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  1. Thanks Volcano for a post that clears my mind of one of my issues. No I wasn't infantry, but that doesn't mean I don't understand how they operate.. just never thought of it far enough through I guess. Thanks again for the response. Bil
  2. All I am looking for re: infantry is a means to more easily command them. So I'd like a platoon level command type interface complete with formations etc.the same as is now available for vehicles. I am not looking for any special platoon level behavior (yet. ). Bil
  3. Thanks Skybird03, I know COTA and BFTB very well indeed.. I know Dave O'Conner (he even stayed at my house when visiting the East Coast a few years ago) I was in on the development of those titles as well all the way back to the very early Alpha days of the first Airborne Assault game (Red Devils over Arnhem).. though I can't really claim much credit for BFTB as I dropped out of the development team by that time and am simply in an advisory role these days. ...anyway I am looking for a sim that provides a Company to Batallion level sim.. I have played SB Pro PE many times before so I know how well this game does certain things, it is oh so close to being exactly what I have in mind. With Ssnake's reply above I can see that they aren't there yet.. but the important thing to me is that they are thnking about it. Mark, I am not a fan of ProSIM's titles.. I have a few of them as well, but they do not provide the level of realism, detail, and planning that SB Pro PE provides. All I am asking for is whether some consideration is being given to some of the thoughts I outlined above.. Ssnake says perhaps on some and no on others.. very well, I understand that programming time is expensive and fleeting for a project like this so I can accept that response. I am leaning towards getting SB Pro PE again, but I haven't made up my mind yet. Perhaps there are a group of like minded guys out there that are playing multi-player games in command roles in SB Pro PE. That could be quite interesting. Bil
  4. A few years ago I did a bad thing... I sold my copy of SB Pro PE... I know.. I know... Now with all this talk about 2.6 I am again getting interested in the game... some of the new features have my attention, namely 3D infantry and plans. I don't really care about crewable vehicles.. but I do love seeing all the cold war equipment (Centurions and M-60s, where is the T-64 though? ) I have a few questions that are directly related to my original post in this old thread... maybe someone can help me with them. My approach to the game is not the same as others: So if you love going to the gunners station and shooting then that's great, but it is not something I am interested in. I am interested in whether any of the points I brought up all these years ago are now present in SB Pro PE... First up my original questions regarding infantry: I love the 3D representation of infantry.. even though from the youtube videos I think the animation could use some work... are they still commanded at the squad level or can you command infantry at the platoon level now, like you can tanks? Have any of the other points above been addressed? Some General coments and questions: Have any of the above been added to the game since I left a few years ago? Finally, pre-scripted tasks: I suppose the upcoming plans feature can be used only for full force battle plans.. but is it possible that it could be used for creating a library of tasks/battle drills that could be loaded for individual Platoons or Companies and then modified to fit the terrain and situation? Thanks guys. Bil P.S. a special hello to LtCol Giibson
  5. Just not enough time to devote the time it needs... if any are interested: http://cgi.ebay.com/Steel-Beast-Professional-Personal-Edition_W0QQitemZ230263449328QQihZ013QQcategoryZ80336QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Bil
  6. Homer, it looks like 3 of the 4 guides you posted are corrupted. Only the Engineer guide opens in PPT. Bil
  7. You can try here also: http://fmso.leavenworth.army.mil/Red-Star/Red-Star.htm Bil
  8. Agreed (this is Adam right?) though I hope with the first patch that it will be improved greatly. I am sure they will add more fidelity to the infantry model over time... though I really hope they give us Platoon level commands for them, as I hate the prospect of giving orders to every single infantry team and squad. Bil
  9. I didn't mean to insult you Fidel... sorry if that is the impression you got. You are on a good track and I'm certain I'll use some of your textures.. the only problem I have is that you are replacing some of the files... which of course forces the user (if he chooses to download your set) to use your graphics (those that replace original files) for all themes, whether they actually fit the overall color scheme and color balance of the original graphic files (that are not replaced) or not. I would prefer that all new graphics have unique names and unique themes so this is not an issue. Bil
  10. Fidel, I used the stock theme of course. Look, if you are going to replace graphic files you have to be prepared for this, not everybody is going to want to apply your theme to every scenario they play. It would be better if instead of replacing the stock graphic files (thereby forcing people to use your graphics) you created new ones with unique names that work specifically with your theme... I did this recently when playing around with some NTC graphics and the custom theme worked great and kept the stock textures intact. Bil
  11. Okay, tried your BETA and promptly removed it. I like the grass and some other elements but I find the colors overall to be too rich for my taste, I prefer a more subtle palette. I'll keep an eye out for how this develops. Bil
  12. Alright I admit, after my initial scepticism that you are getting my attention. Some of those screens look terrific. Bil
  13. It may be just me, but I prefer the original textures... ...the contrast is better, they look more realistic as they aren't so sharp... you do not need to show every blade of grass (and yes I understand that you are mainly just tweaking the original textures), your textures look way too busy and rich in color in comparison. Give me the more subdued less obvious ground detail appearance of the original textures anyday. Bil
  14. Yes I too hope he comes back in a creative mood someday. In the meantime I am enjoying some of Zipuli's offerings. There is some great stuff out there to be found. Koen said: Koen, I would like to see more scenarios created specifically from the Red perspective.. including scenario briefing. Would be a refreshing and unique to play from the other side of the hill... I understand this wouldn't be too popular because of the lack of a playable Red vehicle.. shouldn't bother those of us who approach this game from a higher perspective than vehicle command though. Bil
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