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  1. Another tiny change that would make a big difference. Have commanders choose kinetic rather than chemical energy main gun rounds when targeting HAPCs/HIFVs like the BMP-Armata T-15. Effectively classify them as tanks rather than PCs. At the moment they switch from fin to HEAT which is next to useless against the T-15 with centre mass aim.
  2. That's a huge part of the fun of SB and I'm glad you enjoy that as much as I do What you are doing seems similar to what the SADF did with Ratel's back in the 80s. https://samilhistory.com/2016/03/01/sadf-ratel-ifv-taking-out-a-soviet-t-54-tank-in-close-combat/ Re GibsonMs excellent advice re flanking. If possible, I go a step further and let the enemy pass me then hit them from behind from reverse slope positions that enable pop up tactics and an escape route. I try to position to hit them from at least two locations 45 degrees off their rear so that even if they tu
  3. Hi. I can't find the 2S6 skin anywhere in the Desert or Woodland folders. I'd really like to work on that one as my first attempt. Many thanks. Chris.
  4. Hi, this is great and I'm probably just being thick as usual, but I can't see anything obviously new in the release notes. At the front it says existing stuff highlighted in yellow, but when I read it I see lots of stuff I was already aware of unhighlighted. How can I deduce what is new?
  5. Something we are lacking is western IFVs and APcs with ATGW mounted on them. American and Soviet/Russian vehicles tend to have this. I know a demountable MILAN launcher on the Marder has been asked for a lot and I would love to see that, but I would also like to see RWS that can handle them given the option of Javelin and/or Spike launchers and, for the RWS to be enabled to fit the CV90 series vehicles and perhaps the Ulhan/Pizarro. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who would love to see the Puma modelled as a playable vehicle, but I understand that may not be the highest priority at the mome
  6. JIM-LR fits into the category of "infuriatingly realistic" which you will often encounter in SB
  7. I actually love the DF30 for all its faults and the JIM-LR so much that I wrote the SB manual for it - the DF90 much less so. They're vehicles that were appropriate for the real world scenarios for which they were purchased at the time and would be near ideal for the kind of situations currently faced by French forces in Mali, for example. As I understand it, both will be replaced by French "Jaguar" 6x6 recce vehicles that will feature a 40mm CTA cannon and two launchers for the MMP dual mode networked ATGM. With Spike you need to be aware that there is a known bug that results in
  8. Some "In an ideal world" wishes: 1. I understand the reason why infantry can only use their 40mm UGLs by direct player control, but I'd like to see an "Enable autonomous use of GLs" option. Furthermore I'd like: 2. The ability to dictate the scale of issue of GLs per infantry section/squad selectable from 0-3. 3. The ability to choose whether squad GLs are single or six shot or better still the number of each. 4. Ammo selection for GLs to include HEDP 5. Rifle grenades - somewhat more powerful but less accurate and shorter ranged than 40mm, but with more effect - sele
  9. Beautiful, if slightly anachronistic in some cases Your Apache looks like a Japanese example.
  10. Most sources I've seen say they were delivered 1976-78.
  11. Hi Dejawolf. Can I please request a new skin for the temperate climate, green scheme for the 2S6 SPAAG/SAM system? There are so many really beautiful vehicles in the Soviet/Russian lineup now that the 2S6 is looking a little bit "cartoony" by comparison. Many thanks. Late edit: Apologies Dejawolf. I just saw the tutorial. I won't waste your time and will have a go at this myself following the excellent tutorial over Christmas. Thanks again!
  12. I'm not sure what the OP's level of interest in the area SB covers is, but SB has been my best value for money leisure purchase of all time. Besides the Harpoon/CMANO/CMO series, there is nothing out there with the level of depth and endless capacity to reconfigure and get new play value out of all the time. I'd also characterise some of the recent improvements as "fantastic" rather than "nice"
  13. The two of you have done an amazing job. The other day I was watching a Youtube video of real life Japanese MBTs on exercise and found myself repeatedly trying to move the view around to get better angles. That's largely down to your work!
  14. Me, obsessive? Guilty as charged! 😛 Seriously though, a lot of these discussions boil down to someone claiming something and posting a few screen captures. The devs then ask for more substantial proof and all they get back is a lot of undeserved antagonistic text thrown at them. I don't get antagonistic and I provide the data requested, even if it takes me A LOT of time to put it together. The 25 shot x2 test involved running two scenarios 50 times and collating the data. I also really appreciate the work Volcano and the team put into SB and I have constantly sung its (and by impli
  15. Javelin vs Spike MR 25 hits Detailed report..xlsxJavelin vs Spike MR 25 hits Detailed report..xlsxJavelin vs Spike MR 25 hits Detailed report..xlsxJavelin vs Spike MR 25 hits Detailed report..xlsxHere (attached) is the detailed 25 round F8 view test you (Volcano) rightly claimed would be a lot more illuminating. Detailed methodology is in a paragraph at the start of the report. For those who don't want to read the report, both systems were amazingly consistent. Spike MR did not achieve a kill, but took out the main gun with almost every round and the radio with every round, but did little else
  16. Hi Volcano Yes, I twigged the vagueness of the HTML report issue going over the reports vs AARs this morning For the purpose of investigating this issue, the combination of AAR and HTML is indeed flawed vs screen capturing the damage from F8 view in game, but it is good enough to reveal a 63% vs <1% kill rate disparity. I really appreciate your time and explanations and I hope you accept that my tone is never adversarial and often praises your work, which I often think is little short of uncanny in depicting reality. I also understand that you are being consistent in applying
  17. I've done a bit more testing. I had a lot of failures in my methodology and had to keep refining it. I'm not claiming it's perfect and I'm including all the files so you can see what I did. I placed the 100 fully operational and bombed-up, but blind Armatas in groups of 5 around the edge of the map. I then set up 10 missile teams with Spike MR toward the middle of the map with their defend priority arcs angled outward radially toward the vehicles. I watched one of the teams engage 12 times using unlimited ammo and an AI gunner to ensure I had at least 100 launches without having t
  18. OK, I did some more testing and got what to me are some really surprising results. I created a fully bombed up, but "blind" group of 100 Armatas pointing in pseudo random directions and shot at them 100 times with Javelin, Spike MR and Spike LR with unlimited ammo, counting to 100 with time set to x10. Results are still in the "statistics of small numbers" realm, but seem to bear out Volcano's observation about the Spike LR having a different trajectory resulting in a different and more effective impact angle. Remember this is for 100 shots fired. Javelin, damaging "hi
  19. OK, when I get a moment I'll re-do the test with 100 fully bombed-up, "blind" Armatas at various angles and ranges and use the AI gunner for Javelin, Spike LR, Spike MR, AT-14 and TOW 2A and B RF Aero. That will make for an interesting comparison of contemporary systems.
  20. I didn't know there was such a thing as blind status. I'll re do the test over the weekend. I can't see it would have made much of a difference in outcome to the test though given the impact point of the missiles and the design of the Armata. The disparity definitely occurred in games with fully bombed up vehicles with operational Afganit too.
  21. Hi. I have been having a lot of fun creating and playing scenarios/missions trying to come with mixes of weapons and tactics that work against the Armata, and I've discovered a huge disparity in lethality between the Spike LR and the Javelin vs the Armata. Scenario 1. I manually aimed and fired one Spike at each of 50 Armatas, immobilised by damaging both tracks, without Afghanit and with ammo removed. There were 50 hits. All 50 took out the radio and one took out a vehicle's FCS. Scenario 2. Because I find using the Javelin so tedious (and it
  22. I ended up with crazy high hit percentages like that in Instant Action with the M1A2 in 4.0 as enemy vehicles (sometimes over 100 of them) piled up behind the trees. One of the less mentioned improvements in 4.1 is the Instant Action scenarios are now MUCH more challenging.
  23. Sorry, Dejawolf. I know Ssnake is (justifiably) reticent about discussing his business model, but I always assumed that, besides community sourced material like tutorials and skins, everything in SB was made by paid staff and therefore bore a significant cost to ESim Games. Do I understand from the above that Al Delaney's accessibility of vehicle implementation work made it possible for unpaid community members to get involved in implementing new, non-crewable vehicles, or doing the non programming work in creating crewable ones? If so, I'd love to have a go at that.
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