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    Thanks Galileo for sharing. Can´t remember if "Wargame" has breaching elements. I liked it here although it was to fast in my opinion, but there are things in Regiments that I like better then Wargame, at least from what I see on video.
  2. Caliber is a team based PVE/PVP shooter by 1C Studios which just got a english translation and EU server update recently. Game is free so I downloaded it yesterday and put some hours into it. Game loop is fun, and the gun plays feels solid. Hook me up if you want to team up (same nick as here). Caliber home site and download page (17GB download)... https://playcaliber.com/en/ Red-acted
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    I know Ssnake likes to read good AAR´s, so this bud is for you Sir... DC Barbarrosa Campaign AAR Cheers!
  4. No Plan B Demo available... https://store.steampowered.com/app/1269020/No_Plan_B/ Expected release Q4 2021.
  5. Exanima new update (
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    Thanks @stormrider_sp, Rules set is well written as you may have already found out, so I don´t think you will have a hard time with that. Here´s some help if you havent already seen them: You can check out Chewie Matt´s play through.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30CXic0TEQ8&t=1214s Or Kevin Shrap´s (Big Board Gaming) play/thoughts series... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnmD9-euHe4&list=PLJIakz3VEEY6-VpNrGziPv5xO8BoscKt9 Iam sure Fabrizio has added some new rules and tweaks to the core C3 rule set with Dogs of War, but at least you can get an Idea of how the core rules work. BTW, game is sold out already in US and Canada! For those interested, you can download the designers notes on Dogs of War in the link below (scroll down a bit) https://trlgames.com/ Red
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    That´s great, Iam very happy that you were able to get a copy! Mine got here on monday 😎 Enjoy and share doubts or whatever. I´ll be restarting Less Then 60 Miles again soon, as every time I wanted to get into it, I was offered to play something else! Great series BTW, and inspired by Colonel John Boyed Patterns of Conflict study. Red
  8. Sad news Indeed! Did have a chance to meet/talk with him in some MP sessions and a nice man for sure. He did tow my tank on a couple of ocasions, like a good team member would do, a gentelman in all regards. May he RIP and love and care to his family.
  9. Yes it is Enlisted, that is.
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