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  1. Oh.... my.... God..... It's like 54 years of Christmases all arrived at the same time. Outstanding work guys! Simply outstanding! My wife's reaction was "Oh, yea, great Chris; I'll get back to my pattern design". This, she says, sums up the basic non-physiological difference between us. She likes to create things and I like to destroy them
  2. I'd like vehicles to have individual markings so you don't see enemy tank No. 243 over and over again which causes a bit of suspension of disbelief.
  3. Gibson's artillery template is the 2nd most useful thing I have printed off from the SB Pro PE package, after the keyboard template.
  4. When I had the same thing happen, Ssnake's solition was tap "T" to Taser your commander. It buys you about 10 seconds of peace, although he may well already have had the loader put the "wrong" ammo nature up the spout
  5. Probably not doctrinally accurate, and may differ from vehicle to vehicle and army to army, but when playing the gunner, I'd like to have an option to have the commander pop smoke and/or order reverse when an incoming ATGW is detected and audibly call out the incoming anti tank missile and its rough bearing - assuming they see it of course.
  6. Probably not doable/justifiable or it would already have been done, but, along with wrecked versions of vehicles (just a skin showing the vehicle is burned out would be fine), I'd like to see marks on the ground indicating where HE, DPICM etc. have hit, vehicles have burned out etc. I'd also like some wildlife/farm animals and ambient sound like bird, frog and insect calls, where appropriate. I know these are just gilding the lily and have probably been asked for before. Happy New Year, in advance, everyone!
  7. The only problem I have with helicopters (and it's by far the No. 1 bug I'd like to see fixed in the simulation) is the relative lethality or lack thereof of various automatic weapons and missiles when used against them due to the way damage is modelled. This can cause significantly unrealistic outcomes. We already discussed this, and I fully accept that you will prioritise it according to perceived/stated customer need and other factors included in your business model.
  8. The Warsaw Pact propaganda films that had hordes of T series tanks dashing into a river and popping up the other side weren't referred to as "How we Concreted the Elbe" for nothing.
  9. Guys, my memory may be at fault here, but I thought the Pizarro had an auto-tracking feature in its FCS. I've been through the (excellent) manual and posts on the forum and not found any mention of how to engage it, if it indeed exists. I'm really enjoying the Pizarro - then again, other than Warrior, there hasn't been a vehicle in SB that I didn't enjoy
  10. It was lightened to be carried by a Wessex helo, but it was the general service 1/2 ton truck issued to all units - not only paras and RMs.
  11. That's what I experienced. It had me scratching my head thinking I'd done something wrong.
  12. Just a guess, but those look like M1 steel helmets and the LCE appears to be 1960s-80s US ALICE pattern, which is a reasonable stand in for UK '58 pattern. The DPM cammo is done beautifully though.
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