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  1. I never read Team Yankee, but did cringe and groan my way through Coyle's epic The Ten Thousand . I think the latter deserves an award for the least plausible premise for a war novel set in the post WW2 era, with the possible exception of Tom Clancy's Debt of Honor.
  2. Alleged Kornet hit on uparmoured M60/Sabra. I have seen unuparmoured vehicles in news footage too.
  3. WoT is (or was, until recently) highly entertaining and, having played getting on for 17,000 battles in it, I think I'm allowed to find it and a lot of the memes there funny. I certainly don't intend to personally insult anyone or players there generically.
  4. Given the number of players and wide variation in quality of connections, is this something that happens often?
  5. I could be mistaken, but this looks like CROWS 2. I think these are currently being taken off the M1A2SEP with the intention of replacing them with LP CROWS. In that case there would not be a lot of point in modelling them in the game as they were only on the vehicles for a very short time and I doubt they actually got used in any conflict during this time.
  6. Optional Waste of Time mode with supporting wav files: Contact, pay to winner, front, wait, out. Gunner, fire, fire gold! Owned! Gold up! Gold noob, left, gunner engage On the way! Bounced! Re-engage! He is at [insert %] Cloaking device is down! Our tank has exploded - bail out! Cheater! Camper! Gold noob! Noob team! Debil! Clicker! Looser! <sic> Monkeys! I am [insert sex act] your mother. Report! Uninstall! Go play Tetris!
  7. I haven't even installed SB yet, but a few that would presumably be not too hard to implement which come to mind are. 1. A driver in the G-wagen/Wolf and civilian car. Seeing driverless vehicles moving around is an immersion kill. 2. Crew for mortar carriers - even if they kept still. 3. Crew for BM-21 as above. 4. BM-21 firing signature. 5. Polaris ATV in 4x4 and 6x6 with optional trailer capability to move mortars up to 81mm, MMG and HMG (mounted in some cases) and ATGW on it, resupply infantry ammo, carry mines and demolitions etc. 6. Off route mine plan
  8. I occasionally suffer from a spate of short (1-3 minute) internet outages. We are trying to get to the bottom of this with our service provider (BT) and I would stay away from MP if I knew this was likely to happen. However, if you temporarily lose internet connection, what do you have to do to reconnect and how long does this typically take?
  9. The amount of work for one individual in creating this amazing map is mind boggling. i really love the signs!
  10. I have no military background, but I can't recall seeing an SB video where I didn't understand what was going on. I could see the use of acronyms being a barrier to some new players' understanding, but I'm sure they're all in the copious amount of documentation provided here somewhere. I know the NATO map symbology is. All good things have a threshold and a threshold fear - if you want to scuba dive, there's a lot to learn, but the payoff is amazing. I think SB is analagous to that, but with a lot more technical and procedural stuff and motor skills to learn, but with the enormous benefit that
  11. Years ago I recall a debate about the merits of battle drills over on tank-net. What I took away from it was essentially that battle drills are good in that they cut down on what you need to train/learn and that everyone can theoretically rely on everyone else to follow the optimum doctrinally mandated response very rapidly in a given set of circumstances. The flip side of that is that the enemy can learn your doctrine and anticipate your reaction. Sometimes (and I am sure you have experienced this many times) not following the manual and doing something a little off the wall in response to an
  12. I hate most things wireless for that and other reasons. Fortunately we don't live too close to any electric cattle fencing anymore! We've had serious RFI issues with them pre-bluetooth.
  13. I had assumed the YouTube videos were from Commander's perspective, but looking back, it was often human gunner and AI commander, so you are definitely right (as I would expect!).
  14. Thank you kingtiger. I usually stick to defaults to ensure consistency with training material etc. and so I don't screw up team mates in games should they ask me what the keystroke for something is.
  15. Hi GibsonM. What i was seeing in the videos was "re-engage" being called when the target needed to be re-engaged. It was not clear to me whether it was the gunner calling that he was re-engaging or the commander was giving the order with the command and associated audible .wav file (or whatever) being initiated by a keystroke.
  16. Thank you Lumi. You are correct. In retrospect, I neglected to give the context - sorry!
  17. I'm pretty overwhelmed by all the offers of help and inclusion. I can't wait to get everything together - the PC will be ordered Monday a.m. as will SB. Can anyone recommend a good headset for SB? Question: In the Leo2A5 tutorial .pdf there is mention of a CANCEL key. The closest key to that description I can think of on a PC keyboard is BACKSPACE and that's used to set to battlesight.
  18. Thank you very much everyone. This is proving to be a very welcoming community.
  19. Thank you for the offers of help, but I would guess it would be the weekend after next, at best, before I have all the hardware and software in place and week after that to become competent in a vehicle, so I will be up for some team training in about a fortnight if the offers still stand.
  20. Well, considering I have been staying up night after night until well after midnight for weeks now watching one and a half hour long SB battle/AAR videos, I hardly think you have a tough job on your hands swordsmanDK
  21. I have already issued Stuart with call-up papers It wasn't so much the rudeness in WoT as I could give as good as I received and it could be amusing on occasions. It was the sheer unreality of the game which got progressively worse over time as they deleted realism features to try to keep games under three minutes long. For instance, perfect "hover tank" fire on the move capability was billed as an improvement, leading to what were essentially two-dimensional air battles. On the realism front with SB, my only real criticism (other than a few frequently voiced here and which Ssna
  22. Can AVLBs retrieve bridges as well as lay them?
  23. Thank you guys and already in the Starter Pack Gibsonm. I know this will sound lame, but it is all really interesting to me. However I am really drawn to mech infantry and ATGW team roles and "steam" gunnery using older Soviet MBTs. The level of authenticity in SB in simulating gunnery systems (including progressively degraded reversionary modes) is simply awesome and will be a lot of fun to learn. Air defence, FO, engineer, logistics, recovery, resupply, medical etc. all look interesting too. How do you allocate players to these supporting arms? It would be relatively uninteresting to be in t
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