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  1. M1A2 Throwback Skin

    That is so awesome!!!
  2. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    You watch SyFy productions?
  3. NATO Reticle explained?

    Guys, my memory may be at fault here, but I thought the Pizarro had an auto-tracking feature in its FCS. I've been through the (excellent) manual and posts on the forum and not found any mention of how to engage it, if it indeed exists. I'm really enjoying the Pizarro - then again, other than Warrior, there hasn't been a vehicle in SB that I didn't enjoy
  4. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    And we ended up buying bigger helicopters
  5. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    It was lightened to be carried by a Wessex helo, but it was the general service 1/2 ton truck issued to all units - not only paras and RMs.
  6. Ulan FCS question

    That's what I experienced. It had me scratching my head thinking I'd done something wrong.
  7. FN-FAL

    Just a guess, but those look like M1 steel helmets and the LCE appears to be 1960s-80s US ALICE pattern, which is a reasonable stand in for UK '58 pattern. The DPM cammo is done beautifully though.
  8. ETA on terrain patch?

    At 53 years old I feel like a 10 year old boy waiting for Christmas. I can't remember a game or sim that held my attention like SB or was such great value.
  9. Ulan FCS question

    Hi, I have been playing the Ulan for a while on the shooting range and can't get the FCS to apply lead consistently. I keep trying different things out and whatever I do, about one time in four, no lead is applied. What is the correct procedure to get the Ulan to apply lead every time? Many thanks. Chris. PS: I did a search before asking, and lots of interesting stuff on your implementation of the Ulan came up, just not this.
  10. We love screenshots

    Just a quick note that this bug was probably fixed on the last release as I have never had this happen since updating. You might see two vehicles overlapping in that scenario at the spawn point now and again, but never anything like this John Carpenter creation
  11. History of US Tanks.

    It's good to see the ADF is prepared to ford the many linear, concrete-lined ponds with convenient gradients either side that it will doubtless encounter in future AOs.
  12. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Following on from Maj. Hans observations, I obviously don't know how SB works internally, but, as a workaround, could you not make an MCLOS missile a flyable vehicle like a drone, only a lot faster and with a big tracking flare in the back, but with control only possible from the perspective of the magnified optics at the firing point?
  13. I think you'll enjoy this
  14. M1A1 Instant Action make playable

    You're not supposed to win them, true, but you can, if by winning we mean stopping the enemy until no more appear in sight. At least with the M1A2. That could probably be stopped (by Esim Games) by putting the spawn point somewhere where it can't be hit by direct fire through the woods, although it's possible lavish use of DPICM on its own on and around the spawn point could create a similar log jam. It's possible to deduce where the spawn point is by reviewing the AAR in World view. I know you know all that Grenny - this is for the new guy. Welcome by the way!
  15. Picking your fight?

    Dumb question, but other than the WW2 Grant CDL, did anyone ever deploy a strobe capability on a tank searchlight? I'm thinking that may have been harder to locate and shoot back at, especially if you had multiple vehicles using them for illumination.