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  1. Really ? Ive never seen this before...
  2. I had about an hour to play around a little with the latest update and i must say it look awesome! Esspecially the suspension in combination with the new terrain looks absolutly amazing. You have done a fine job gentleman! Thanks alot!!
  3. Ok thanks for the heads up!
  4. Hi guys! I,ve been away for a long time and i just found out about the latest upgrade release. But to be honoust i cant figure out how to purchase that latest upgrade license since there doesnt seem to be on option to upgrade it on the ESIM website? Am i missing something? (my current version is 4.023)
  5. oscar


    How does one get Decals into SBP? Older skins dont seem to show in game. Whats the trick? I miss the decals ingame. Is there some sort of map i need to add them to?
  6. Yeah just study the map and follow the arrows and panels to guide you through the range. i got a Couple of days so expect Some more scenario,s like this to come your way soon.
  7. You Should take the Road to the range most left of you. Are you taking the middle Road with the Blue Arrow instead by any chance??
  8. Gave it a go last evening again. Wont show up in game at all anymore
  9. 1 it was daskals pimped m1a2 skin for 3.025 but it showed up right at first 2 i put it into the correct mod/textures/us/woodland map 3 it was a woodland themed map i tested it on.
  10. I,m having some odd behavure whe building a scenario. The thing is i downloaded a skin for the Abrams, and i started working on the scenario and it had the new skin i downloaded and then i saved it to work on it later. But when i came back and wanted to test something on the scenario it had the defauilt skin from the vanilla installation. How can this be ?
  11. I Checked it out and the mission ended without any problems. You have to get on the concrete parking area where the Leo,s and other Abrams are parked to end it, did you?
  12. Thanks, thats Odd and i play tested it multiple times and every time the scenario ended after entering the assembly area at the Blue Arrow. It takes Some time to end however for the scenario to end so you can park your abrams where you started . But ill check it out to make sure.
  13. Hey i just uploaded my kickass tank range scenario. Be sure to check it out and give it a go!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Hello Fellow virtual tankers, As some of you may know ive been a long time member of the steel beasts community better known as Oscar19681. Been away from Steel Beasts for ages, but when i found out about all the features that were comming in Update 4.0 i could no longer resist the temptation to just give in and get back into the Sim. This eventually led to me buying the update ASAP and getting totally hooked on Steel Beasts 4.0 like never before. But Friday night i was just randomly messing around in the mission editor to explore the new features. I then had the idea to make a simple scenario for me to enjoy, and one thing led to another and i allmost worked non stop on perfecting this " simple mission "and it turned out to become a reasonably complex tank gunnery range scenario. I had so much fun with it and enjoyed it so much that i decided to perfect it to a level that i was satisfied with to share it with the community and put it up for download for everyone else to enjoy as well! * About Bergen Hohne Tank Range Live Fire Drill scenario * Its basicly a single M1A2 singleplayer mission suitable for Co-Op for a fully manned tank experience tank range scenario situated on the Bergen Hohne map (terrain & hightmap included in the download) that i was given by someone of the community years ago. As you might expect on a tank range you will be presented with a wide variaty of different targets at different ranges , directions and positions thoughout the Bergen Hohne map (which felt the most realistic to build a tank range on) The idea is to enter pre prepared tank emplacement or Battle positions as instructed by a simulated range observer that instructs you to the various Battle positions during the mission which are scattered over the map under very early morning conditions with light rain and poor visibilaty due to low light circumstances and a medium overcast. Ive also attempted to build upon the immersion of the 4.0 update by having soldiers and tankers and other tanks go about there busniness and such to make it feel more alive and give you a feeling that you really are a part of a real exersize thats currently going on. This scenario will take about 20 to 25 minutes to complete and is really helpfull to hone your gunnery skills in a controlled invirement with targets that dont shoot back at you while still remaining a challange to put steel on target while trying to maintain a " one shot , one kill " mentality. For Co-Op it might be very interesting for those who like online fully manned tank scenario,s and work as a team in to coordinate , gun and drive in the same tank in Co-Op to put some rounds down range effectivly. Ive put up some Inb-game screenshots, briefing and Map screens up to give you a more in depth perspective what to expect from this mission . Ive put a lot of love, detail and perfection in this scenario so i hope you will enjoy this scenario as much as i do!!!! Some notes that might come in handy when playing this scenario .. *I highly recommend Daskals Abrams sound mod to go allong with this scenario because its trully the best and most immersive soundmods for the Abrams out there currently. So i took the liberty and included Daskals Abrams soundmod with the download so you can try out yourself. *All the battle positions are meant to be succesfully completed in the proper order as marked on the map or instructed by the " Range observer " messages he keeps feeding you during the engagements, he also gives you information about how many targets are to be expected or if all targets are succesfully destroyed so you can move into the next Battle position. The targets on the range are bound to the tank emplacement /battle positions you enter in order to have the various targets to present themselves on the range. So if you choose not to enter any, then there will be no targets to shoot at. Its meant as static emplacement engagements, but there is nothing preventing you from triggering the targets by entering a tank emplacement and deside to take them out on them move instead in you so choose to do so. * In theory there is nothing stopping you to go though all the battle positions in you own succesive order you see fit but then the messages and feedback from the range observer wont make sense anymore and this only adds to the confusion it you desire to play it as it was meant to be played... * On the range itself Red flags/panels are deployed as well as arrows & battle positions numbers on the map in order to help guide you to the correct battle positions. * In order to succesfully complete the mission you must return your 5 million dollar M1A2 back to the Assembly area and enter the assembly area at the Blue Arrow that says " Assembly area " marked on the map or the mission wont end by itself. *Please feel free to contact me or leave something in the comments if you have question or something you would have liked to see done differently in this scenario. That way i could maybe change or add it in a later stage, or find it usefull for future missions. And please be so kind to rate the mission if you tried it and happen to come by the downloads page.
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