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  1. Regarding the Warthog I agree with Ssnake, the thing is stiff, but there´s another reason too. It´s very uncomfortable!


    In the past two years I have been training 6hrs a week in a acrobatic team with DCS, but I must admit that there are other things involved too.


    The good:


    - Very sturdy, could last a life time with minor care (dust build-up) but well sealed compared to others.

    - Very well built.

    - Spring wear. Will not wear out that easy compared to others.

    - HAL sensors.

    - Cool replica.

    - All works well.

    - Good software/drivers.

    - All metal.

    - Good company/trusty.


    The bad:


    - Uncomfortable. Your thumb has to rest between a small cavity between the bottom base a switch above and below the "testa" mushroom head stock. You cant put your thumb anywhere else.  The metal makes it a very hard surface on your skin after awhile of use. At first (for flight) I even thought of using a glove, but you get used to it after awhile.


    - Spring tension. Not a big issue for some, as the spring tension is not that bad, it´s just more on the stiff side compared to others but dose require more force on your behalf.  For precision you don´t want a to soft spring as for micro adjustments a soft spring will throw you off easier as its easier to move.  Adjusting axis curves and dead zones will help alot.


    - If your house is not well grounded (electrical) watch out, as this is full metal in your hands!


    - Precision. The CH flight stick has the best precision of them all. Or a precision MMO mouse (R.A.T.5 or alike).


    - There´s a precision mod for the Warthog but very expensive.



    Regarding others, from other friends who have used it in a acrobatic background (precision needed).


    - Saitek X-52 (I have one too). Spring tension way to soft, needs a mod (spacer between spring and stick) and with the mod it´s not enough. Saitek X-52 drivers don´t always work right, at least on my end. It works better with the generic windows driver.


    - Saitek Reihno X-55. You can change springs (it comes with 3 springs going from soft to hard). Springs wear out easly, needs care.


    One of the best pilots in my acrobatic team used  homemade pedals out of wood, a cheap flight stick modifeid from other cheap sticks, and a homemade collective throttle made out of wood, a TV controler for buttons. a contour-weight made out of a sand bag and other household utilities :smile2:


    In a way, it comes down to who is behind the gear and how to use it, more then what gear you use.  Good gear helps, but it´s not imperative.  If something works for you, then that´s the best gear for you.


    If I would have to buy a stick now, I would go for CH.


    All this is more related to the hardware istself and not to it´s use in SB, and from a flight sim background which is not the same as a tank sim of course.  For me, the Logitech G13 with a precision mouse is my best choice, but again that´s for me!


    Hope it helps.





  2. Hi,


    I have the TM Warthog flight stick (you don´t need to buy the whole HOTAS system if you don´t want too, you can buy the flight stick only which is less expensive), but in my opinion, for SB you don´t need to go that far unless you are into Flight Simulation which then will serve you aswell.  The TM HOTAS X Flight stick will do you just as good, you can also detach the throttle from this stick too which is cool. Or the TM T16000m which is about the same thing.


    I don´t use my TM Warthog stick for SB. I just got in the mail the Logitech G13 yesterday which I find very comfortable to use and very versatile, as you can bind it to anything (recording software, audio software, Window apps, MMO games).  This is just my personal opinion.





  3. 2 hours ago, Homer said:


    You are from Spain and was assigned to the 16th?


    Aye Sir!


    You just put a BIG smile on my face :smile2:


    If my memory dosent fail me my captain was "Tortilla" in the 16th.  RADML Labolla was a real good friend of mine too.  Iam sure you remeber him too.


    I miss those day´s!




    Good care Sir <S>

  4. 1 hour ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

    Command Ops does it, but I found the results to be mixed. 


    AI is hard. 

    You made my day Sir, thank you for the heads-up on this one :smile2:


    Did not know about Command Ops 2 till now and downloading the core game right now. I see it´s a Panthers Game just like  Conquest of the Aegean which I used to play and still have the CD somewhere.

  5. 1 hour ago, Homer said:


    I remember that guy.


    I have been tempted to ask you if you wear the same person 9_9


    But yes, had the pleasure of playing some knife fights with him with 688i (one of the hardest to beat) and speaking with him in sunday morning meetings we had over at the Seawolves. Very nice man, like most Admirals there.  I was known as LCDR Deep2112 CO (AW), LT Deep2112 XO (SW) and CLP Deep2112.

  6. FPV is the deal :D






    Iam not responsable for what can happen with you´r Visa card and/or wife issues in regards to this hobby xD






    This one, well you got to see it....:D




  7. I just got one of these two months ago, along with a Futaba 6J Tx, and a Imax B6 mini charger :smile2:  I bought the XK A600 over at Gearbest.com on sale. HobbyKing is a good place too.


    Using Phoenix RC simulator to practise on my PC. Plan to get a small flybarless mini helo soon. You can fly them indoor so wind or rain is no issue :smile2: Been looking at the XK Falcon 100 lately.


    The hobby is not as expensive as it used to be 18 years ago when I got into RC 4x4 (Kyosho) It has evolved alot since then too.


    RCGroups.com is a great forum for info and guidence.







  8. 5 minutes ago, Grenny said:

    Its always good to have the patience with nowcommers and a willingness to teach.

    That however becomes a challenge, when you have the feeling that the other side does not care.


    We had an MP game time ago when a guy showed up. He controlled a tank...but didn't respond (much) on TS and didn't stick with his platoon but went of to fight his own battle, which he lost pretty fast. He the asked for another tank which was handed to him(after all mistakes can happen). Again he rolled of without listening to any advice or command...lost his tank again and asked for the next one. That was the moment when other players said: No, get lost.


    It always must be a 2-way road.


    I agree Grenny.  In this case it was easy to see what this guy was all about, lucky enough :smile2:  Yes there will be players like that always, as there will always be players who "take the info and run", but I don´t think it´s SB´s comunity fault.


    All Iam saying is that you can´t always judge a book by it´s cover.


    I myself as a youngster used to build alot of plastic models, all of them military related, so I like anything military that moves be it land, air or sea, so it has been easy to like tanks for me. As I stated before I play Armored Warfare, I knew about SB before I ever got into AW, but I admit that AW gave me that little push to get into a more realistic ambiant like SB and here Iam. It just goes to show that "some" folks who do play WoT/AW might be potential future SB players and/or become better hardcore players.

  9. I think there´s plenty of variety here in the SB comunity for everyone to enjoy. It might be hard to grasp at first (as a newbi) beacuse the threads are spread out so you have to lurk at first.  I don´t think the starter pack is bad or the SBwiki es bad, but there are other way´s of doing it from my experiance.  Some forums have a beginner´s section dedicated to them where beginner´s ask questions among each other and anybody with more experiance can jump in and try to help them out if they wish so or have the time for.  It work´s quite good in most forums and beginner´s don´t feel left out.  This is just my opinion and I guess the admins have there own reason why not to do so which I respect. This is for the original poster´s question which has derived into various opinions based on personal experiance´s.


    Most of us have red 300-500 page manuals or books, I don´t think this is the hard way of doing it beacuse if you enjoy what your reading it´s just not hard for you to do it beacuse you´r enjoying what you´r reading. But the thing is that "some" of us either don´t have all that time, or tierd of reading hundres of page´s which half the stuff they don´t understand, or they just want to try out SB to see if they will like it.


    I personaly have always liked aviation.  As a kid I knew some little things about aviation and even bought some books.  I was around 13 then and I even remeber drawing the front dash of a Cessna on a pice of wood and pretend I was flying.  The most I knew was what dials did what and that´s about it.  Which brings me to my next personal experiance.  My first real contact with a "hardcore" sim was with Falcon 4, and printed out hundres of pages of the different documentation out there and tried to understand it all, but was still unsure what a GBU, SAM´s and the rest could do.  Iam not ashamed to say I learned Falcon 4 online beacuse a ex-Viatnam pilot took the time to teach us online.  What Iam saying is that sometimes the best way to learn is "hands-on" no matter how many manuals you read.  Not all methods are good for everybody, and not one method is the best or only way of doing it.  We see this everywhere, school, work etc...


    I have played guitar for many years, I don´t do much now as I don´t have time.  I have also worked in the music industry in the past with top name artist which I will not get into. But I have learned alot about this.  I don´t care much about credentials, it´s nice to have them but sometimes there are not what you need unless you want to brag about them.  I have played with many musicians, some make a living about it some don´t.  I will not use the word profesional as it´s a big word, but I understand it means you get paid for it and that´s about it, as In my experiance someone can alway´s know more then you do, this is a big world.  I have played with musicians that came right out of top end schools, but when it came to "improvisation", "feeling" and writting there own songs they had no Idea, all they knew was how to play whats on the music sheet! Or some have the attitude that "my way is the correct and best way of doing it"  I have seen a 10 year old Gypsy that didn´even know how to write or read blow away some smart ass guitarist that thought he was it!  It got to a point that when I played with new musicians I would not ask for credentials or if they knew this scale or that, I would just pick up my guitar, close my eyes and say "play"!  I would then judge there "feeling" and "attitude" no matter how simple the song would be.  That´s why some top bands switch musicians, beacuse of attitude :smile2:


    There´s a saying, "don´t tell people waht to do, just let them do it and you will be suppriesd of what they can do". I agree that tactically it´s not the correct way to go, but you know what I mean.  SB is not that hard at first, you jump in drive, switch positions, fire etc.  That´s real nice, what´s even nicer is that it can get way more complicated the more you get into it.  I don´t see SB as a flight sim, If you don´t know what your doing in a B757 you just won´t take-off it´s easy as that. There´s no IVAO, no VATSIM with SB, besides I have seen some off the wall stuff there too.  On the other hand, with SB as long as you know some simple key´s you can do something in SB the first time you try it.  That´s how cool it can be for a beginner.


    One might not know all that SB can do as a beginner, but if you let him make mistakes and try not to be to picky, he will sure come back for more.  Again, Iam not generalazing just pointing out things that could happen.  No body like´s to be on TS waiting a half-hour listening to a bunch of crap beacuse some "bunker buddy´s" are chating away, or some "pro" thinks the mission is not pro enough. It happens and will happen, but if you don´t have time to teach, I don´t have time for that either.


    Being humble is the nices´t thing in the world, apologies show´s maturity.  There´s a movie called "Into the wild" directed by Sean Penn, it has beautiful photography and it´s based on a real life story. It´s a lesson in life :smile2:


    Good care,



  10. Just now, Canadus said:

    Was playing DW years ago (I might even have the cd's somewhere... beside 688i & Sub Command), but wasn't aware of that "sonar-issue"...?!


    Oh Fleet Command... that brings back so much memories. I should have the original cd somewhere. Does it still run on modern computers? 

    Why can't someone develop such games like these today? Or ist there just no market for such sims, not even a niche one... Am I really that old? O.o




    The sonar issue is "if" you use the mod.  Without the mod DW is the same as Sub Command but with all the extra goddies.  Unfortunatly they all have there bugs.


    Regarding Sub Command and Fleet Command working on modern comps.  They work now with the Steam edition!  Minor fixes that you can do (see Steam´s user forums) Fleet Command even works with the NWP mod ;)


    Yes we are old now xD

  11. 12 hours ago, Scrapper_511 said:


    I really need to reinstall Sub Command and finally learn it. I remember buying it on release day at CompUSA. Fleet Command was pretty cool too. I love saturation attacks on a Kuznetsov Battle Group.

    Saturation on the Kuznetsov Battle Group you say? Hahahaha, I got my ass kicked so many times on multiplayer xD


    It was so much fun!

  12. Yeah I know about Command Air/Naval Ops from way back in the Harpoon day´s, CANO is the evolution of Harpoon, but for one CANO is not multiplayer which puts me off (I think there´s a mod that lets you play PBEM), and there´s to much equipment you need to know about which I don´t have time for. That´s why I pref. Fleet Command.


    Regarding Dangerous Waters and it´s mod, what I don´t like about the mod is that there´s no limit to sonar. I wrote up on this sometime ago over at Subguru when I found out about the mod asking them about sonar and torp limit with the mod.  With Jane´s 688i H/K there is a limit to both, of course the longer you have sonar on, the more it can reach just like real life, but not so in DW there´s not limit there, which makes multiplayer "knife fights" to easy!


    Be aware that Sub Command has it´s bugs that never got fixed, that´s why we stayed with 688i. You can tell by activating "show truth" in replay after a mission, you will see all the "false" contacts you got on sonnar.  If you want to learn more about ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) I suggest you have a look (read) at the "Blue Book" by Admiral R. Blue and Vice Admiral Homer from the Seawolves VU (my old VU).  It´s a bit old (2002) but a gem.  If you can´t find it I will be more then glad to send you a copy via e-mail ¬¬

  13. 1 hour ago, Bond_Villian said:

    I like the look of 'Flashpoint Campaigns', have been tempted to get that for a while, but what i really want is a video game version of Avalon Hill's 'Squad Leader' / 'Advanced Squad Leader'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squad_Leader These hex based board games are (were) awesome, and have unfortunately never really been done justice in a video game. Probably the nearest thing would be the Close Combat series, and its a long way short.

    Theres also this,  http://www.battle-board.com/minisl/ but it needs a lot of work

    Well, a man can dream! :)


    I really like FCRS, mainly beacuse I used to play Conquest of the Aegean from Matrix Games which is discontinued now, very similar game engine. But if you like the hex game style you might like Germany at War Barbarossa 1941 from Matrix Games which I have too.

  14. 4 minutes ago, Panzer_Leader said:

    Yes, Southern Storm, focussed on the Central Front, so adding Canadian, French, East German and Czechoslovak forces to the mix. Personally, I'm most looking forward to the addition of the Canadians, but the French will certainly be interesting in terms of the unique units they bring.    

    Ohh! Thanks for the heads-up Panzer Leader! Had no idea there are working on that!. Just reading that on there dev blog, nice!


    Here´s something that might be nice, plan on getting it next week B|


  15. +1 for Flashpoint Campaigns!  Some Combat Mission series, Steel Fury and Panzer Elite with the PP2-X mod.  Also bringing back memories with Fleet Command and Sub Command lately.  Asseto Corsa is nice but setting up my wheel is a hasel and a race against AI can be streesful :D  Euro Truck is more relaxing for me, I like to drive on a rainy nights, or Train Simulator 2016 with 3rd party locos also relaxes me.


    There are to many games I like really, don´t have time for all of them.

  16. +1 to the oldest strategy in the army in oder to take the "pulse" of your men, or in other words, let the hare run in order to see where the foxe´s are.  Sorry if some have been ofended but bashing people playing WoT or any shooter no matter how silly they think it is, is just unrespectful and dam right unmature.  I respect opinions as long as they are respectful, and I understand anybody can have a bad day, so no offense on my behalf.  Being polite should not be mistaken for being dumb, and saying "thank you" only takes 3 seconds of your time.  Let´s not lose human values which seems to be very easy in this age.  To make it clear, Iam not generalizing the SB community, I would not be posting this if I thought so...


    Again, sorry if I have offended anybody, wont happen again that´s for sure!





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