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  1. ^ I don´t think the casual ArmA gamer Is educated In what prototype weapons/vehicles are used In todays armies, but yeah conflicts are getting more modern. One just doesn't see them In mainstream media to justify there used for the mayor audience IMO. I also doubt your typical ensign Is using prototypes but could be wrong, I am not In the field, which brings my point...
  2. Still hard to digest the futuristic gear/weapons In ArmA III...
  3. Red2112


    Probably the best Alien game (RPG) out there, another game by Free League publishing... Spoiler alert...
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    One of my fav TTG´s... Solo rules... (Free): https://risingsunstudios.co.uk/products/cc-bot
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    Thank you Sir 😉 Here´s a oldy but a goody... Red
  6. Then I understood you wrong, my bad. That might never happen, as I stated many times, nothing Is perfect for everyone. But to name a good candidate In my opinion, that would be ArmA (Infantry only)... Core mechanics for me In a FPS: - Ballistics. - Postures. - Customization. - ADS. - Wind/weather effects. - Hit registration. - None aim bots? Were It then all falls apart Is with It´s AI and pathfinding. Other titles like Escape From Tarkov, or Ready or Not can make the bill, but each have there own special Issues too. Either way, this topic will always fall Into a rabbit hole I am afraid...
  7. Not really FPS, but you know I post what maybe good games to some. Can´t please everyone so yeah... I have been enjoying this one and find It top notch when It come to 3D simulation. Still In EA but If you like cars/mechanics then this might be for you (Steam).
  8. Since when? Plenty of FPS games that don´t have animations done right, and/or even reloading for that matter. Casually there not doomed as you say and people still play them. FPS In general, as with other games will fail though, or as you state become doomed because kids now day´s for the most part are just to demanding, even If a game Is free (Polygon FPS), or just a 5 bucks game. They still demand It to be prime and/or custom to there likes/needs. Now days opinions have become facts with no real facts behind them, this has been normalized more In the gaming Industry sadly enough. You know as well as I do that we wont get a sirloin steak for the price of a burger and fries, so I don´t get why people expect that, but yeah they keep trying and asking for It 😄 As for his recent project, It´s still In EA so I doubt he Is considering It finished.
  9. He Is still working on It, and he didn´t abandon his first project, It´s a finished game whether some accept that or not. Steam fanboys will always be that, fanboys! Can´t expect a triple A animation out of a one-man show.
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    Forgot to add the Foundry Virtual Tabletop app link which is what there using in the above video. Just In case someone Is Interested... https://foundryvtt.com/ Red
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    Hey all, hope your all doing well... From Sweden (Free League Publishing) comes a remake of GDWS Twilight 2000, some of you might remember this RPG/Wargame from back then In 1984, designed by our beloved Frank Chadwick who did the fabulous Assault Series among many other great titles of that era for GDWS. Free League Home site: https://freeleaguepublishing.com/en/games/twilight-2000/ They are also responsable for Alien and the upcoming Blade Runner RPG´s. FYI game and shipping cost me 60€ shipped to Spain. It has two campaigns, Poland (from the original game), and Sweden. You can GM the game or play solo (solo rules Included). In the case below also co-op using the solo rules... If you have some time, have a look. Cool video format... Red
  12. She speaks one minute In the whole video, and she appears another one whole minute In the video, the video last 23min. The rest of the video, which she Is filming Is about a mechanic talking about a BMP2, so I don´t know what your rant Is all about. What I see Is you just wanted to blow off some steam (like you usually do) on somebody here just to prove how right you are with everything. Very profesional of you. Wrong guy because I could care less what you think about women or what Is boring to you, and this is not the place either to do so, like you stated. Live, and let live If you can...
  13. I try to look at It from the bright side. Maybe her funds go to the restoration/museum and that really makes a big difference for them money wise and promotion wise. I really doubt there not aware of that. I mean there´s plenty of business that hire attractive women to attract men. You go to a bar with a attractive woman, best chances are there will be plenty of men, which In turn will also bring women so It´s a win/win situation for some. Yes It´s the same old trick, but as one get´s older he also gets wiser so we learn to live with it. They also learn to live with It because they know what´s on a mans mind so It´s not like we are the victims here. While at It, my eyes are grateful to me and enjoy the sight. If she does keep It all to her self, well as my late dad use to say..."If you have more eat twice". BTW, I worked with some big time music celebrities In the past as a production manager. I know very well how queens and there counter part can be. That´s even worst then what we are talking about here. TBH seeing so much destruction here needed a pretty face for a change...
  14. In the video I posted she doesn't even show up half as much as some of her earlier videos, so this one Isn´t that bad. Yes there Is a tendency (a lot more recently) for women to take "some" advantage of there good looks to gain views on there YT channel In form of clickbait. The thing Is that some of these women actually know a thing or two about the subject there videos show. I really don´t see anything wrong In her case, on the contrary, I rather see her then some dude with a beard with high grade of testosterones coming out of his head. Can she shoot? Oh and she´s even pretty. Don´t see anything wrong here. Everything Is PERFECT to me 😄
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