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  1. MY FAULT!!! you are the best!! this sim is awesome!!! thx
  2. I am satisfied with the new version .. sure that the artificial intelligence still has problems .. they get stuck between the houses, on the walls between the trees ... quite frustrating
  3. Goooood work! Your scenarios are the best! Bravo
  4. sour people...i want only ask a thing...but keyboard lions respond sarcastically
  5. Eta extimated time of arrival…eximated mate…extimated…not when…😉
  6. And then do you think that we have an eta?
  7. Yes..and then this week?!? Friday??
  8. Why nobody speak about it any more? No news about it’s release??
  9. It’s lovely when people defend a favorite or fond game…but i think that game honestly its time has passed and it need a complete renovation they’re not enough a patch with some updates…people if you find it beautiful keep playing with it…unfortunately not my case! Good luck
  10. I stopped to play this game because the performance are very often bad..and I have a gtx3080, an I10, 64GB ram....but fps are very low (honestly it depends from the mix)..and the graphic appearance is outdated compared to today's standard..beyond that, let's leave the cumbersome system for using maps and scenarios..im sorry, I wanted to use it again but urge has passed
  11. I hope only in a better fps and a smooth graphics… i have SB frm 2016…… now is too old the engine……i think about ghpc…
  12. Hi, i dont understand…i can run dcs sim with 50/60 fps and this Sb with 30/35 fps...In a mix where are trees on screen the fps drop to 23/30/35……bored and i left to use it! Fps drop in 1080-2k-4k at the same mode! I have a gtx1080 all my game, like arma 3…run at 60 fps… this game no!!! And graphically in ridicolous if i think the last game! Why..dont run! And in a operation like an nassirya fps are good 60, another (in Desert also) 25 fps……terrible! I tried to changhe everything in options but nothing…im very bored...i would play it but its a very problem?!? Anysolution?!
  13. Hi afetr last patch i cant play any scenario…because i cant find any map..why? before the patch i can play any scenario, but now any map is miss?
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