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  1. Just bought the 4.0 to 4.1 license from the esim website. Went to the link in the email sent to me and the license is hitting this error when I try to activate it. Any help?
  2. The NIM has a very good gallery dedicated to the Cavalry and Armor Branch. It's probably newer, and is the best gallery in the museum IMO. As infantry trainees, we have a grudge against Cav Scouts but are mixed in our opinions on tankers. When we did our Land Nav Assessment a few weeks ago, a company of tanker trainees from 1-81 Armor were practicing land nav and we were very friendly to them.
  3. They used to have 11M Bradley Crewman as an option, but that's discontinued now. I'm an 11B, so I could be a leg or mech. Most of our company is headed for the 101st at Ft Campbell. I haven't been informed of my duty station yet, but it's likely I'll go to Campbell too. I personally wish to be Mechanized in the 2nd ID, 1st AD or 1st Cav Division. There aren't many people in my company that even know what mechanized infantry is, so I'm kindof alone in those desires.
  4. I'm on my Family Day pass (graduated the Basic Training part of Infantry OSUT) and squeezed in a visit to the National Infantry Museum. One of the gallerys has a literal room dedicated to to TOW Missile, with a machine used to assemble the guidance wires. There are also two launchers, with a TOW 2A and 2B missile on display. My company has entered Black Phase of Infantry OSUT. This week we will learn Fireteam and Squad tactics, next week we will do Urban Ops and the Stress shoot, and the week after is our FTX. We graduate November 2nd. I'm thinking about becoming a team leader, machine gunner or RTO in my platoon. Feel free to ask questions about my training and give advice. I'll try to post some photos of the Armor and Cavalry gallery in the Museum later today or tomorrow.
  5. The 2018 annual Strong Europe Tank Challenge began on June 3rd, and will last until the 8th. This year is the most diverse SETC competition so far: Team Britain - Queens Royal Hussars Challenger 2 Team Germany - Panzerbataillon 393 Leopard 2A6M Team France - 1er RĂ©giment de Chasseurs Leclerc Team Sweden - Wartofta Tank Company, Skaraborg Regiment Stridsvagn 122 Team Poland - 34th Armoured Cavalry Brigade Leopard 2A5 Team Ukraine - 1st Tank Company, 14th Mechanized Brigade T-84 Team Austria - Panzerbataillon 14 Leopard 2A4 Team USA - 2-70th Armor, 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division M1A2 SEP v2 I'll get some more posts in here with info and photos of each days events when I have time. If anyone could provide details on the platoons and their units, that would be appreciated. Please, feel free to post info, photos and videos.
  6. SEP v2's of 2-70 Armor during the first day (June 5th) of live fire at the Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018. They're sporting OD with white stars on the side skirts and front hull. The turret faces are adorned with the Big Red One's insignia. No doubt a throwback to the old days.
  7. That was a common practice in Vietnam too, and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened in Korea.
  8. I'm not sure about other nations, but American tanks were frequently used to deliver indirect fire in WWII, Korea and I believe Vietnam. It was most common in terrain where mobility was quite limited, like mountains or impassible mud. These necessities are why later tanks like the M60 received azimuth indicators and gunners quadrants to permit adjusting for indirect fire. Does anybody know if the M1A2 SEP can display the information necessary for indirect fire?
  9. I just hop into the TC's position and double tap the Insert key to manually load sabot
  10. I disagree. In the brief shot of the loader loading the 76mm Gun M1A1C/M1A2, you can see what appears to be M62 APC or M93 HVAP being rammed into the breech. Given how rare HVAP ammunition was, and the fact that the TC commands to load AP, it's more likely M62 APC. When the 76's hit the Tiger, they are firing at about 600m (according to the estimation given by the Tiger TC), and they are approaching the Tiger's front plate from about a 20-30 degree angle (based on the fire commands given by the Tiger commander and the wide shot of Fury and the 75 splitting up). Under these conditions, the 76mm M62 has about a 50% chance of penetrating 96mm of armor in good conditions, given how American penetration tests were based on a 50% successful perforation rate. That's just short of perforating approx. 102mm of RHA that is possibly face hardened. On a side note, the commander commanding the loader to load "AP" is technically incorrect, it was referred to as "Shot" at the time.
  11. Reminds me of the Panzer IV's turret side hatches compromising the ballistic integrity of the turret, it's surprising how that small ammunition hatch constitutes a threat to the turret ballistic protection.
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