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  1. Just to inform... After 2-3 succesful start-ups of SB 4.0 with a new Codemeter stick, today a got the same prompt error as before. Did not do anything to my PC since I Installed the Codemeter stick. I rebooted my PC and SB and Codemeter CC were back to normal (except for my time-based license), so it´s not only regarded to a time-based license issue I would think.
  2. Thank you Tacbat. New to SB and it´s mods so I havent tried any mods yet. I will see if I can find which 3D models have been updated so I can discard those.
  3. Yeah, I know what you mean! Happend to me when we lived in Florida, and its not an Island! Also happen when I was in the army (Legion) here in Spain over at "Fuerteventura"! It´s the constant sun and being surrounded by water! Wearing the same clothing, same weather it all gets to your head!
  4. Greetings from Spain where the rain is the same (says Jimmy Hendrix) No, no tanks in Palma only "Ala 49" which focus on SAR and martime surveillance. http://www.ejercitodelaire.mde.es/ea/pag?idDoc=12D0675F0BD5F649C12575C5003A89DE&idRef=BF413D8334420D3DC12578B100358748 Iam close to the "Costa Brava" about 40km so plenty of buns in the sun Saludos!
  5. Will the actual skin mods in the download section work in SB Pro 4.0? Are there any with just the interior skin mod? Sorry if this is a nob question... Care, Red
  6. Glad you liked it Vikingo! Yeah bilingual here, born in Spain, raised in US/Canada.
  7. I agree they do have a problem with this and consumption of all sorts. There is also the lineage of wealthy familys who are the first to access high tier universities, so it´s not only having the money, but also the lineage you need to achive sucess in there culture. But as I always say, if the product isent available, you can´t buy it, so they should also choose/filter whats on hand to there society. In other words, you recive what you grow. Unfortunatly the money machine has no eyes for culture, the only future it knows is more money, and who governs are those who have money. Politics is business in most part now day´s and there´s alot of people over at the red sun. They don´t care much about what will be of them as long as they keep on making money off of them. To many trends, but I doubt there´s no social manipulation behind. The Hopkins Institut has been studyng mankind´s reactions since WWI and know how to manipulate societies of all kind. We have been experimentaded by goverments since one can remember, and I would dare to think they just get better at it. It´s just that sad...
  8. Well, with all respects they chew on anything. I doubt they get any sales in other countrys. Just don´t know how the dev´s came up with this. Must be that rice wine
  9. I think I found my office, to bad I don´t spear 5K
  10. Really folks, don´t know where the world is going at! I think I missed something in highschool! With all respects! Care, Red
  11. TrackIR is nice, once used to it you sort of miss it in some games but lucky enough SB supports it. You have the same crowded feel inside a Su25T with its heavy crossbeams and big old CTR screen so your not alone with this issue inside a tank. I know there´s 3rd party apps for android that link to your flight sim (FSX) and show on screen you´r FMS module, or other flight components via tablet. There other ways for PC´s too, be it hard or soft like Opencockpits for project sims that use Arduino boards for the soft/hard sync. This is how they use real world hardware. Don´t know if you would really need it in SB as a regular simmer, unless you want to build a tank office, which would be nice too. It would not be that hard as you don´t have that much in there, You could use VR mounts and use a tablet to view gun sights for example, or build your own VR with a PVC cilinder as in a periscope. Yeah we can dream a bit too, but... Care! Ohh almost forgot! Bigger text on menus, I have to switch glasses when I play SB.
  12. Sent mail with recent report on my end. Other protection software (iLock, eLicenscer) are working on my end, both software based with no dongle, so I don´t think the recent Windows update´s should have something to do with it. But again you never know with Windows, or pc´s! Has anybody tried to go back to a restoration point of there OS before the Windows update?
  13. Hi Ssnake, My OS is Windows 7 64bit, and also using Avast. Also tried to repair via Codemeter CC but instead I get a pop-up screen that tell´s me "the licence could not be repaird, please try to activate licences instead". On my end, Windows update did run 2 updates in this past week. I tried excluding CmACT from Avast but with no luck, same thing happens as before.
  14. Thank you Ssnake. Sent rar log file and Dust log to the advised e-mail, as well as a copy to you. Please be so kind to check your mail for "deep2112@..." Care, Red
  15. Hi Ssnake, I am getting the same two error´s with the one month license that was given to me with the lifetime Codemeter stick, while I wait for it to arrive. It worked fine the first time I ran SB 4.0, but I went to run it today and got the same SBProPE64cm.exe Start Error as above post. CM ACT SB Pro PE shows active also. Care, Red
  16. Great news, thank you eSim team! Care, Red
  17. Thank you Ssnake! Will be on stand-by and buttend up just in case :-)
  18. Thank you for the info! I do see some sweet joysticks/controller surfaces in the thread, but I was thinking a bit more of imersion instead. Something like this... Marko, I think the biggest problem is not the deck, but if the wife will let you for most of us ;-) I´ll tell you my recent achievement regarding this issue. Some day´s ago (since we have 2 pc´s at home), I started teaching the wifey how to fly a Su25T in DCS World. She since has been more comprehesive and even enjoy´s flying! Tried the same with Armored Warfare but she looses orientation easly LOL. Thanks again folks! Good care, Red
  19. Hi folks, Just out of curiosity. Hasent anybody thought of, or has build a home "tank deck" out of SB? You know, like they do with home build flight decks (cockpits, but women don´t call them that way) with flight simulators. Care, Red
  20. Thank you Thadwb! Care, Red
  21. My guess is that not only your unit is involved, but also who´s behind it. Will just have to wait and see As most things, you go with what you like first, be it eyecandy or not, you will get to grow with the rest in time. Iam sure I will, but I have to start somewhere that´s for sure. Care.
  22. Thank you all for your kind and warm welcome! Thank you for your guidence also! I have had a glance around the forum and apart from alot of useful info, I see alot of wisdom with some of you also, so I hope to learn alot too which is great! Yes Homer a long time Rush fan, since Hemesphires, I was 16 then! Red = Red Barcheta and 2112, well you know ;-) Sabbath fan too from my avatar, aslo since the 80´s! Iam a Bradley guy so you can guess which AFV Iam starting with. Thanks again folks! Button up.... Care, Red
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