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  1. Swedish Force Pack... https://reforger.armaplatform.com/workshop/5A9D3BF26139101E-SFPReforger
  2. Red2112


    I bet ItĀ“s 50 bucks on release, at least!
  3. Definitively would not fit my room, glad eSim Games came along šŸ˜‰ They did put a lot of love/effort In to the restoration, hats off to them!
  4. Red2112


    Thanks @stormrider_sp I put mine In about a week ago. This will be the 3rd. module of the C3 series with two more to come. Special Interest for me on this one because of the order of battle (different countries). CanĀ“t say I like the box cover though šŸ˜„ Best wargame series on the topic IMO. I was about to get Doomsday Project Ep 1 Battle for Germany (Compass Games) because I like what Adam Starkweather has done with his OSS game engine, but to be honest Fabrizio has done a excellent job with his C3 series. Might get AdamĀ“s Test of Faith, also a OSS title but then again I have Mark HermanĀ“s Flashpoint; Golan (Victory Games) which Is also on the same topic. Both Mark H. and Adam S. are very Innovative wargame designers, I like them both and respect there games. To many games, to little time!
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    Thanks @Galileo Looking forward to Rule The Waves 3, and Modern Naval Warfare. Will see about Flashpoint...
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    See the video side bar for the rest of turns. Red
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    For those upcoming winter days...
  8. KCD Is on sale (70%) till the 17th. of this month: https://store.steampowered.com/app/379430/Kingdom_Come_Deliverance/ A unique and fulfilling SP experience, Immersion guaranteed...
  9. When chaos brings order, the thunder run...
  10. Backed this a year ago, on Steam now...
  11. Yeah I have been looking at It since It went demo a few days ago. Graphics look real nice, and the mechanics are bit like Freeman Guerrilla Warfare / Mount and Blade / Call To Arms to name a few. Not really something new to the FPS/RTS genre and In my book a bit arcadey, that being said It could be fun to play. Bluedrake has this tendency of making click bait titles for his videos. Instead of a straight forward game name title, he makes titles that either you click, or you have no Idea as to what ItĀ“s all about. Personally I stopped watching his videos...
  12. @General Tobruk Spent some hours on It today, on the Unit777 server which Is the only one populated so far. ItĀ“s fun and way different then the bunny rush play found In regular BF servers. Gameplay Is a lot slower and more fireteam oriented, were comms and team play are Imperative, like Squad. As It gets more assets In play It will grow to be bigger and more popular, as It happened with BF2PR. Game looks nice for the most part, but to me the best part Is how smooth It plays on a regular (or older) PC. The downside Is thereĀ“s no leaning as In the vanilla version.
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    Waterloo (Mont Saint Jean / The Battle of Belle Alliance)...
  14. CoDMW2 brings back the fun...
  15. Great developer attitude IMO... Demo: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1963610/Road_to_Vostok/
  16. Forgot to mention, ItĀ“s been released today (8GB aporx.)... https://store.steampowered.com/app/1272010/Destroyer_The_UBoat_Hunter/
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