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  1. The Holliday Bar.. Spent a lot of time their, once the girls knew we would not by them drinks...small world...
  2. Greetings all... I thought it would be fun to check in. Maj Hans graciously invited me to the site. My online tank experience has been WoT and War Thunder. Both are fun at times but make me scream when I get a point blank shot at a light tank with a Tiger 1 that does nothing....Grrrr My off line experience is a bit broader... I served as an Armor crewman with the US Army in in a career that spanned over 21 years in both Active, And Reserve component. I started out as a 19E in M60A3's (24 ID/4/64AR) and then switched to Reserve component where they had M48A5's and M60 tanks. The eventually switched to A3's where I was part of a NETT team that taught transition. In 89 I attend Master Gunner school and was given the D8 ASI. I taught the A3 for many years until I switched to a Guard unit that transitioned to M1IP's. I spend the majority of my career as a Armor Platoon Sgt. So I got to deal with many a new 2nd Lt fresh out of AOBC (Armor Office Basic course). During my career I have had the chance to attend pretty much every school related to Armor including Tank Commander certification course at Ft Knox., and the Reserve Component Tank Commander's Course In Boise ID. I have two rotations at the National Training center in Ft Irwin CA as well. I spent a lot of time in the UCOFT/PCOFT and driver simulators and was a UCOFT instructor. Also spent a lot of time in the SIMNET units (I like to think it was the original Sim game) and was able to play with the CCTT units which replaced SIMNET. I have a lot of TT8's under my pistol belt and I hope I can be a resource to the site and its members, I still have all my TM's/FM's and SOPs and am still connected to my fellow Brother Master Gunners. So I will do my best to answer any and all questions. Forge The Thunderbolt!!! Harv
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