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  1. I'd like it on some of the in game 4x4s, but the M38A1C jeep would be ideal for many, many countries. Also the M79 monowheel mount in dismounted format and, in an ideal world, the Austrian towed carriage.
  2. I have just been playing with the BONUS EFP submunition projectile, IEDs as a surrogate for the Swiss PSD-75 pre-positioned demolition/cratering device and the M40A1 recoilless rifle. All are absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much for adding all of these to the game. They really add to my enjoyment.
  3. Thank you for this tutorial. It was really helpful! Also thanks again to the devs for the fantastic job they did of the M40A1 - I'm really hoping for M38A1C Jeep and dismounted (M79) and, if possible the Austrian towed versions. 1
  4. Even that is great. I hope it makes it to some of the other 4x4 soft skins in game.
  5. M40A1 = great for period Swiss and Austrian scenarios! Is it going to be only vehicle mounted or will you have the M79 monowheel and/or Austrian pneumatic tyred towed versions too?
  6. OK, I understand the abstraction thing I doubt it's trained practice to shoot through foliage with HEP, but odd things happen and if you came across a bunker covered with light branches or you had run out of APDS-T and you caught a T-54 behind some foliage at close range, I'm guessing you would probably choose HEP over HEAT. Late edit: SB always makes you think. I just had an M60A3 run out of all other ammo and shoot WP at an enemy tank. Nothing much happened, but it's an entirely realistic thing to happen that I had never considered!
  7. Hi there. I've had a few instances of HEP from an M60A1 when it hits small branches etc. I though this type of round had a base fuse and would only activate after an interval that allowed the warhead to flatten against the target. Something fairly substantial other than steel or concrete, such as hitting solid earth, would still activate the fuse, but not a twig, for example.
  8. ChrisWerb


    There's a really good manual for it in the SBWiki, even if the author is a bit dodgy!
  9. I returned to edit the post having thought of that, and you'd already picked up my error. Instead can we please just have the ability to set the turret to train to rear (not locked there) for transit?
  10. Ability to lock barrel in transit position (in most cases with turret facing to rear) for scenarios where friendlies are required to retreat through other units.
  11. Is lead a thing that is separate from the computer and can be set to non operational?
  12. Ability to set how many of each infantry section/squad have AT weapons, of which type and in what quantity.
  13. Thank you, Mark. If you ever change your mind, you will be most welcome there.
  14. Hi guys. A few months ago, I set up a Swiss Cold War Defence Facebook Group which does pretty much what it says on the tin. You (or at least any of you who find this arcane subject interesting) are all most welcome to join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/687242395509711 After my pleading with him for a couple of weeks, my friend Walter set up an excellent Austrian equivalent which is slowly taking off. https://www.facebook.com/groups/495917868493348 Steel Beasts gets mentions on both, of course! Many thanks Chris
  15. Is a multidemensional target one that exists in more than one dimension? That would be most targets, I guess....
  16. A friend described it as "Super Mario with tanks" I have to fess up to 15 kills with a German TD, but the Stug III rather than the Hetzer (this was quite a few years ago - I haven't been near WoT since I got SB).
  17. I know it's been said a million times and that it's not a primary focus of SB, but just making infantry participation more realistic in a number of ways would greatly add to the enjoyment of SB. I'm going to post this just to keep the dream alive 1) Infantry fighting positions of varying degrees of hardness and permanence, with and without overhead cover. Also to house support weapons. Also the ability to internally reinforce houses with sandbags etc. 2) Varying degrees of concealment settable for all infantry in all positions. 3) The ability of infantry to pop up, shoot, for
  18. You can partially get around the AI/cooperation EW problem by simply giving each mini suicide drone a counter so the first drone attacks the first drone it finds and drone No 100 the 100th. Something like this was done with the Brimstone air launched ATGW many years ago - the missiles have an algorithm to prevent them going after the same target but do not network.
  19. Time to fess up! How many of you boot up Mission Editor and just take one of the hyperrealistic vehicles on a spin around the gorgeous maps? I never tire of this and particularly love watching the realistic suspension movement over the improved "bumpy" terrain and the clouds of dust vehicles throw up out on the savannah. I love to set up improvised firing ranges watch tanks shoot and the dust they throw up too - a lot of time, energy and love went into making that experience so visually and audibly realistic. I get that "new car feeling" everytime I see the start menu appear on my screen. No o
  20. I really enjoy the snarkiness, toxic masculinity and Type A behaviour that prevail here because I don't get them in my highly feminised and PC working environments. I love the humour too PS: If, as I suspect, the Australian taxpayer footed the bill for SMArt to be added to SB, then many thanks to gibsonm and the ADF presence here for the upgrade!
  21. I really love everything you've added (late edit: the top attack 155mm projectile was top of my wish list!) ! Can I just ask if the "target fixation" bug has been fixed for the Spike series missiles and whether you have had the time to randomise the points of impact of the image seeking ATGWs a bit so that Spike doesn't almost always fail to kill the T-14 and the Javelin almost always kills it? My testing (lots of it) found that Spike always hit from the same vertical angle whereas Javelin always hit the same physical point on the enemy vehicle regardless of the azimuth from which it was lau
  22. Sorry Breakthrough. When I first read your post, it didn't have the bold bits in it and it just said "generate" which I took to mean called for. I didn't realise you meant generate organically. Again, looking back at your edited post, I see you had the same result I had and your explanation is extremely logical. Thank you!
  23. Thank you, TSe419E, that is exactly what I wanted. 👍
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