).  So it´s funny to even read a rant like that coming from such a background.  We all have bad days thought...



  11. 27 minutes ago, Japo32 said:

    One question...


    I just "arrived" again after leaving the forums for the promised 4.X new terrain model because the patch was taking long.

    Seems that we are near about to be released, but in one of the posts I heared about someone asking about the price of the update 4.1. 

    Do we have to pay again if we own the 4.023 already? I hope not as it was promised in 4.0. But I have to say that I would pay if it would be a 5.0 version again with new features and better engine than dx9.0.



    Just one page behind Japo...



    and (older)...



    Yes, there will be a "smaller" price fee but there will be new things with it too.




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