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  1. This era´s "Desert Rats". Pathfinders "Well gun my son".
  2. Ohh! Thanks for the heads-up Panzer Leader! Had no idea there are working on that!. Just reading that on there dev blog, nice! Here´s something that might be nice, plan on getting it next week http://store.steampowered.com/app/495580/
  3. +1 for Flashpoint Campaigns! Some Combat Mission series, Steel Fury and Panzer Elite with the PP2-X mod. Also bringing back memories with Fleet Command and Sub Command lately. Asseto Corsa is nice but setting up my wheel is a hasel and a race against AI can be streesful Euro Truck is more relaxing for me, I like to drive on a rainy nights, or Train Simulator 2016 with 3rd party locos also relaxes me. There are to many games I like really, don´t have time for all of them.
  4. +1 to the oldest strategy in the army in oder to take the "pulse" of your men, or in other words, let the hare run in order to see where the foxe´s are. Sorry if some have been ofended but bashing people playing WoT or any shooter no matter how silly they think it is, is just unrespectful and dam right unmature. I respect opinions as long as they are respectful, and I understand anybody can have a bad day, so no offense on my behalf. Being polite should not be mistaken for being dumb, and saying "thank you" only takes 3 seconds of your time. Let´s not lose human values which seems to be very easy in this age. To make it clear, Iam not generalizing the SB community, I would not be posting this if I thought so... Again, sorry if I have offended anybody, wont happen again that´s for sure! Care, Red
  5. Thats new to me. Thank you Tankenator for the info and clarification. Care, Red
  6. I wouldn´t mind being pushd out the side door either. So for any side trainning please count me in and I will be more then happy to join. Just please advise with a bit of time ahead to get organiezd. Care, Red
  7. In my opinion, I hope most of the people of WoT don´t ever come to SB. Why? Most of them are kids with no respect at all, and just go in there to blast things up, and/or insult each other when you don´t play as they do, or you are trying to go up in TIER and your tank is not upgraded yet so you are in disadvantage while going up the TIER latter. I play alot of Armored Warfare, but I take it as it is, a shooter to blow off stress. You have a coffe after lunch while you get into a PVE or PVP game, play 20-40mins. blast guys out and that´s it, theres no more too it. That´s what it was made for. On the other hand, saying your not up to standadrs or elite enough to play SB is a bit disrespectful. Nobody is born with knowledge, and nobody is the same, or you simple don´t have enough time to dedicate it to certain things beacuse people have real lives to live too. I agree you must take the time to learn the basics of the sim in question, but also there are things that you just don´t understand at first, or you are scared to even ask beacuse everybody is so "elite", or at least they think so., so you try not to feel like a fool even before asking. All in all it´s a bit demanding or stuck-up to even think that. So either you´r a pro or stay way from SB and our closed community, is that it? It might be good for the elite, but not for eSim I would think, and it´s not very mature either. It´s like we need a psychological profile from you before we even play with you, but this can also work both ways as someone may feel "used" beacuse they are good at something. Or we will play with you while someone better comes along. Been there before guys and that´s not cool at all. I personaly stay away from ego-trips, it´s simply not healthy, and you should be mature enough to know there will always be someone better then you somewhere! But then again each one to its own. If you get paid for this as in the Army it´s a different story, but this is not the case. Yeah we will help you, but comments like this put´s you off right off the bat in my opinion. As in music, you have two options, play with the best and let them do there thing, or play with amatures and teach them what they have to do. I personaly try not to ask alot of question beacuse I like to find my way out of things and don´t like to be taken by the hand, but as I said before not everybody is the same, and it´s not healthy to think "or you´r with me, or your against me", we all know where that comes from. I still remember my "Falcon 4" years. If it wasent for a couple of guys that took the time to show the rest of the wing new stuff that we didn´t know, some of us would still be making mistakes. The same goes for Dangerous Waters, there was some of the things on the manual that people just didn´t understand, or they explained it on the manual for people that already knew something about sonar. Which brings me to the Idea that it wouldent be a bad Idea to have online crash courses for those how are having trouble understanding things, and that would also help in having everybody at a same basic level, regardles of the tutorials in SB it´s self. A closed atitude only brings to a closed group which in the end ends up in playing with the same people. These people will eventualy grow older, past away or drift off somewhere which reduces the future of eSim, so food for though...
  8. If you have a nVidia card you can use "Shadow Play" which works great. It comes with the nVidia software if you have a GTX or above card. "Camtasia" is also very good. For editing "Sony Vegas is good but expensive but there are others that do the same. Hope it helps.
  9. As far as I know. A i5 at 3.4 Ghz, is the same thing as a i7 at 3.4 Ghz. The only difference is that the i7 3.4 Ghz can use hyper-threading, but if the game/sim in question dosent use hyper-threading you are basicaly using the same CPU. Iam not talking about the new gen CPU´s mind you, I have no idea how the Haswel CPU´s are working in this regard. Also you must balance your rig, a better GPU (faster) will not benefit from a slow CPU thus the bottle-neck effect.
  10. Thought I revive this thread a bit, beacuse whats life without music! David L Roth is not at his best here but it´s nice to see them together again after so many years! There´s a funny note regarding the band-aid on David´s nose that day but that´s another story... Enjoy
  11. Oh, sorry I´ll check that. Try this one... http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/ Or just type in US FM manuals in your Explorer.
  12. Ok fixed... If I right-click and "save target as", it downloads fine. I usually don´t use this method now so I sort of forgot it. - Yes Iam logged in when downloading. - Yes it could be an extension. I use Free Download Manager. (The same work-around has happend in the past where you have to save target on some sites in order for the download to work). - All fine now Sean thank you Thank you all for you´r kind help. Back to action Good care, Red
  13. Hi folks, You can find some reference material, mostly FM manuals that I gatherd for DSC Combiend Arms over at mi virtual squad... http://www.escuadron69.net/v20/foro/index.php?/topic/65191-material-de-referencia-combined-arms/ Care, Red
  14. Yes there is, and that pop-up when downloaded all it generates is a HTML link, which brings you to ANOTHER download page with no pop-up but with ANOTHER download button that once hit generates the same HTML link again for download. Thanks Thewood!
  15. I can´t seem to download files from the download section. I tried downloading two different missions from two different authors and I get the same thing. When I hit the download button, It downloads a HTML link, which leads to the same HTML link again. Iam using Chrome as my explorer. Any Ideas? Regards
  16. Sorry, you´r right. Yes it happens on other downloads, so I´ll post on the support page. Thank you.
  17. Trying to download brings me to the download scenario page. When I hit the download button, a pop-up window show´s up saying you´r download will begin in x seconds, once the download starts and finishs, what I have downloaded is a HTML file. Any clues to this? It goes into a loop, bringin up the same HTML download page everytime you hit the download. Thanks for you´r effort Panzer_Leader! Care,
  18. Thank you Ssnake! I will try that if it happens again. Just for the record... Yes I do have a CM stick with a valid 4.0 license (check your sale´s department if so) with which I got a free one month time-based license. I also bought a one month time-based license before that which has expired. So technically I have 3 containers. When the error prompt poped-up the Codemeter CC only showed two containers, both with the time-based licenses, one was the expired licenses and the other is the non-working time-based licences that provokes current error 263, 200. On reboot the Codemeter CC showed all three containers again and SB 4.0 start-up went smooth. Care, Red
  19. I think we are all talking about the same prompt, it´s on the title of this post. Error 263 and 200, both show up on the same prompt, e-mail deep2112. Just a suposicion, it seems like the Codemeter CC is having trouble picking the right container on start-up sometimes.
  20. Just to inform... After 2-3 succesful start-ups of SB 4.0 with a new Codemeter stick, today a got the same prompt error as before. Did not do anything to my PC since I Installed the Codemeter stick. I rebooted my PC and SB and Codemeter CC were back to normal (except for my time-based license), so it´s not only regarded to a time-based license issue I would think.
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