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    Nice! Will have to print that one on a sticky! Thanks!
  2. Although this is not a joystick, it is used in multiplayer and might help others decide... Audio-Technica ATR3350: This is a lavalier type small condenser microphone I just picked up at Amazon, price around 30€. The condenser type mic´s need electrical power, such as SCD and LCD (small/large condenser diaphragm) mic´s which usually get there power via "phantom power". In the case of the ATR3350 it uses a button type battery which is alocated in a "backpack" with clip. Life span of the battery is around 1000hrs. The only issue here is that it has no led to indicate it´s on, or its power is lost, just a power on/off switch. The mic sounds real nice althought you need to tweak you´r onboard sound card. The mic is set to -54db in order not to clip your speakers, so a added boost is needed from your soundcard, a +20db did the trick for me. This will bring you to a -30db of headroom from the +/-0db standard. Specs: Element: Condenser (small diaphragm)Polar Pattern: OmnidirectionalFrequency Response: 50-18,000HzSensitivity: -54db (thus the +20db)Impendance: 1,000 ohmsWeight: 6g.Cable: 6mt. terminated with 3.5mm dual mono mini-plug. Pics: I put a 1cnt. of an € for comparison to size... How I have it set-up on my headphones... There´s a clip on the backpack and mic. (Included). One of the good things about this set-up is that if your headset (headphones and mic) goes bad you don´t have to throw away the whole set, and that you can always use a pair of headphones or earplugs that you already have. A video from YT... It is important to have good comm´s in a multiplayer session. For the life of your team Care, Red
  3. I also agree with Maj. Hans, but disagree with Marko... It dose have to do with real life. People have become more "individuals" in this era. This tendency to speculate on everything they do or think about has left behind the team work and/or "one and for all". For the benefit of human kind is left to a small majority, which sometimes feel misplaced. Refugees fleeing from hot war area´s are left at sea (mediterranean) and goverments just don´t give a damn. While they traffic with this issue before our eyes we still speculate on why? The excess of living a comfortable life has made alot of people forget how it was before getting there. To help and forgive, and justice for all. Although who are we to justify? Iam for one is not in favor of war´s, but the horror of war dose get people to stick together and work as a team for the most part. We should not have to get to that extreme, but society has become more complex as it moves forward, in part due to individualisim and of course money! Back to the original topic. No tank sim for me at the time, imho there was no real sim to look at. Wish Jane´s would have came up with something at the time. I stuck with Jane´s Longbow which was my first real sim to say so at that time. PD.: Played alot of Ghost Recon with the "Seawolves" at the time.
  4. Glad you did so and that you like it! My coment in general terms is also for anybody new who would have the same or similar doubts. Lasting content, well people here been playing it for many years and still do, that sure convinced me. Like I and others stated, you can always make your own content with the editor. There´s quite alot of missions in the download section. Here´s a nice SP one from Panzer_Leader: http://www.steelbeasts.com/files/file/1998-area-reconnaissance-at-neustadt-am-rübenberge-1989-v20-40/ The AI is quite good in SB which is another + for SB, and same mission is never the same
  5. Another link for Endless Space and cheap... http://store.steampowered.com/app/208140/?l=spanish The reason I went for Endless Legend is that it´s W10 compatibale. I imagen Endless Space 2 will be too. http://store.steampowered.com/app/289130/?l=spanish
  6. Yeap, I know what you mean regarding lap times. Then there´s the fact that if you want to make good times, you need to know the track in and out. Just like in real life. Endless Space and Endless Legend was on sale over at Bundle Stars two day´s ago. That´s where I picked it up. Endless Legend is real nice and I think Endless Space 2 will be even better. Compared to the Civilization saga, there´s more flexibility giving orders and such. Overall I find them better then the Civilization saga.
  7. From a newbi prospective (have SB for a couple of months or so)... - When buying a game I look for three things mostly, SP and MP modes, and included editor. - Depending on the game I buy and specially a combat sim type, I tend to want a editor included, and if it´s a good editor as in SB the better. Why? well that gives you the flexability to creat your own mission, so you never run out of gameplay. Some editors are a bit deep in the learning curve (not so much with SB, but it can get deepr if you so wish), but in the long run once you understand how it works it´s quite easy. As stated above the SB editor is quite easy on the simple side, and as I said it can get a bit complex if needed. - For gameplay, I like both but I tend to like a bit more the multiplayer side. It´s alot of fun to play with other human players and a challange, be it co-op against the AI or head-to head. If you like this type of game/sim, Steel Beast is awesome in every way you put it, the more I play, the more I enjoy it and I have been siming for some years now. - Support is also something to take into account and SB support is the best that I have had to deal with in many years. - Money wise, well some of us here are into flight siming with DCS and FSX/P3D. If you compare a 3rd party add-on for these two sims (50<120$ with a quality plane) SB is in no way expensive taking into to account that you get a whole sim with editor and what would be the add-on´s (tanks, AFV´s, infantry etc.) for it, it´s spot on and on the affordable side for me. If we look into a game that just came out for PC (50-60$) and that it might not even have to much replayability, and/or might be obsolete in a couple of years, your still in for a winner with SB, people have been playing it for years. Also a security USB stick (I have other) will cost you around 20-30$ aside from the software that will be protected with it. I remember playing Call of Duty (any title) and finish the games in a weekend, all you where left with was MP gameing. Nice to play but it was like going to the movies with the whole family. Once you see the movie, that´s it! Not that there´s nothing wrong with that mind you, but you get the idea. Beside, you can always buy a one month time limited licences and try it out. Can bet that Just my humble oppinion. Care, Red
  8. Nice videos Kitt! Thanks for sharing! I get to stressed with driving LOL. I rather fly Latest games: - Kholat (scared shitless) bsaed on a true story. - Act of Aggression (remembering my C&C day´s). - Order of Battle WWII (Winter War Campaign). - Warhammer End of Times (remembering my Dawn of War day´s) Blood, gore and pure fun Skaven rat killing in multiplayer style. - FCRS (ongoing PBEM++ match). - Endless Legend (getting the hang of it) Nice 4x game. - Nexus: The Jupiter Incident (well it´s Nexus what can I say).
  9. Red2112


    Just thought some might like these as there desktop background... The second pic is my fav. If I remember correctly the are all 1902x1080. Care, Red
  10. Sorry to hear/read that. I have the boxed version which came with a nice manual as in the old day´s.
  11. There is a delay in command orders (cycle), check tab 3 on your right hand side menu, you will see if you are ahead in the time cycle or behind. That can be caused by alot of different factors, weather, unit out of it´s HQ control zone, in threat zone, etc. which all can make for orders to be delayed. The trick is to be ahead of your enemys time cycle, that means your units will recive orders before his, unless there are factores involved as I stated before which can delay orders. It´s a bit hard to understand at first Theres a manual i suggest you read it, or look in YT plenty of videos there too. As enigma said, it´s a operational orders wargame so you play as a general giving orders. You can move the counters with specific move orders like in SB but they have there own AI, if there in threat they will not move forward unless the order given ignors that. There´s alot under the hood in FC, so it´s best to read the manual. The only thing I dislike about FC is that units can take some fire, so units will be fireing at each other for longer then your tipical wargame, so a game can take a while. On the other hand that makes it more realistic as in real life or SB you don´t always nail your target that easy. The difference is in scale, you don´t see the counter moving behind trees or sloops which represents the time spent taking cover or finding a good fireing spot, fireing on the move and missing etc.
  12. Same here, to old for that LOL! Long time DCS lover, use to be in a acrobatic team.
  13. PBEM is great as you can play when you want or can. Here´s some gameplay (once spotted started) with a buddy... Just send me a msg if you want a go. The UI reminds me of the old Apple/Mac OS. I think Rogue System will turn out fine, the dev has been at it for quite some time now and seems honest and active. Let´s hope it stays that way. Iam also playing "Order of Battle WII" which the core engine is also free and you can play the first missions of all the modules available. Just look it up on Steam or Matrix/Slitherin games, download is about 1GB I think. The modules are pay for and don´t download, they unlock once you buy them. I have the Winter War module. The "Battle for the Bulge" (Slitherin) is also fun, fast and easy gameplay, down side is it only has three missions all on the same map I think, I havent finished it yet.
  14. I recentley bought "Rogue System", a DCS type space sim simulator with alot of potential, Its still in the works but Michael Juliano (un man dev) deserves my money and support. On Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/366000/?l=spanish Official site: http://roguesystemsim.com/ Children of a Dead Earth is one on my next wish list. Its a space combat warfare sim with alot of real science mec behind it. No fancy graphics just pure hardcore... Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/476530/ Forum: http://childrenofadeadearth.boards.net/ Care, Red
  15. If you wish so and havent already done so, check out Command Ops 2. The core engine is free... https://store.lnlpublishing.com/ Make sure you read there sales policy regarding modules before you buy one. Have fun!
  16. Beware that the newer TM T.A.R,G.E.T version 2.0 software is a bit buggy! Actualy you cant download it from the TM site, It´s just not available anymore. You can find version 1.0 on the net, or just drop me a msg. and I will send it to anyone who needs it. Care, Red
  17. No gas mask for the none-smokers
  18. I think Ssnake is enjoying the "Oktoberfest" Actualy I think there busy with the new patch! But hey a beer or two to relax would be well deserved!
  19. Iam glad the Razor worked for you Sir. I did check it out but ended up getting the G13. I have long fingers and it fits my hand just right, very happy with it. I plan to get the logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum mouse shortly.
  20. Red2112

    RC Tanks.

    Well the first price I saw yesterday was as you said, around 990€, but then today (to make sure) I searched again and found this one. No I never bought from them and they don´t have it in-stock. This makes me think it may be descountinued... https://www.amainhobbies.com/tamiya-leopard-2-a6-full-option-1-16-tank-kit-tam56020/p199495?gclid=CjwKEAjwgo6_BRC32q6_5s2R-R8SJAB7hTG-vJTQF_hlhstlMAQr4beI8oVVdZNR179UGHHBB5yjehoC3Vnw_wcB http://www.horizonhobby.com/product/cars-and-trucks/cars-and-trucks-14524--1/electric-cars-and-trucks/1-16-leopard-2a6-battle-tank-kit-tam56020 This makes me think they get it from e-bay... (see date). http://www.rcgrabbag.com/archives/tamiya-leopard-2-a6-full-option-rc-kit There are still some vendors who do sell them thought, legit or not I have no Idea. http://www.jurod.nl/RC-tank-Tamiya-56020-bouwpakket-Leopard-2A6-Full-Option-Kit-1:16 http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXGMS2 The thing is people are building it. http://intscalemodeller.com/viewtopic.php?t=12971 I understand your concern Marko as we are speeking alot of dinero here! Sorry I can´t help you much here
  21. Red2112

    RC Tanks.

    No problem here Gibsonm. My bad too, the "I sell" misleaded me. Anyway, just for the record for anybody else.
  22. Red2112

    RC Tanks.

    I had the same curiosity yesterday Gibsonm, and guess what, about 776€ for the Tamiya 1:16 Leopard. The bigger the scale, the bigger the price with these things. http://www.axels-modellbau-shop.de/katalog/en/RC-Military-Models/RC-Tanks-1/16/1-16-Leopard-2-A6-RC-Full-Option-Kit::111.html
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