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  1. Thank you for the offers of help, but I would guess it would be the weekend after next, at best, before I have all the hardware and software in place and week after that to become competent in a vehicle, so I will be up for some team training in about a fortnight if the offers still stand.
  2. Well, considering I have been staying up night after night until well after midnight for weeks now watching one and a half hour long SB battle/AAR videos, I hardly think you have a tough job on your hands swordsmanDK
  3. I have already issued Stuart with call-up papers It wasn't so much the rudeness in WoT as I could give as good as I received and it could be amusing on occasions. It was the sheer unreality of the game which got progressively worse over time as they deleted realism features to try to keep games under three minutes long. For instance, perfect "hover tank" fire on the move capability was billed as an improvement, leading to what were essentially two-dimensional air battles. On the realism front with SB, my only real criticism (other than a few frequently voiced here and which Ssnake intends to fix with the new terrain engine) is that, when shooting, if you kill something, you get an audible "Target!", whereas, in reality, you would presumably keep shooting until the target either burned, exploded or changed shape. This will probably be in at least one of the excellent supporting documents/tutorials, but, with a twin monitor set-up, is it possible to have it so that the map is permanently displayed on your 2nd monitor regardless of what you are doing in the sim? So that your 2nd monitor effectively becomes a battle management system terminal? I know that would not be realistic for vehicles earlier than M1A2 and late model CV90s, but it would still be awesome when permitted.
  4. Can AVLBs retrieve bridges as well as lay them?
  5. Thank you guys and already in the Starter Pack Gibsonm. I know this will sound lame, but it is all really interesting to me. However I am really drawn to mech infantry and ATGW team roles and "steam" gunnery using older Soviet MBTs. The level of authenticity in SB in simulating gunnery systems (including progressively degraded reversionary modes) is simply awesome and will be a lot of fun to learn. Air defence, FO, engineer, logistics, recovery, resupply, medical etc. all look interesting too. How do you allocate players to these supporting arms? It would be relatively uninteresting to be in the REME LAD if you just had to control one ARV for an entire game, but if you were also doing air defence, engineering, resupply and medical you might even end up with task overload on occasions.
  6. Hello! I an British (English, living in Orkney, Scotland) and have no military background, but I am fairly up with military technology and tactics (tank-net poster for about 20 years) and have done a bit of wargaming. I also had a reasonably good ranking in Waste of Time (player name Meadowside), but have uninstalled it through sheer irritation with its total unreality. I should have a PC capable of running PE 4.0 within a couple of weeks and will be getting the full (dongle) licence. I have watched endless SB videos including all the 4.0 ones) on YouTube and lurked here for a while and am very impressed. Given the effort that obviously goes into creating multiplayer scenarios, I really do not want to turn up and screw up everyone's game. Since I do not know well in advance which vehicle will most likely be used, which ones would you advise me to learn first? Also how do I evidence the level of competence I have achieved in training/learning to the scenario designer or the person running the team/community so that they can decide whether and/or where to let me take part?
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