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  1. There are weapons using this principle that are advertised for confined space use, the Matador comes to mind as an example. The confined space capability is claimed in this manufacturer video. Others include the AT4CS series and at least one special round for the Carl Gustaf M1-4 series 84mm RRs - the HEAT 655 CS Ssnake, it wasn't much of a scenario. I wanted to test the Scimitar, so I used the Hanover (non bumpy) map and had the Scimitar intercept the BMP-1s in a small town. I managed to kill all three, but one infantryman escaped and made it into a house. He turned out to be an
  2. Hi. I just had a Scimitar taken out by a PG-7L round fired from inside a house*. I thought, in game, that only infantry weapons designed for use from inside buildings due to some form of countermass system or similar could be launched from inside buildings. So AT-4/M-136 would not be allowed, but AT4CS would be (but with a slight range penalty). If this is the case, what decides whether a system or round is indoor launch capable and where, if anywhere, is this information displayed? *Without equipping infantry with it, putting them in a structure and having a Red AFV (sans ammo)
  3. Simulation fidelity has come a long way in 27 years
  4. These kits were definitely in use on M113s in use with the USAF for base defence at RAF Alconbury, UK in 1992, and possibly much earlier. I remember seeing a couple of them there. That would make for a really esoteric/obscure scenario, but they did exist. Something similar still does, or did, until quite recently, albeit in Iraq. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:USAF_M113_in_Iraq.JPG
  5. Many years ago, I asked a Dutch friend if there was any truth in the story that copper wire was the invention of two Dutchmen fighting over a 1 Cent coin. He responded; "Just think what pretty wire we'll make when we get the Euro!"
  6. Being married to a Dutch person (from Goes, Zeeland) myself, this tickled me Mercedes-Benz, met een grote Nederlandse vestiging in Utrecht, legde een prijs neer die 40 procent goedkoper is voor een kwalitatief vergelijkbare auto.
  7. I also found the ToyguyVT tutorial videos you linked to in your "Starter Pack" really helpful - I found them particularly so with the control logic - although old now (2011), they really helped flesh out the manual for me. PS: If you start with these, it's necessary to work your way through all of them because the next one in the series usually contains useful corrections and clarifications from the SB Forum.
  8. You can literally define a map area? So you only see what's happening at the end of one valley, for example? Late edit: "Exclude out of view events". Excellent! Thank you.
  9. Something I always find is that, regardless of the size of scenario I create, I am always personally responsible for a high proportion (always >30% and sometimes up to 70%) of the kills my side inflicts. I think that just reflects that a human is better than AI, but I'm assuming there is an element of deliberate manipulation of AI intelligence to ensure that human users get the most training value out of SB. And of course, it could just be my own crappy scenario design...
  10. OK, this would be gilding the lilly but I have to ask. I'd like to see the ability to view the events in an AAR for only a user-defined map area, so you could review each geographical subset of a larger battle at a time.
  11. Very nice and much appreciated. It would be great if you could turn it into something like Gibsonm described. Also, on the multiple choices, it would be good if you could make the choices all the same class of vehicle. MBT for example.
  12. Unless you were looking at the map through the periscope
  13. Sorry Grenny - re blast doors, that's why I said "entirety of" - of course there would be cases where the hull stowed rounds would already have been expended. I hadn't considered model fidelity. My bad.
  14. I'm not trying to stir things up, but, from a realism perspective, having received quite a few hits that took out my main gun ammunition stowage, in its entirety, in a variety of vehicles (Particularly M1xx. Leo2xx, Leo1xxm Marder and Piranha 3C DF30), I'm wondering what kind of real-world hit would take out the entirety of the ammunition stowage in any of those vehicles without killing the vehicle and its crew (possible exception DF30) outright.
  15. Instant action scenario for M1A2 now much more challenging!
  16. A great place to ask would be the British Army Rumour Service - https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/forums/ You could mention that the British unit involved was C Squadron, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Good luck with this!
  17. Thank you Jartsev, that is exactly what is happening. My bad.
  18. Guys, I have one related to this. I have a scenario where I am ambushing BMP-1s, MTLBs and BTRs coming around a hill from the side with a 0.50" HMG team. What happens is the vehicles advance toward the HMG team to a point where they are still entirely screened by intervening "bumpy" terrain and both they and the HMG team just keep shooting into the intervening ground. This goes on until I bring another asset over the ridge opposite and shoot the offending vehicle from behind. Thinking about it, I have had this happen elsewhere in the same scenario, also with a ZSU-23-4, which makes for quite s
  19. Hi. When I go to ABM AIR mode in the CV90/35NL, the reticle tends to run away from me and I find it very hard to get the sights onto, let alone track targets. This does not happen in moving target mode which defaults to APFSDS-T ammo, nor with the CV90/40 in AIR mode with which it is very easy to track air targets. What am I missing here? (except a bunch of de-fanged Hind-E's )
  20. One thing I think is really spectacular. In mission editor, put an MBT of your choice out on relatively "dusty" terrain with some hard targets arrayed in front of it and a defend order, then select a view point about 100 metres to the side of the tank and watch it shoot. The realism is awesome.
  21. I'm finding SB much more immersive with the latest round of changes. There is a lot less suspension of disbelief required now.
  22. Seeing how dangerous a well-positioned 0.50 machine gun is to the likes of BRDM, most BTR and BMP, I'd like to see an anti-materiel rifle team implemented and not restricted to "high priority" targets.
  23. I'm finding the vulnerability of the external gun, its feed and associated electro-optics is very realistically modelled. The base vehicle is relatively robust, as you would expect, and lends itself to hull down firing positions in permissive terrain. For that reason I have been hit and had subsystems taken out quite a few times now, but have yet to lose a crew member. I'm loving this vehicle.
  24. Time to fess up. How many of you rez one the beautifully rendered new vehicles (or one of the old ones for that matter) on a map and just gaze lovingly at it as it trundles around the landscape?
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