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  1. I was wondering if the RWS systems will be available for the M1A2 and maybe Leopard 2A5/6 at some point in the future. Some vehicles like the Mrap and other lightly armoured vehicles have the option to be equipped with these weapons stations. I would be kinda cool if we could have those on the Abrams to simulate the M1A2 SEP2/3 for example
  2. Count me in on that!!
  3. Really ? Ive never seen this before...
  4. I had about an hour to play around a little with the latest update and i must say it look awesome! Esspecially the suspension in combination with the new terrain looks absolutly amazing. You have done a fine job gentleman! Thanks alot!!
  5. Ok thanks for the heads up!
  6. Hi guys! I,ve been away for a long time and i just found out about the latest upgrade release. But to be honoust i cant figure out how to purchase that latest upgrade license since there doesnt seem to be on option to upgrade it on the ESIM website? Am i missing something? (my current version is 4.023)
  7. oscar


    How does one get Decals into SBP? Older skins dont seem to show in game. Whats the trick? I miss the decals ingame. Is there some sort of map i need to add them to?
  8. Yeah just study the map and follow the arrows and panels to guide you through the range. i got a Couple of days so expect Some more scenario,s like this to come your way soon.
  9. You Should take the Road to the range most left of you. Are you taking the middle Road with the Blue Arrow instead by any chance??
  10. Gave it a go last evening again. Wont show up in game at all anymore
  11. 1 it was daskals pimped m1a2 skin for 3.025 but it showed up right at first 2 i put it into the correct mod/textures/us/woodland map 3 it was a woodland themed map i tested it on.
  12. I,m having some odd behavure whe building a scenario. The thing is i downloaded a skin for the Abrams, and i started working on the scenario and it had the new skin i downloaded and then i saved it to work on it later. But when i came back and wanted to test something on the scenario it had the defauilt skin from the vanilla installation. How can this be ?
  13. I Checked it out and the mission ended without any problems. You have to get on the concrete parking area where the Leo,s and other Abrams are parked to end it, did you?
  14. Thanks, thats Odd and i play tested it multiple times and every time the scenario ended after entering the assembly area at the Blue Arrow. It takes Some time to end however for the scenario to end so you can park your abrams where you started . But ill check it out to make sure.
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