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  1. Gibson, I noticed your offer for sure, and I thank you for it. I nevertheless reject it, and please - do not take it personally, it is not about you perosnally at all. Its just that I tick a bit oldfashioned, maybe. You and me do not know each other, we never even traded a single word in the past 13 years, your offer should not even be needed in any transaction between a company and its customers since them both should be able to deal directly with each other, and finally you would have done me a favour which I cannot give back on equal terms, and as I said: I do not like to owe to others or be owed to by others. There is a company, there is a possible customer, they either agree on a deal or not, and thats it. But as I see it, its is just the two of them. If more is needed, then the terms and coidntions are such that I do not deal. Thanks again, and do not take it personally. And now for the third time: I'm out here. Thank you.
  2. Exactly. No hard feelings, Ssnake. Good luck for your business in the future.
  3. Colossus, I nowhere indicated that I have a problem with paying for a product. Implying that I did, I could take a bit queer. I am quite capitalistic in that regard. I neither like to receive nor to provide free rides, and I always pay back what I owe - in good and in bad. In fact I said that I would even accept to pay much more for SBP. Things are worth - in prices - what somebody else is willing to give you for it. And I clearly said that it is worth to me more than they ask for. Dont know where you get it that I want a free license from eSim. I just refuse a product if workarounds for it already start with the buying transaction itself - in a shop I then would turn on my heels and walk out, you see. Its just the start, but already no good start. Lets leave it to this.
  4. Cleanest solution would be to offer the payment method customers desire, and add the cost to the product price. Straight and clean solution. If you order something in a shop online, usually you have shipping costs added to your chart, too, isnt that common sense. Me, and some others whom I knew as SB tankers over the past years (not at this forum), would be willing to pay MUCH more for the title. But hey, I'm just saying. I always thought that SBP comes too cheap for what it offers and the dedicated support over so many years, I said that already from 2006 on. Personally I would be okay with even a doubling of the product price. And Colossus, there aint no company doing business for free. Credit card companies included. If outside Germany they pretend to pay you for using them, then they get their moneys from the shop you buy at - and that shop has priced these costs into his prices that you have to pay. Nobody gives you free benefits, forget that. In Germany, you just have to explicitly pay the credit card company directly. When cash money is gone and people have no room to evade to alternative payment methods, then you will see credit card companies letting drop their masks, because then they can do whatever they want. The longer the chain on men in the middle in a production and trade chain, the higher the product/service price becomes. The more hands want to get their share in a transaction, the more expensive it becomes. There aint no such thing as a free lunch. That just doe snot exist. Somebody pays the bill. Always. Plus the profiling done via credit card shopping, the big data collection, the state storing in a database every single pack of chewing gum you buy, and when, and where, and government being able to "print money" even more unscrupulously than they already do. Maybe you are not worrying about what is being done with such data now. But laws can change, politicians are opportunists, freedoms can turn into suppression, and future conditions may base pursuing you on data you left already many years back. Morals and powerpolitics tend to form the two most brutal forms of tyrannies one can imagine. Its all a mental asylum. People think their food comes from the supermarket, and debts vanish if they shuffle them from one bank account to another one. Its craziness all around. BTW, in the nineties I was up and a way for almost two years, North Africa and Middle East. I had no credit card and never needed one. But then, I did travel and stayed for longer times fro Algeria to Iran, but never have stepped a foot onto an airliner. I have a driving license, but last time I drove is 30 years ago, and I never owned a car, never wanted one and never needed one. So yes, I might be a bit eccentric. I just mean this: life without these super-cool modern toys and gadgets is possible. Often recommendable. In the present, these things all become tools to control and manipulate the masses. I cannot talk for you or other,s but just for myself, and I feel I owe it to my selfrespect to not actively cooperate in that and demonstrate my servility. I could say lets continue this chat on Twitter or Facebook, but you see - I do not have Twitter or Fcebook. LOL
  5. I dont understand why you people here almost fight about me. I did not complain, nor did I attack eSim. They made a decision, I accept that, I fully understand the reasons explained by Ssnake about the high costs, I even like what he said on denying to collect data on his customers and giving it to some foreign company - I just checked in to be sure I understood correctly that there is no alternative anymore, in the pastI used Okaysoft, and years ago also a Visa card . And no, I have no clue on an alternative reselling shop over here. Nor do I want to get a new credit card and pay for that just to get a game. And while I was a bit disappointed, I did not feel angry about eSim at all. Germany is not Sweden, the UK or the US. Non-Germans underestimate how things are over here, cash still is the preferred paying option for sums of money that are typical for everyday life. Credit cards still are not that much in use over here, although most people have one, I assume. And believe it or not, old dog that I am, none of my remainig few friends have credit cards either. WE JUST DO NOT NEED THEM. We do not travel internationally. And we do not think of it as something "cool". Its stupid in most instances, and costs additional money - what is needless. There is no such thing as a free lunch - free credit cards cost as well. Directly, or indirectly, with or without knowledge, but in the end you pay for it, and not just with your privacy and data that you used to pay with for the "free services" of Google , but with money. I limit shopping online anyway, since many years there are three shops that I frequently use, and who have my bank data to collect bills via "Bankeinzug", or Paypal. Its a secondary, a transfer banking account which has always just very limited money, it it gets hacked, the damage will be extremely limited, my main treasury is out of reach. It is not connected to my main bank account. Why I do so? Because I got bitten, once. Will not happen again, I learned the lesson, and I learned it the hard way. I tend to avoid buying in shops where I would need to create a new account and sending these data to them. I do not like to have that kind of data being sent to just any shop around, because I happen to know how hilarious bank controls are below certain treshhold sums of money. Bank standards of transaction security are exactly what you do NOT want to have , that bad they are. And this big data business companies today are obsessed with, is something I stay ayway from as best as I can. We can discuss a little bit about money theory, Keynesian insanity, modern economic madness and and debts intentionally being pushed beyond stellar scale to win some more time before the house comes down, if you want. Or about the Argentinian economic and money collapse of the not so distant past, when you had plastic cards in your hand - and could not get money from the automats, or could not defend yourself against the state plundering your savings, because your saving s all where just digital. Its nasty stuff. Its the reaosn why they wage war on cash money. People today take the luxury and comfort they are used to, as granted, and just close both eyes before the thunderstorm building above our heads. We all will get terribly wet, not few of us will evne drown, and then you will find your oh so modern cashless payment scheme not that cool anymore at all, and the Euro and the dolalr and all that illusion about paper snippets holding value. Global debts today are much higher than they were 2007. - We can discuss all that, yes : I just think it is the wrong board for this kind of discussion. I only wave at all this just to give you a clue on where I am coming from. eSim made their decision, and I made mine. We are not compatible anymore, thus we will form no future deal, and so the relationship between seller and buyer now ends. Normal stuff, happens all around the world all day long, some deals get formed, others not. No need to snap, wonder, critizise or attack anyone for anything, not me, not Ssnake, not anyone. Have fun with 4.1 . Enjoy the sim, it is a good title. I stick with 4.0. No hard feelings. I'm out.
  6. I checked the offerings in Germany again, but I will stay in opinion where I am and will not get another credit card again. I just do not need one. And even prepaid cards cost you fees and money, and even "free" credit cards come with terms and minimum timetables that make them not free but surprisngly costly, in the end. I do not need them, and so I will not pay any credit card company that in the end conducts a man-in-the-middle-attack on the transaction between me and a deal partner. I have also serious fiscal-political and economic arguments against plastic money in general, but that discussion about FIAT money and debt and inflation and all that stuff belongs not to this board. It is a principle thing why I object to credit cards. They make an already bad, fraudulent counterfeit money system even worse and open the door for even greater abuse by banks and politics. Most people do not give these things a thought. There will come times when people deeply regret this. I wish you all fun with 4.1 .
  7. I take it that since I have given back my Visa card many years ago (never used it, never needed it, but costs money for nothing), and Paypal is not accepted, and Ssnake commented on Okaysoft in Germany in a way that makes me think the new version will not be available from there (change of owner there did not go well for eSim?), I thus must let 4.1 go? Thats quite a disappointment, but all things sooner or later come to an end, and it seems I must say goodbye to newer SBP versions then. On the other hand, for the same reason I did not get P3D as well, and I still live. Free credit cards by banks, if only one cares to read the fineprint and do some math beyond the first year or so, are not really free. Also, I shy away from organising one once again for just one single transaction. Schade drum.
  8. Hi, I am the author of one of the hardware profiles. Its been a long time I played SBP last time and so I am a bit out of synchronization with things. You mentioned "redundancies", these were intentional. By switching the command layer of the profiles, I used to quickly alter the layout depending on whether I wanted to use the mouse (right hand) and throttle (left hand), or throttle and stick. I used to switch a lot between that, using mouse control for panning the view when being TC in turret, during march. I used to manually fire the tank gun via stick, not mouse, back in those years. The idea so is to be able to both control formation movement and tank gun with any hand and with being able to quickly switch between stick and mouse in the right hand. You certainly noticed that combat commands and formation movement commands change hands when altering the command layer. Its because of switching between stick and mouse for the right hand. I seem to recall I included printable command maps for the hardware. Stare at them for a certain time maybe it helps to see the pattern behind it. I used this profile for many years. The profiles uploaded stem from a time when German keyboard commands were logged differently in the CH manager, for example Y and Z are reversed in international and German keyboards. Such key combination may need to be checked and reprogrammed. Also, the game had lesser functions back then, so indeed some of the functions of today may not be present. Cannot help you there, I admit since some time during 3.0 I strayed away a bit from tanking. Still love the sim and hold it in high esteem, but do not use it a lot anymore. Becoming older, changing taste over years - you know the blues... I have not flown anything since years in a sim as well... I have a fast machine currently (i7 8700k, 1080 OC), and plan to give SBP a good solid revisit once the new version is up. The last times over the past couple of years whenever I played SBP, I used mouse and keyboard only, got tired of setting up the hardware, and my table is blocked with heavy Fanatec racing hardware, since the last couple of years Assetto Corsa/AC Competizione and Raceroom had become my main virtual obsessions.
  9. I have an i7 8700K and an Asus 1080Ti OC. Potent combo, except of that Microsoft messes with it... . Whether you go with 1080 or 1070 depends on whether you plan with or without use of VR. If you go with VR, you want reserves. As much as you can get. In case of opting for a 1080Ti, indeed consider the OC version of it by Asus. It not only has a deeper bite :D, but also stays cooler, tests that I read one year ago told me. Cool, eh?
  10. Like a tank that lost its tracks, this thread is doomed to not get far.
  11. Skybird03


    Oh, thanks for the memories! I played these ones excessively back in those years, beside Assault series , Gulf Strike, Aegean Strike, 2nd Fleet, 6th Fleet, and Flight Leader. Still have them, though stored away in the basement. It were good times back then. And many things indeed felt better. And we were younger.
  12. I recently tested X-Plane 11 in VR, which has its VR in an early demonstration included (they consider it to be pre-Beta). To my surprise, it worked much better than I imagined. In small planes with a limited amount of buttons workload, it works better than in a big airliner, however. There is good potential - but also the limitations are clearly shown. Some of the current ergonomic deficits however are already confirmed to be adressed. If somebody thinks about the pros and cons of VR in SBP, X-Plane is a good demonstrator to test one's expectations. By concept, their handling philosophy is brilliant. I provide a link to an explaining text that may give you a first impression of how it works. They base on that no other hardware than the two VR controllers should be used, and I tell you - this way it indeed works best, better than mouse better than joystick, better than HOTAS. The typical vulnerabilties of VR when needing to handle a complex, button rich environment, can only be ergonomically avoided by going all the way. And that means in SBP this would need FULLY interavtive onboard stations in tanks. Every button that is needed for sim funcionality, must be fully functional in the graphical interface. A redesign of so many, many vehicles, that means. Plenty of work. Also, X Plane demonstrates better by experiencing it in VR than a thousand words what prevents VR in SBP the most. CPU power. While the small, simple planes run smooth in VR, a Boeing 737, not even on the complexity level of PMDG's, brings even my brandnew very fast system - an i7 8700K with Asus 1080TI-OC, to its knees in frames. The Cessna flies with medium settings in grapohics options, the 737 even with lowest settings does not really give joy to fly. With the many LOS calculations needed in SBP, I think with present technology you simply can forget VR in SBP. Not even mentioning once again the distance-blurriness problem and the lacking resolution. Technically it currently is not possible, I think, not in the private consumer market segment. It would be way to expensive. Just increasing the resolution in headsets does not help either - you need the platform power to support these many more pixels in resolution. I think some people here underestimate that. Anyhow, here is the text on how complex cockpit handling in VR must be done, at least imo: https://developer.x-plane.com/2018/01/interacting-with-x-plane-in-vr/ And here, the paragraph on "Controls and Manipulators", especially where the explain how their yoke works. http://www.x-plane.com/kb/x-plane-11-20-vr-beta-instructions/ It makes an awful lot of sense of how they do it. The only other way that is reasonable is to have limited cockpit controls and then having them all on your external game controller you use. That is why racing sims with a hardware wheel are the genre of choice for VR, no other major simulation genre works better in VR, not counting exotic, brilliantly working gems like Eleven Table Tennis or such that have no cockpit needs at all.
  13. Gaming seems to be mostly unaffected, and desktop users probably mostly have little to fear. It is server centres that may face headaches over performance drops, and certain desktop productivity tasks. I want Intel getting sued for releasing their brandnew 8th generation CPU although knowing since many months that it is affected by this hardware misdesign as well. It is not a continuation of an old product line, but opening a brandnew one although knowing it is porked. The only valid option would have been to delay the release and rework the hardware design. Kick their balls for this betrayal. I read that at least one CEO of Intel has sold all his Intel stocks except the legal minimum already in early November.
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