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    Excellent COY(+) UK team in the attack. The scenario is well balanced around a present day UK force in the attack on a sizeable 'Donovian' (Russian style) defence. The enemy AI is scripted to be highly reactive making it a good challenge for repeat attempts or to ease you into dynamic decision making at a manageable scale! This would be an excellent small scale COOP session or a slightly longer more thought out SP experience. I will now briefly describe my experience avoiding spoiling the surprises found in the scenario. My overall concept was to make contact with the enemy main defensive effort before using fires to suppress them while simultaneously fixing them using one line of attack while breaking through on the other. This worked well despite the well scripted ENY making it difficult to simply steam roll the enemy! I fully recommend this SCE to anyone looking to test themselves in a manageable environment while not possessing total overmatch in regards to combat power. (plan shown in image)
  1. Will take A14 or, where-ever I am needed if Plt Ldr slots need filling.
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