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  1. There is a delay in command orders (cycle), check tab 3 on your right hand side menu, you will see if you are ahead in the time cycle or behind. That can be caused by alot of different factors, weather, unit out of it´s HQ control zone, in threat zone, etc. which all can make for orders to be delayed. The trick is to be ahead of your enemys time cycle, that means your units will recive orders before his, unless there are factores involved as I stated before which can delay orders. It´s a bit hard to understand at first Theres a manual i suggest you read it, or look in YT plenty of videos there too. As enigma said, it´s a operational orders wargame so you play as a general giving orders. You can move the counters with specific move orders like in SB but they have there own AI, if there in threat they will not move forward unless the order given ignors that. There´s alot under the hood in FC, so it´s best to read the manual. The only thing I dislike about FC is that units can take some fire, so units will be fireing at each other for longer then your tipical wargame, so a game can take a while. On the other hand that makes it more realistic as in real life or SB you don´t always nail your target that easy. The difference is in scale, you don´t see the counter moving behind trees or sloops which represents the time spent taking cover or finding a good fireing spot, fireing on the move and missing etc.
  2. Same here, to old for that LOL! Long time DCS lover, use to be in a acrobatic team.
  3. PBEM is great as you can play when you want or can. Here´s some gameplay (once spotted started) with a buddy... Just send me a msg if you want a go. The UI reminds me of the old Apple/Mac OS. I think Rogue System will turn out fine, the dev has been at it for quite some time now and seems honest and active. Let´s hope it stays that way. Iam also playing "Order of Battle WII" which the core engine is also free and you can play the first missions of all the modules available. Just look it up on Steam or Matrix/Slitherin games, download is about 1GB I think. The modules are pay for and don´t download, they unlock once you buy them. I have the Winter War module. The "Battle for the Bulge" (Slitherin) is also fun, fast and easy gameplay, down side is it only has three missions all on the same map I think, I havent finished it yet.
  4. I recentley bought "Rogue System", a DCS type space sim simulator with alot of potential, Its still in the works but Michael Juliano (un man dev) deserves my money and support. On Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/366000/?l=spanish Official site: http://roguesystemsim.com/ Children of a Dead Earth is one on my next wish list. Its a space combat warfare sim with alot of real science mec behind it. No fancy graphics just pure hardcore... Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/476530/ Forum: http://childrenofadeadearth.boards.net/ Care, Red
  5. If you wish so and havent already done so, check out Command Ops 2. The core engine is free... https://store.lnlpublishing.com/ Make sure you read there sales policy regarding modules before you buy one. Have fun!
  6. Beware that the newer TM T.A.R,G.E.T version 2.0 software is a bit buggy! Actualy you cant download it from the TM site, It´s just not available anymore. You can find version 1.0 on the net, or just drop me a msg. and I will send it to anyone who needs it. Care, Red
  7. No gas mask for the none-smokers
  8. I think Ssnake is enjoying the "Oktoberfest" Actualy I think there busy with the new patch! But hey a beer or two to relax would be well deserved!
  9. Iam glad the Razor worked for you Sir. I did check it out but ended up getting the G13. I have long fingers and it fits my hand just right, very happy with it. I plan to get the logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum mouse shortly.
  10. Red2112

    RC Tanks.

    Well the first price I saw yesterday was as you said, around 990€, but then today (to make sure) I searched again and found this one. No I never bought from them and they don´t have it in-stock. This makes me think it may be descountinued... https://www.amainhobbies.com/tamiya-leopard-2-a6-full-option-1-16-tank-kit-tam56020/p199495?gclid=CjwKEAjwgo6_BRC32q6_5s2R-R8SJAB7hTG-vJTQF_hlhstlMAQr4beI8oVVdZNR179UGHHBB5yjehoC3Vnw_wcB http://www.horizonhobby.com/product/cars-and-trucks/cars-and-trucks-14524--1/electric-cars-and-trucks/1-16-leopard-2a6-battle-tank-kit-tam56020 This makes me think they get it from e-bay... (see date). http://www.rcgrabbag.com/archives/tamiya-leopard-2-a6-full-option-rc-kit There are still some vendors who do sell them thought, legit or not I have no Idea. http://www.jurod.nl/RC-tank-Tamiya-56020-bouwpakket-Leopard-2A6-Full-Option-Kit-1:16 http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXGMS2 The thing is people are building it. http://intscalemodeller.com/viewtopic.php?t=12971 I understand your concern Marko as we are speeking alot of dinero here! Sorry I can´t help you much here
  11. Red2112

    RC Tanks.

    No problem here Gibsonm. My bad too, the "I sell" misleaded me. Anyway, just for the record for anybody else.
  12. Red2112

    RC Tanks.

    I had the same curiosity yesterday Gibsonm, and guess what, about 776€ for the Tamiya 1:16 Leopard. The bigger the scale, the bigger the price with these things. http://www.axels-modellbau-shop.de/katalog/en/RC-Military-Models/RC-Tanks-1/16/1-16-Leopard-2-A6-RC-Full-Option-Kit::111.html
  13. Some general game set-ups I have on a G13... Steel Beast: Insurgency: Enemy Front: You can have up to 3 profiles for one game (29x3), each with it´s own backlight color.
  14. Iam In M60A if possible, or what ever is available. Thanks!
  15. No Idea Chris, the idea hasent crossed my head. I do have a Logitech steering wheel but I don´t find it to natural for SB, don´t ask me why, I just don´t see myself driving a tank with a steering wheel. Yeah I know driving with a keyboard is not natural either, but I guess we are more influenced by other games in that sences I guess. As other´s have quoted here, if you are used to playing WoT with a mouse and key´s, then go for that. As Ssnake said, you wont lose much and either way you can use it for something else. If you feel comfortable going the MMO mouse route then go for that. The only advice I can give you regarding a precision mouse with additional buttons is that, the more buttons you have on the mouse, the more finger positions you will need to remember. Take into account that looking at a programed keyboard be it a G13 type or a full keyboard is not the same as looking at your mouse. You will have to memoriez those mouse buttons. Also, don´t try to fit in all the key options in SB at once. Program first the basic key´s, then as you learn how SB works and what you need, add them then. At least that´s what Iam doing as a beginner. You don´t want to have to memoriez alot at first as this might get you stressed as you are thinking about other things to do too. So make it easy for yourself at first and don´t rush your self, SB is big! So step-by-step PD.: Regarding the video, I had no idea you could do that in FS2015, and I find that joystick interesting, that´s all.
  16. It goes to show you learn something everyday... Joystick and wheel for farming Who know´s, might even work well for some! No pun intended folks! BTW Logitech has acquierd Saitek
  17. Regarding the Warthog I agree with Ssnake, the thing is stiff, but there´s another reason too. It´s very uncomfortable! In the past two years I have been training 6hrs a week in a acrobatic team with DCS, but I must admit that there are other things involved too. The good: - Very sturdy, could last a life time with minor care (dust build-up) but well sealed compared to others. - Very well built. - Spring wear. Will not wear out that easy compared to others. - HAL sensors. - Cool replica. - All works well. - Good software/drivers. - All metal. - Good company/trusty. The bad: - Uncomfortable. Your thumb has to rest between a small cavity between the bottom base a switch above and below the "testa" mushroom head stock. You cant put your thumb anywhere else. The metal makes it a very hard surface on your skin after awhile of use. At first (for flight) I even thought of using a glove, but you get used to it after awhile. - Spring tension. Not a big issue for some, as the spring tension is not that bad, it´s just more on the stiff side compared to others but dose require more force on your behalf. For precision you don´t want a to soft spring as for micro adjustments a soft spring will throw you off easier as its easier to move. Adjusting axis curves and dead zones will help alot. - If your house is not well grounded (electrical) watch out, as this is full metal in your hands! - Precision. The CH flight stick has the best precision of them all. Or a precision MMO mouse (R.A.T.5 or alike). - There´s a precision mod for the Warthog but very expensive. Regarding others, from other friends who have used it in a acrobatic background (precision needed). - Saitek X-52 (I have one too). Spring tension way to soft, needs a mod (spacer between spring and stick) and with the mod it´s not enough. Saitek X-52 drivers don´t always work right, at least on my end. It works better with the generic windows driver. - Saitek Reihno X-55. You can change springs (it comes with 3 springs going from soft to hard). Springs wear out easly, needs care. One of the best pilots in my acrobatic team used homemade pedals out of wood, a cheap flight stick modifeid from other cheap sticks, and a homemade collective throttle made out of wood, a TV controler for buttons. a contour-weight made out of a sand bag and other household utilities In a way, it comes down to who is behind the gear and how to use it, more then what gear you use. Good gear helps, but it´s not imperative. If something works for you, then that´s the best gear for you. If I would have to buy a stick now, I would go for CH. All this is more related to the hardware istself and not to it´s use in SB, and from a flight sim background which is not the same as a tank sim of course. For me, the Logitech G13 with a precision mouse is my best choice, but again that´s for me! Hope it helps. Red
  18. Don´t know why the price of the TM Warthog stick is so high now, I remember I paid about 175€ three years ago for it, anyway. CH products are very good too, but made of plastic. Here´s a shop for europe... http://www.simw.com/blog Good luck in you´r quest. Red
  19. Hi, I have the TM Warthog flight stick (you don´t need to buy the whole HOTAS system if you don´t want too, you can buy the flight stick only which is less expensive), but in my opinion, for SB you don´t need to go that far unless you are into Flight Simulation which then will serve you aswell. The TM HOTAS X Flight stick will do you just as good, you can also detach the throttle from this stick too which is cool. Or the TM T16000m which is about the same thing. I don´t use my TM Warthog stick for SB. I just got in the mail the Logitech G13 yesterday which I find very comfortable to use and very versatile, as you can bind it to anything (recording software, audio software, Window apps, MMO games). This is just my personal opinion. Care, Red
  20. Aye Sir! You just put a BIG smile on my face If my memory dosent fail me my captain was "Tortilla" in the 16th. RADML Labolla was a real good friend of mine too. Iam sure you remeber him too. I miss those day´s! Good care Sir <S>
  21. You made my day Sir, thank you for the heads-up on this one Did not know about Command Ops 2 till now and downloading the core game right now. I see it´s a Panthers Game just like Conquest of the Aegean which I used to play and still have the CD somewhere.
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