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  1. That is superb! I knew about the Sperwer and UGV, but had no idea the Micro-UAV existed in game. I'll have fun checking that out tomorrow!
  2. Also the RBS-70 simulates Martlet well. Martlet is the slower, unitary warhead/proximity fuzed missile that uses the same launcher as Starstreak and is better versus drones which might otherwise pass between the pattern of three darts employed by Starstreak. Martlet has already been employed in Ukraine, from the single shoulder launched Starstreak CLU.
  3. I'm sure Mark has explained this workaround a million times, but using drones to call for artillery including precision (BONUS and SMArt) can be simulated by playing in Test mode and using "View" on the map. As long as you don't fly ridiculously fast, this mode can simulate a quadcopter type drone with daylight CCD TV and thermal imaging. Overfly the target and read off the coordinates from the top left hand of the screen. You can call for a fire mission without even coming out of view. The only snags are: 1. View cannot look directly down, but you soon acquire a knack for deducing when you are directly over the target. 2. You often can't see that you have damaged a vehicle (particularly at night). Sometimes I cheat by lowering the drone/view to see if I can still hear the vehicle's engine. 3. You can't drop modified RKG-3 and PG-7 grenades from view.
  4. Unless this has been implemented whilst I was away, I would like artillery fire to leave some trace on the ground where it impacts that stays there for the rest of the game. This would better allow fire correction as well as help with immersion.
  5. 1, Please extend range of Spike SR to 2000 metres for latest version. 2. The latest lightweight Javelin CLU (which has a variety of features including target location, higher fidelity sensor, constant loom and "fast lock")plus range of 4.500 metres for missiles launched from it. It has also been tested with the FIM-92J proximity fuzed Stinger SAM. 3. Aerovironment Switchblade 300 and 600. Thank you!
  6. DPICM for 120mm mortars. The Swiss had these. 120mm MP-98, each containing 32 submunitions
  7. Vehicle positions with a bottom that is horizontal regardless of the gradient they are dug on. This could be an option as I know there may be times when you want additional gun depression.
  8. Sorry to be repetitive, but, pretty please? (photo copyright, my friend Herbert Fischer)
  9. To be fair, that was a preamble to asking for something
  10. I just hope I don't live long enough to see SB to become "Steel Swarming Suicide Drone", which is where reality is heading.
  11. I have been having a lot of fun with the 155mm intelligent submunition rounds. I can only say that (from open sources at least) their modelling is really great and the end results in using them on different targets in different circumstances are exactly what I (as a layman) would expect. Visually they are wonderfully modelled too. One thing I would like though is the option of fuzing on the HE rounds so that rather than the 50/50 air/groundburst, we could select all air, all ground point detonating or all fractional delay.
  12. All of this really. Friends will know that I'm pretty much obsessed with the Swiss military 1946-89 and the Swiss were very infantry-centric in their approach to spatial defence. It would work so much better with all of the upgrades Grenny suggests. At the moment infantry are essentially often highly visible static targets for AFV gunners. Also the ability for infantry to displace under cover between alternate fighting positions and to lay mines in game and fell trees across tracks etc. would be great. I can't say that without thanking the devs for the great improvements already made. They're much appreciated!
  13. I suspect, as Austria is a great customer for SB, that this vehicle will not be long in arriving.
  14. It's a bit more nuanced than that though, isn't it? Basically you have two kinds of work, or rather two kinds of deliverables - what the customer wants (or you think they or other customers will want) and the "labour of love" things that are created by devs in their own time plus volunteers. Any request for the former is pointless unless the request aligns with customer requests or your perception of your market's needs/desires. The latter is down to the good will of those concerned, but I suspect they will (quite rightly!) prioritise their own wish lists. Therefore I have no expectation that things I ask for will happen, but I am delighted when they do (APDS-T for the Luchs and BONUS/SMArt 155 rounds for example).
  15. I do that and it's a good workaround. Thank you, stormrider.
  16. ATGMs are one of the things I enjoy most in SB and the tutorial document is superb.
  17. Most desired (and hopefully simple to implement) single feature would simply be to be able to specify more than one type of AT weapon per squad/section and to specify how many each soldier gets rather than having just the squad leader shoot.
  18. Cannister is like a shotgun in that it starts to spread from the muzzle. It typically uses spherical shot. Example US M1028 120mm. Beehive uses flechettes and typically (as in the US 105mm howitzer M546 APERS-T and M494 APERS-T for the M68 105mm tank gun) uses a time fuze (in this case mechanical) to set where it starts to disperse. In both these cases the fuze is capable of muzzle action, so the round doubles as a (presumably less efficient) cannister projectile. There are quite a few full calibre time-fused rounds out there now which don't use flechettes and are effectively time fuzed HE-FRAG. For example the Israeli 105mm APAM-MP-T M117/1 for the M68 105mm. This can function in timed airburst, superfast impact and fractional delay after impact modes. The 120mm equivalent is the M339.
  19. I'd like it on some of the in game 4x4s, but the M38A1C jeep would be ideal for many, many countries. Also the M79 monowheel mount in dismounted format and, in an ideal world, the Austrian towed carriage.
  20. I have just been playing with the BONUS EFP submunition projectile, IEDs as a surrogate for the Swiss PSD-75 pre-positioned demolition/cratering device and the M40A1 recoilless rifle. All are absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much for adding all of these to the game. They really add to my enjoyment.
  21. Thank you for this tutorial. It was really helpful! Also thanks again to the devs for the fantastic job they did of the M40A1 - I'm really hoping for M38A1C Jeep and dismounted (M79) and, if possible the Austrian towed versions. 1
  22. Even that is great. I hope it makes it to some of the other 4x4 soft skins in game.
  23. M40A1 = great for period Swiss and Austrian scenarios! Is it going to be only vehicle mounted or will you have the M79 monowheel and/or Austrian pneumatic tyred towed versions too?
  24. OK, I understand the abstraction thing I doubt it's trained practice to shoot through foliage with HEP, but odd things happen and if you came across a bunker covered with light branches or you had run out of APDS-T and you caught a T-54 behind some foliage at close range, I'm guessing you would probably choose HEP over HEAT. Late edit: SB always makes you think. I just had an M60A3 run out of all other ammo and shoot WP at an enemy tank. Nothing much happened, but it's an entirely realistic thing to happen that I had never considered!
  25. Hi there. I've had a few instances of HEP from an M60A1 when it hits small branches etc. I though this type of round had a base fuse and would only activate after an interval that allowed the warhead to flatten against the target. Something fairly substantial other than steel or concrete, such as hitting solid earth, would still activate the fuse, but not a twig, for example.
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