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  1. 1 hour ago, stormrider_sp said:

    Cold Waters, from the same brand.

    Nope, Its from some of the ex-devs that worked in the Cold Waters project.  It´s there own company, and own project...

  2. From what I saw on the videos you posted (Fast Attack), It didn´t seem that the TMA solution was to hardcore, he just keept updating TMA (time) with no other user input. Unless this TMA is automatic.  Which you can do same in Janes sonar suite, but if you choose to take command of the TMA station, then TMA solutions must be manually inputed by the player, and you better have a good understanding of how TMA works or you will be in big trouble!


    So the rest gets an Idea of what we are talking about...





  3. 19 hours ago, stormrider_sp said:

    Have you ever tried this beauty: Fast Attack High Tech Warfare? IMO this was the best.

    Yes, saw those videos some time ago. Personally I prefer Janes sonar suite.  But at least there´s a alternative to that.



  4. On 4/30/2020 at 1:59 PM, stormrider_sp said:

    Thank you Red. I remember EAAH and then EECH. It was right after Janes Longbow. I had them all and I think I still have the CD for the Longbow 2 somewhere and ofcourse its manual. In fact I have all the manuals well kept: 688i, Longbow 2, M1TP2, Janes F-15E...


    If you´re (or anyone else) still interested in playing Janes LB2 on todays machines, see below two links that can help you out installing on W10, Iam using the first link, and so far, so good.


    Flyboys JLB 2 Fix:


    Make ISO files of both you´re original CD´s and use those instead (mount).


    Janes LB 2 Redux:




  5. You´re welcome @stormrider_sp,


    I sold my copy of Longbow 2 unfortunately some years ago, and for a high price (€70)!  I still have my copies of 688i H/K, Sub Command,  F-15 (Janes), Falcon 4, Flanker 2.5, F22 (DID), EF2000 (DID), and EECH.  Others got lost or whatever.  I now regret selling Longbow 2, as it´s the only good tribute to the AH-64 available today, and Janes did a good job on almost all the sims they put out.


    Now that you mentioned the 3dFX Voodoo 2 3D card, It makes me think on ALL the money we been spending on PC gear after all these years! 🍆



  6. I still have the original CD somewhere, and never took EECH as a "real" simulator in any of it´s mechanics.  It´s not Janes Longbow 2, but then it´s not Apache: Air Assault (Gaijin) either.  It´s sort of a in between thing so to say.  Then you have the dynamic campaign, it´s not Falcon 4 (BMS) grade of dynamic campaign, but at least you have one.  I can´t say how much is changed with the allMods mod installed, and or if the campaign system has been modded either, and it´s been way to long since I played the original to even remember how it works.


    I mentioned it and posted EECH (moded) because @stormrider_sp misses a AH-64 simulation.  I would have suggested Janes Longbow 2, but 1- It´s difficult to buy/find now day´s, and 2- It´s not that easy to get it running in W10.  The problem is that there isn´t much to choose from, specially when you´re looking for a specific airframe simulation, in this case, the AH-64.  The whole helo/sim scene is quite sad at the moment, even the combat flight scene in these past years is.  So people try to make the best of what´s available, and EECH has open-code now which the community is keeping alive, again, that´s what we have today.


    I was following a project some years ago that goes by Combat Helo - Gunnery, which did look promising, and even was up for Steam greenlight project, but never again have I seen/heard anything else about the dev or project...






    Funny you mentioned Gunship, my first sim was Gunship 2000.



  7. On 4/27/2020 at 9:38 PM, stormrider_sp said:

    The opposite might not be true. If they release an AH-64, I'd be their first costumer.

    EECH (Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum) with the allMods installed might be your friend 😉

    Not quite Janes or DCS, but it has a very cool dynamic campaign system.


    You just need EECH, not EEAH and the allMods installer + patch. You will have the AH-64 included.


    GOG Store (cheap):






    Community (SimHQ):






    I will be installing it today.


  8. Hi Nike,


    Sure!  Will send PM via Steam, here or Discord (need you´re alias #).


    I do plan to update SB Pro PE, either next month or the one after that.  It´s been a hard year start, and now I have some unaccounted expenses (COVID-19 cough my mother - RIP) and personal issues to attended, so I might not be all that focused on gaming.

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