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  1. oscar

    Weird zoom bug.

    Started up SBP today. but when using 3d viewer in the mission editor and also ingame the views zooms out to max uncontrolably. I tried turning off Track IR but the problem remains. The problem seems to tied to my Jotstick. But i checked the controll options but nothing is assigned to zoom.
  2. Hi folks! I just got VorpX a while back for VR my headset for games that natively don’t support VR. I know it doesn’t come recommended for SBP but I read someone here managed to make a profile to play SBP in VR. I’d like to know how to make or obtain such a profile and give it a try. Anyone know how to set this up?
  3. I’m taking this scenario update is dead in the water?
  4. I’m basing the scenario on parts of the Jalibah airfield map.
  5. Ok I fixed the problem by adding a green faction and making it enemy to red so red destroys the vehicles at mission start. Only problem is not all Vehicles produce smoke when hit.
  6. Since new scenarios in this community, and OIF based/like scenarios in general are in extremely short demand I decided to make a OIF scenario loosely based on a very interesting documentary called The Drive To Baghdad which covers various operations involving armor during the early stages of OIF in much strategic detail and featuring a lot of awesome footage as well. The documentary itself comes highly recommended it you like a in depth look at how the operations were executed. Keep you guys posted on the scenario as well.
  7. But that would mean there would be a total slugfest at my mission start? That would be kind of an immersion breaker. Anyway this can be done before i commence my actual mission start? Because I’m doing a mission based loosely on actual events during OIF. I want to simulate air strikes that occurred prior to the mission itself by having burned vehicles. I was inspired by IOF The Drive To Baghdad which covers the operations in Detail allong with actual footage showing all these smoke stacks caused by combat. Here is is actual documentary btw
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Could you explain in more detail how this is done exactly? I just place vehicles which are enemy,s on the map at mission start and they duke it out before i reach the area or something?
  9. There must be some more simple way, I’ve seen it in scenarios before...
  10. How do you add destroyed vehicles that are burning and produce smoke? I’ve tried adding destroyed vehicles but they are not burning
  11. I downloaded a scenario that required installing a height and terrain file. But after finding the correct map in Windows 10 (C: Programdata/esimgames/steel beasts/maps. But it only contained a theme map and the height and terrain file were missing. I tried making the maps myself and insert the needed files, but to no avail. Am i missing something here?
  12. Awesome. Since im back into SBP id love to give it a go. But ive looked in the single players scenario and even multiplay section. But the scenario is nowhere to be found. Not even the old scenario. Did you even uploaded the scenario in the first place i wonder?
  13. Awesome to know people still play my scenario. I should make a comeback and make more gunnery range scenario,s. a while back i was working on a NTC gunnery range that still needs to be finished one day...
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