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  1. 56 minutes ago, Captain_Colossus said:

    there was a DOS era sci-fi space shooter called Mantis, if i recall, which sold itself on using real newtonian physics; the perfect example where trying to achieve that made the game a commercial failure if not everything about the game was obscure and unpolished.

    unlike the Star Wars ww2 dogfights as if there was objective gravity (star wars plane formations always meet in a horizontal plane, as if agreed upon by convention) and an atmosphere in space,


    Mantis was too difficult to play and enjoy, ships would slip around as if on ice with simple turns as they tried to re-orient to one another with their thrusters. maybe for large star cruiser battles perhaps, dogfighting in space with small craft was impossible. it's probably infinitely better that

    developers forsake 'realism' at some point.

    In the case of Newtonian physics it´s even more notorious that a thin line exsist between realisim and gameplay/fun. I would Imagen even more so in the era (DOS) that your talking about with Mantis. I admit that the first time I played Gunship and saw the HUD on screen I was sold! But I have always been a flight geek I guess, but I again Imagen that the fan base for these "hardcore" games of the era was limited.


    I supported a title called Rogue System which uses Newtonian physics, it was a one-man-team project but the dev had a motorbike accident which caused him some brain damage, and he has since dropped the project. At least that´s the story told. I was sad to hear the news about a year ago because I did have alot of faith in this project. Some called it the DCS of space sims...



    Children of a Dead Earth is another Newtonian gem...



    Obviously, only for a certain type of fan base which usualy is a small one.






  2. The biggest issue I see that devs complain about is the hit calculations take on your PC with such a enviornment/platforms.  Without going to far, a dedicated weather engine takes a massive hit on your PC on FSX/P3D along with it´s render of such weather in real-time.  Add to that all the hit calculations, damage, terrain, sea state (layers), ballistic calculations and a long etc.  Even  dedicated platforms like SB and ArmA get picky when to many users are in a same map/battle, regardles of netcode.  So I Imagen putting all that togther has to be a melt fest on your chip/GPU no matter what you have.

  3. From what I understand, Microsoft did not sell scraps to Lockheed, they came to a licenses agreement (rights), till when I don´t know.  Microsoft is not one who sells there creations, they don´t need to.  The incoming MSF 2020 still uses some of the ESP source code found in FSX.  Actually I think they use most of it and just added to it.  After all, it´s there code, so again they never sold it to anyone.


    Star Citizen, while being a Sci-Fi themed platform which makes it difficult to explore how realistic ballistics/flight models etc. are, is coming up with tech that just might support a balanced multi-crew combined arms experience. So nothing is imposible.   It might not use Newtonian physics yet, but that decision has more to do with gameplay, as docking on a stations docking ring with such physics just might overwhelm even the most hardcore gamers.


  4. Age of Wonders Shadow Magic, on sale (80% off) 1,79€ a price of a beer 🍺



    All your Age of Wonders needs...



    Dominions 5 Warriors of Faith, on sale (25% off) 24,74€. Another great game...




  5. 3 hours ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

    +1 for not being World War Two - finally, a game that is comfortable in a fictional (but not unrealistic) setting. 


    -10000 for using an old, ugly, un-intuitive game engine (TOAW 4). Good job, Slitherine. Your goal of preserving history by not updating your products is going well. 

    You sure on the TOAW 4 engine? I mean VR Disigns (Victor Reijkersz Designs) is the same guy behind Decisive Campaigns Barbarrosa, Case Blue, Blitzkrieg and Advance Tactics Gold.  Aside from that VR-D is the developer, and Slitherine is the publisher, so Iam not to sure that Slitherine desides what game engine is used, especially in this case.

  6. 28 minutes ago, thewood said:

    I've seen this multiple times in the last year or so.  Old broken or abandoned games suddenly popping up as something new.  Steam should have pulled Theater Commander after just a few months when it became VERY obvious the dev was in way over his head.

    Yes I agree, and Iam not the only one. Plenty of folks asking the same with games that have long been abandoned. Takedown: Red Sabre was officialy abandoned with a video of the dev saying so and posted in the game forum, It´s still selling since 2014. Just one example among ALOT more.


    Then we have games that simply don´t work anymore but they keep selling them.

  7. @Captain_Colossus

    I have Age of Wonders Shadow Magic, and I agree with your comments. You might want to have a look at Deity Empires (Master of Magic like)...



    @Apocalypse 31


    BA2 has a very healthy fan base, and that´s for a reason. I have BA1, someday I´ll pick up BA2. But for now, Iam really saturated with the WWII theme in wargames. Iam more into Cold War and on, unfurtunately there´s not that much in that area worthwhile.

  8. 1 hour ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

    That's too logical and doesn't apply to Battlefront.

    LOL, ok well one can always dream a bit haha. I never liked there buisness model although it has changed in the past years. As I don´t like Command Ops 2 buisness model either, which is similar to BF.  Panther games was alright but they too left alot of customers out in the cold (me included).


    The lipstick is 10 bucks for a engine upgrade with ver minor additions, and for each module!

  9. 1 minute ago, Gibsonm said:

    His original enquiry was related to using commercial off the shelf (COTS) products to achieve distributed training.


    Not so much CMSF2 and other Wargames in a general / entertainment sense..

    No harm in letting him know there´s a thread dedicated to wargames is there?

  10. On 7/1/2020 at 11:24 AM, IrishHussar said:

    Hi all

    I attended an online brief yesterday about how the British Army are using disaggregated training using online simulations. It was quite an eye opener considering I work in that field and was totally unaware of quite a large project called "Fight Club". They are a group of academics, military and gamers who are using whatever sim they deem fit in order to practice the art of wargaming.
    At the moment I have downloaded a demo version of Combat Mission Shock Force 2 (CMSF2) which is one of their Sims of choice. 

    My questions to this community are:

    Are there any others here that are aware or are participants of this group?

    I do believe this is all open source and is gaining quite a momentum.

    Are there any other users of CMFS2 who could give general advice on how it works?


    You can find plenty of content in the thread below...



    Have  fun!

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