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  1. Hello, Many thanks with the responses you gave. I thought that the loadout was not correct. It seems that I misunderstood the mission decription. It is indeed a very hard scenario. But it is also fun to play it. Best regards and thanks, Hapshott
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I really appreciate these. I will try to contact RogueSnake79 Best regards, Hapshott
  3. Thanks Gibsonm I couldn't find the reason in the briefing. I only read that when the main effort has been destroyed that there is a reload in assembly area VIC. I drove to the coordinates but I do not see how I can start a reload. Any help is welcome Best regards, Hapshott
  4. Hello, I'm trying the scenario called "Defense of Bad Nenndorf" which is an original scenario (in the programdata folder) . Here I see that the M1 only have the ready rack loaded. The rest have the full load. Is this on purpose? If not, is it possible to change it. I cannot do this as a password is needed. Best regards, Hapshott
  5. Hello, I have the message activation invalid. Is this also due to the windows 10 update? I updated Codemeter to 6.30d. But that doesn't help. Who should I contact for more info? Regrads, Hapshott
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