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  1. It sneaks noiseless. Its hybrid-engine-driven, can go all-electric. It dives. German: https://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/article216804864/Elektro-Panzer-Lautlos-bei-Tempo-100-das-kann-der-Genesis-aus-Deutschland.html English: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.welt.de%2Fwirtschaft%2Farticle216804864%2FElektro-Panzer-Lautlos-bei-Tempo-100-das-kann-der-Genesis-aus-Deutschland.html I am suspicious of the charging times... (FFG-company colours)
  2. Skybird03


    A brief VR episode: Do VR on PC and then try Google Earth VR and Streetview VR. You will be in loss of words. Unbelievable. For me this alone already justifies buying VR. I travel with this a lot. A good racing sim, Eleven, Racket FX and Subnautica are others musts one should try in VR. Box VR and The Thrill of the Fight are two excellent workouts. Virtual desktop allows you to play just any game on huge screens: that of a Cineplex movie screewnk, if you use that mod for it. But not every game works well with that, some are more prone to VR sickness this way than
  3. Those were good years. Many intense and immersive moments, i think only Falcon 4.0 gave me comparable experiences. When I was a little boy, i loved to play cowboys and indians, and sneaking on the "enemy". SB was the perfect digitization of this sort of gameplay. Sometimes my whole life feels like a running simulation. Too bad I need to move on on second to last tracks. But then: still occasionally rumbling around.
  4. I agree that probabilities and trends - maybe that is the consensus we can reach - are a reality on the level of pragmatic reality, and even below, like Newtonian physics still rule the play of balls in billiards despite the existence of quantum physics. Certainly people also follow trends, or tendencies in their behaviour, and behaviour again feeds back on trends/tendencies, sharpenign them or weakening them. But when t he step is taken to formulate rules based on prabilties that got artuclated by observign past events, the danger is that past events took place in contexts that manwhile may h
  5. The statistics in Baseball, they express results from the past, condensed in a probability value that serves as an expectation for the future. But is the probability expectation for the future based on past experience already determinism? I dont think so. Because there is no causal link. Or should I say humorously: the collapse of the "probability function" gets delayed infinitely? LOL Maybe I am too fixiated on this idea that determinism it only is when the probability for an event following a cause is 1.0...
  6. Could it be that you and me have a problem there because what the video calls "now slice" to me is just a metaphor and you take it more literally? Its just a thinking expriment to imagine time as a sequence of moments after moments. I know this model from Buddhist psychology, the attempt to help people focussing on the present moment by that. But such individual moments do not really exist, they are are "crooks" of our imagination, and they are like the fall into the centre of a spiral: every moment you imagine, the moment you image it can be broken up into even tinier fractions, tinier moment
  7. I just wanted to start on your video, but then my eyes found the secondy top comment that already gave an important message that may have been meant as a joke, but points at what I said: the guy said "This means I am already dead in someone else's 'now' ". - There you have it again: relativity between two people, both not sharing one and the same "timeframe"! My present can be your past or future, depending on whether you are faster or slower in movement than I am. In this meaning, pasts, futures and presnets of different people can indeed be imagined to exist at the same time. But that ti
  8. so if the big bang is true, and that point contained the whole universe, everything that ever will be, then logically it's deterministic. all the planets, the galaxies, you, what i had for dinner, and steel beasts. all the information on how to make all that is encoded in that event. Is it? I am a little bit reminded of something very different here, so-called "klassische Testtheorie", classical test theory. It bases all its statements and formulas on one premisse: that the number of iterations in an experiment or the number of subjects forming a test population, is
  9. Captain Colossus ane me never had any forum business to do with each other and are nor close friends, but we recall each other's forum name since at least 13 years, and him and me now have a decent conversation without fighting and without forum rule violation that takes place in the off topic section and that obviously gets tolerated by the forum administration, a conversation that i for myself enjoy. If somebody does not like it, simply stay out. At least do not make waves. ----- Captain Colossus said: I often debate people elsewhere about 'free will' and why t
  10. Both as somebody who has a strong interest in physics and astronomy (on non-professional level), and who was a practitioner and teacher of meditation in Chan/Zen tradition, and as a former psychotherapist with a focus on the relativity of own ego versus cosmic mind, or radical constructivism a la Glasersfeld or Watzlawick, I understand what you mean. Still, I approach it from a different angle. The conception called "Evolution" means constant adaptation to ever changing conditions of existence, both by trial and error (heritable traits sharpening out), and random mutation. We see that not al
  11. For whatever its worth, I think all space is mind and all mind is space and all form is empty. The sepüarfation betwene inner and outer space maybe does not make as much sense as logical thinking tries to convince us of, maybe its all kind of a Moebius strip. Still, from Buddhist philospphy to radical constructivism, its all speculative and model and theory. So is the following video's projection into the very distant future. The one thing I have problem with, however, is strict determinism. It collides with the idea of evolution, but that one is one of the best theoretic models our scientif
  12. Colossus, on the main threat of the war onb cahs money, I recommend you this legal and free download, whcih still ransk amongst the best small and compact books on the history of FIAt money I know. https://mises.org/library/what-has-government-done-our-money Add to this the threat of Keynesianism and also hilariously so-called New Money Theory that wants to openly punish the victims of this counterfeit money system by rejecting people any means to avoid "negative interest" and thus steal and plunder private savings and property, and to kill state debts my devaluing the
  13. Thanks for trying - before I started to run around. 😁 I did not know that things already are so bad that cash payment - which is anonymous - nowadays turns you into a criminal suspect already. But the war on cahs money certainly is hot and in full swing. So that credit card companies can dictate fees and conditions due to lacking alternatives - and state and party can profile their subjects, I mean the "citizens", more completely, and can plunder private savings and raise state debts more unscrupulously than ever before. 🙁 In our postdemocratic era, states have become the citizens'
  14. Very nice. I would be especially interested in the activation process, the info asked for in that. I could not find any information on whether they nevertheless ask for additional data, especially bank account data, during that process. First page of that process only asks for the card and charging transaction number, any subsequent pages coming I cannot access without having such a card already, so I do not know what else there is coming. The queston here is whether or not the card introduces a membership fee thorugh the backdoor after one year - by booking an according fee from y
  15. For all who are concerned, and Viper as well 😉 , I just found and will further investigate this as an option: prepaid Visa cards that in Germany can be bought at gas stations only and that need no formal processing like an ordinary credit card would need, and that do not get linked to your bank account. You pay them once a fee (10€ for one year), during the buying you can load it up with up to 100 Euro (maximum if you want to stay anonymous and avoid socalled PostIdent proceedings), and this all happens in the gas station. You can not recharge it without further IDying yours
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