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  1. Happy New Year!

    Happy new year here to :-) in about 3 hours :-(
  2. Merry Christmas - 2018!

    merry chisttmus and a happy new year from Sweden to Australia !
  3. How to clean your tank

    bether to do clean it "mythbusters" style , 350 kg of high explosive >
  4. Release Date!

    hmm knife: checked torture tools : checked electric battery: checked cabels: checked flight tickets to Hannover: checked j/k
  5. Best feature released so far

    "the lazer"
  6. System requirements in 3.0

    ohh great thx :-) well i use both for games :-) will see what hapen when the upgrade is released :-)
  7. System requirements in 3.0

    then i have the same question :-) have 2 mashines A laptop with: i7 quad core 3610QM 2.3 ghz 12 gig RAM GeForce GTX 670M 3 gb And my desktop i5 quad core 3.0 ghz (dont remember the numbers) 8 gig RAM Gigabyte Radeon HD 7850 2GB GDDR5 /Dan M
  8. Esim video.not 3.0

    i take 2 please
  9. M1A1 HA+ VS M1A2 SEP Armor

    Is that a "ohh ssnake suprise" as the guy say in Indiana Jones
  10. The Off-Topic Topic Thread

    10 hours of Its a trap :-)
  11. Crete anyone?

    the german paratropers and the commonwealth forces should graveyards some where on Crete from the Operation Mercury. My moms boyfriends daugther worked on Crete for some years can ask her.
  12. Video Thread

    US Navy decided to action against World of Warcraft. Some ordenance otw against the europeen WoW servers.
  13. Video Thread

    not for french players ;-) j/k
  14. Video Thread

  15. The Winter Strikes Back

    lets change climate , no?