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  1. Ok! Well, count me as Charlie CO then if the post is still available.
  2. I can take Charlie CO if it plays just as a mech company. Is M3 any different to M2 ingame?
  3. CV or tank please. Can take tank XO as well if Mirzayev is in need of one.
  4. I'll have to pass, got to go to work earlier than normal. See you on Sunday!
  5. Leo TC or gunner. Not 100% sure if I can make it to the game at this point.
  6. I'm in. I can take the platoon commander slot if that's ok for everyone. Otherwise CV9030 commander or gunner.
  7. Crap. I think our indirect fires just got downgraded with a big D. Expect WARNO later today.
  8. Do I still have an FO? Or was Hedgehog planned to play double roles before Abaddon joined in?
  9. Aww hell, this is likely a timetable suicide for this week. But too nice an opportunity to pass... I'd really like either the A21 or CO position. Preferably CO if nobody gets offended. This would be a good first time, if the scenario really is simple.
  10. Applying for Bravo company, any Leo position. May play engineers too if needed. If mech infantry is for some reason made possible at a later stage I'd prefer them.
  11. Hi! Applying for 2C. If not possible, wingman IFV or XO in any platoon.
  12. Hi! New guy here. Applying for Charlie One. PMing Kingtiger about prep training too as discussed earlier today with Abaddon.
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