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  1. It's a form of camouflage - the position is disguised as an oasis
  2. Remember that artillery systems minimum ranges are also modelled in SB. The GMLRS has a minimum range of 15km in real life, so presumably the legacy unguided rounds provided for the MLRS in SB have a pretty significant minimum range too. I ran into this problem which a user kindly pointed out to me when using Assegai rounds from an in-game Pzh 2000 in one of my own scenarios. Another reason your mission is stuck at awaiting permission can be that there are insufficient tubes or MRLs available at that moment due to being committed to other fire missions or (I believe, where off map artillery is
  3. I haven't played with map editor yet (in three years!). How tightly can you define the area of terrain subject to low traction?
  4. We have seen that the AHEAD round from the CV9035 series can destroy optical sensors on an MBT, effectively blinding it. Would there be scope for a 120mm AHEAD round to blind an enemy tank and perhaps destroy its APS launchers? As it would be much larger, it could use a directional laser proximity fuse and therefore overcome the need for an induction fuse setter either internally or at the muzzle. The same round would make a useful unitary inert projectile against APCs etc. by turning off the fuse prior to loading.
  5. OK, I'm hoping that, programming-wise, this is not too big an ask and might be valuable to military customers. I'd like to see artillery in the off map support menu made more varied in type and effects. This is a Western-centric suggestion by a non professional. Some of these settings would be selectable by FO and others in mission editor. Basic calibres: 60mm, 81/82mm and 120mm mortar and 105mm. 122mm, 152mm and 155mm tube artillery. Rates of fire: Fast (but limited duration), Fast autoloader (also limited duration), standard, H&I. Projectiles: Mortar: HE
  6. And we end up with a tiny number of weird, boutique tanks that have to be maintained well into the future...
  7. I sent you my first take at a manual for the JIM-LR via email. I hope it's not too far off the mark.
  8. How do you focus the JIM-LR? (late edit. it's the Num decimal point) Does logging in to the SB Wiki allow me to edit it. Sadly, I forgot my SB forum password ages ago, stay logged-in, and would need a reset to edit if that's the case.
  9. Sorry to bring this up as a necro thread, but I've just done an artillery FO test scenario. First I equipped my FO team with JIM-LR but when I went F7 then F2, I got a generic LRF and NV combination. I then tried an infantry scout team also JIM-LR equipped and deleted their NVGs, That time just got generic binoculars with mil scale. The JIM-LR is not on the Alt-C controls list. How do I get my troops to use it?
  10. I take it that the AI would add whatever super-elevation for range was needed automatically? That seems the most logical way forward, rather than having to have a plethora of different reticles.
  11. In RL some APS (including Afganit) will also mitigate APFSDS-T (at least at longer ranges, given the system must have a minimum reaction time), by causing them to yaw. I guess it's time for me to see if that's modelled in SB
  12. Not a nice thing about 4.1 per se, but about Steel Beasts. Every time I try to take a short cut or do something I think is tactically inadvisable, usually out the desire to get a scenario where the main action has concluded over and done with, SB punishes me realistically and mercilessly. I just can't fault it in that respect. Also SB AI tank crews may be brain dead zombies, but the way they react realistically in some situations is little short of uncanny.
  13. I could imagine it working at greatly reduced range, if the grenade was of a type that was MUCH longer than standard and thus had a reduced range (although that would prevent its use by grenade launchers whose design placed a limit on cartridge OAL such as the M203.
  14. It's probably already been asked for many times, but I'd like the ability for the vehicle commander to get out of the vehicle, take a pair of binoculars and go and take a look at what's on the other side of the hill without having to crest it with the turret of the vehicle. I have no idea if that's doctrinally accurate - I'd just like to be able to do it.
  15. OK, noob question again, but is 40x46SR screening smoke actually a thing in real life? I could understand 40mm smoke for target indication in some circumstances, but a 40mm grenade's payload is so tiny that it would appear to be next to useless for screening purposes. I can find very little info on such rounds online.
  16. OK, I worked out what was happening. I don't see a rooster tail problem - or at least not this time around. The reason for the runaway turret was that, when the gun breaks lock, it reverts to being commanded manually. What I was doing was leaving the mouse cursor too far from the centre of the reticle whilst autotracking, causing the turret to slew wildly in whichever direction the cursor was situated relative to the reticle. Noob error.
  17. I just tried to get it to replicate on a flat map - it wouldn't recur. In the scenario where it happens there is a lot of dust thrown up by the crossing vehicles. I'm guessing that may have something to do with it. I'll try to get it to recurr in the original scenario tomorrow.
  18. A new "problem" with the (otherwise awesome) DF30. If I lock onto a relatively distant speeding, crossing target (in this case a technical or pickup) with autotracking and fire one round, the vehicle not only loses autotracking lock, but the turret rapidly traverses to the right. I can understand the breaking of lock, but the runaway turret seems odd behaviour.
  19. That would be brilliant. You can already do this with the UGL/GL at squad/section level, albeit without a proper sight, so I hope it would be easy to implement.
  20. I'm not trying to be awkward. What I'd like to see, by default, is that only weapons or ammunition natures that are advertised as being able to be fired from confined spaces (some of which are already represented in SB) can be fired from inside rooms/bunkers (possible exception cathedrals ). Better still would be a check box to allow firing of other natures from inside buildings, Isis-style, with an attendant danger to the firer and anyone close to them. Another check box for "AT gunner to go outside to fire" would be great too. A man can dream...
  21. Hi. I have emailed the original version with just PG-7L to Nils. I don't know how to upload, so perhaps he would be so kind as to do so?
  22. I managed to replicate the behaviour many times. Scenario and AAR files sent to your email. Subsequently I gave the infantry, RPG-22, RPG-29, RPG-7/PG-7N, Carl Gustav CG M2/FV551C, AT-4, AT-4CS and Pzf-3 (baseline) and all were fired from inside ground floor or 1st floor rooms of houses.
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