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  1. Some settings I'd like to see. For all infantry "Use AT weapons in antipersonnel role" Y/N, default N For snipers "Engage only High Value Targets" Y/N, default N
  2. I REALLY need to get back to Copenhagen. They seem like my kind of people!
  3. It's about hiding the complexity from the end user.
  4. OK, not content but I'd like the AI, when a vehicle's path is blocked by knocked out vehicles or obstacles, to back up and move randomly ten or twenty metres left or right and try to move forward to bypass the obstacle.
  5. That is also the point that frustrates me most. I suspect, like me, however, you still have "Wow!" moments playing or using SB. My most recent was watching a T-55, at the short halt on dry ground (African Savannah terrain), shooting at a distant target. The way dust rose from the ground and the tank rocked backward on firing was simply awesome. I could just watch that over and over. Whomever made that tank and modelled its physics and behaviour and the world in which it operates obviously has a deep understanding and love for armour that comes across in this simulation as in no other.
  6. I hope you don't end up playing in hazmat suits (although that may be a bit of a "thing" for some less conventional Danes already )
  7. More wish list additions from Maj. Hans.
  8. I just played your scenario (the first one I have downloaded in over three years playing SB) and really enjoyed it. The only thing I'd criticise would be the extremely lavish scale of issue of Spike MR as pointed out by GibsonM. The Belgian Land Component allegedly only purchased 66 Spike MR missile systems so your company had about 18% of their entire inventory. I still had a lot of fun though. Keep up the good work!
  9. My own experience is that if you kill all but one of the infantry and destroy all of the IFVs, that infantryman WILL engage you (if his weapon is appropriate) no matter what. I'm not sure how that fits in with the morale model, but it always happens. It also happens that, although tanks seem very good at locating infantry in undulating ground, they often can't engage them because they don't have line of sight. That makes infantry in SB MUCH more dangerous with the new bumpy terrain model. I can't remember if it was this time around or 4.1 but infantry also got A LOT more eager to engage with shoulder launched AT in general. Pre 4.1 with the old "flat" terrain and extremely cautious infantry that spent more time break dancing and bobbing up and down than shooting, I was tearing my hair out. So, there's a long way to go, but the changes that have been made so far are really great.
  10. If I could have only five six things next time around(other than bug fixes) 1. Better infantry control. 2. More defineable" weapon loadouts for infantry 3. An IR MANPADS with selectable quality. 4. BONUS/SMArt 5. Anti materiel rifle with first person control and no restriction to HVTs. 6. Infantry fighting positions - no overhead cover, overhead "retreat" cover and full overhead cover and supporting AI logic
  11. Yes, in retrospect I admit it's a bit pointless. I didn't realise it was the one mounted on the sensor mast, so you don't get to have both. Also it doesn't include a GSR as far as I can tell.
  12. Gilding the lily a bit, but I'd like to see have the Tripod mounted remote sensor head for Fennek, which I believe can be deployed something like 50 metres from the vehicle.
  13. 1. At the moment, in game, AI gunners seem to be able to determine instantly if a vehicle is killed. When I'm playing a gunner first person, it's often difficult to tell, particularly at longer ranges with early TI etc. For AI gunners, could you please consider an option of "keep shooting until target burns or changes shape" or "put one round into each target then move on until they all burn or change shape", or something along those lines? 2. Could we have the option that some (it can be a small minority) enemy vehicles and infantry "play dead" if they receive minor damage or if their unit is being massacred, then are resurrected with nefarious intent? By the way, the combination of bumpy terrain and more aggressive (vs armour) infantry in the latest version is a vast improvement. I just wish we had the option to decide scale of issue of LAWs within infantry sections/teams so you don't just have the one RPG guy when you can see other's in the team carrying disposable LAWs that are only set-dressing at the moment.
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