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  1. Moving to support forum for further questions.
  2. How close do near misses have to be for a PC to count as under fire for the purposes of pre-programmed infantry disembarkation and does this also include fire that could not disable the vehicle - rifle calibre small arms, claymores etc.? Does an adjacent vehicle hitting a mine or being taken out by direct fire count?
  3. ChrisWerb

    AGL M383HE

    Could part of the fix please either be to make the default round HEDP or provide an initial choice of HEDP or HE or a user defined number of boxes of each?
  4. Give Rotareneg a coconut! It is indeed an instant action scenario with the M1A2 MBT. I manage to "win" that one every three attempts or so. I put down very slow firing, long duration DPICM (one or two tubes firing one or two rounds a minute into a 100x400 impact area at 0 deg.) to disrupt the enemy behind the wood to the North East and then keep firing through the trees with my sights set to about 2850M until I see impact flashes, secondaries or smoke. I then aim to the right of the estimated position of the KO'd vehicle and slowly move my sights back and forth killing or imobilising more and more vehicles until it causes a road block. I then pour on the DPICM. What I'm guessing here is that I killed something too close to or on a spawn point.
  5. Are the items marked "PV4" some sort of armour or just weights to simulate its effect on vehicle performance etc?
  6. I'm not a programmer, but could you have a system whereby all the detailed stuff only actually exists in World if a unit is within a certain distance of it? Also, could you exclude very small or thin objects like fences, lamp posts, electricity poles etc. from line of sight calculations for non infantry units?
  7. I asked for this and it was discussed in some depth a while back. The problem (paraphrasing an offline discussion with Ssnake), essentially is there are only one tree and two randomly placed terrain objects allowed per terrain hex (the terrain objects the AI can see through, but human players can't). They could make the hexes smaller but that would result in lots more trees and every tree needs imposes an LOS calculation burden for all units - this would grow immensely with thicker, tank-stopping forests. I am sure this problem will be overcome somehow at some point in the future.
  8. That's not a happy equation to think of when flying on a commercial airliner.
  9. The above seems a strange post for SB Content Wishlist
  10. Hi. I have had a few incidents in game that have led me to believe that the AI enemy can sometimes see through trees (even significant depths into forests) that a human gunner cannot see through. I know that minor terrain objects do not block AI line of sight due to the computational burden this would impose, but can the AI see straight through trees in game? (Either the forest type or individual/clustered trees)
  11. Agreed that infantry are fun to play and add a lot to the sim. Apocalypse 31, this may be heresy, but have you looked at "Squad"? I have only watched videos of it and it looks (to my civilian eye) more realistic in gameplay and effects than ARMA. My only gripe with it is the unrealistic speed at which sandbagged fortifications can be built.
  12. Hi, I read back in the mid 80s in David Isby's Armies of NATO's Central front that the Carl Gustaf 84mm was only issued for firing illuminating rounds by the Bundeswehr (although mountain troops may have used a wider range of ammunition). On another forum a poster informed me this is still the case, although a new launcher has just been adopted that will probably displace it in this role. Do I take it that the M2 was issued one per platoon, for illumination only, for its entire career in the BW, or was it relegated to this role after the Pzf-44 became the section/squad AT weapon? Also did Germany ever adopt a disposible AT launcher (other than for SF) in the post war period?
  13. Yes, you need to "keep it real". Perhaps it could be optionally limited in future? It would be nice if the number of infantry weapons/rounds/natures carried could be user-defined as per the loadout for the vehicle's own mounted weapons/dischargers. Not a priority perhaps, but a "nice to have" feature.
  14. The return and reload whilst displacing facility is VERY handy.
  15. How many times will infantry MILAN teams etc. returning to IFV/APC reload? Do the vehicles carry limited or infinite ammunition for them?
  16. Point taken. I admit I wasn't aware you could break off a section/fire team commander and move him/her independently. Nor was I aware that you could blow up a civilian vehicle - clearly nor were some other players from some of the responses above. The workaround you came up with of planting an IED and triggering it to explode and the military vehicle to be destroyed when in close proximity works well up to a point but relies on the target being in a position predicted at the scenario design (though you can always include multiple trigger points). I still think the Crawl to cursor command and explode (military) vehicle options would probably be simple to add and would benefit game play. The majority of the rest of what I asked for does not already exist. When I come up with things, I try to take the following into account. 1. Ratio of how useful it would be vs time/effort put in to create it. I might love to see a crewable Ikv-91 tank destroyer and a Japanese Type 61 MBT, but how much would they actually get used compared to the effort involved in creating them? I would really like to have a German Puma IFV, but AFAIK no country that pays Defence funds to ESimGames has yet adopted it, it hasn't participated in any conflicts and it would be a ton of work to create. 2. CPU speed penalties. We had this in the discussion over realistically dangerous/obstructive forests and WMD/nukes. Anything that adds large numbers of objects or effects to existing objects to the simulation will have an exponential effect on CPU usage. 3. Disk space - Ssnake's observations on the astronomical amount of space taken up by LIDAR mapping data cover this well. 4. Is this covered by a known issue - especially one that's already being worked on? Sometimes I don't know this in advance, but it covers such things as lack of "impenetrable" forest, 20x139 HEI-T over-lethality vs troops, helicopter damage model etc. all of which are being/will eventually be sorted or are what they are for reasons that aren't going to change soon (see 2. and 3.)/.. That's why I try to come up with things that appear easy to implement and I feel would add to immersion and/or gameplay, like a HEAT or HEDP rifle grenade ammo nature for the RG functionality, a suppressed position for infantry and a Shoot here functionality for hand held anti armour weapons. None involve creating anything huge and complex, a great CPU burden or a massive usage of data storage and none are (AFAIK) affected by ongoing bug rectification work or are otherwise impractical.
  17. Is there a way to set the default size of the font to the smallest possible?
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