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  1. Historically, how low and how frequent are sales?
  2. Say I buy the 125 dollar unlimited package, but I want a friend to play with me when im on. Is there a way to link another license to allow him to play without him having to buy his own 125 dollar license?
  3. ahh thats a shame. IMO thats whats really missing from this game. For example, a matrix game called Armored Brigade has an awesome mission generator that lets you classify the enemy force type (Mechanized, armored, infantry) , pick an area on the map and it generates an appropriate enemy OOB with random objectives and such.
  4. Can we expect new editor features? I would love a way to easily generate a random battle or scenario without manually placing units.
  5. Awesome, thanks! So the unit "value" such as tanks being worth more than anything else is only relevant for scoring purposes? What do you recommend as a capture event trigger? Im thinking of using "If operational enemy forces in zone X are < 2" but I also dont want it to turn into a "hunt the remaining unit that you cant find" mission.
  6. Say most of my missions are gonna be some variation of "Capture Objective Alpha, Beta and Charlie" What is the easiest and most efficient way to make it so that once those zones are captured , the mission ends? And what is the best way to define to the game logic that a zone is "captured"? Im probably gonna stick to capture the zones missions for the forseeable future as they seem the most versatile. Thanks!
  7. Is there a reason you cant drag and drop a bunch of your units and give them all the same waypoint? Like have them hold the formation they are currently in but just move together? That would be a nice quality of life feature to have
  8. Wow his vids are pretty good. He definetly seems to enjoy the single player side. Way ahead of you lol. I got the month license and have been playing almost every day. The core game/sim is great, its just the lasting content im worried about.
  9. How fast do new quality missions generally get uploaded on here?
  10. Sorry for all the topics, but at 120 dollars I really wanna make sure this is worth the purchase for me so I wanna gather all the opinions i can. So im wondering, do you guys who play single player find there are enough user made scenarios for you to enjoy? There obviously is a finite number, and some of them are probably poorly made (no offence), so do you tend to replay some of them? Does it feel different when you replay them? Do you ever get to the point where you wanna play some steel beats, but youve already played all the good ones out and you are just waiting for someone to make something unique? Or do you guys find that most of your playtime comes from making your own scenarios and playing them?
  11. Question, when you use "Spawn if" and have a random variable, what is the "New" option? I know the game spawns like 62ish random numbers from x1, x2, x3 ....etc. So is there any purpose to selecting "New" instead of one of the x variables? Is it just a straight probability independent of the x variables that the game creates?
  12. Mostly random patrols would be great, especially for infantry or light vehicles like technicals. For the big guns like tanks and such, I would probably stick with manually randomizing the spawn points myself with the "jump to end if" logic.
  13. yeah so it seems like no mater what, every interval it will keep spawning units as long as the maximum number has not been met. I see what people mean when they say its meant for civ traffic Its kinda a shame because its great for infantry. They walk around like they are on patrol and they shoot at enemies.
  14. I had it set at 50 units to spawn every 10 seconds. I dont see an option to just make them all spawn at the same time, i guess the only way is just a continuous spawn of some sort? edit: sorry i meant 20 units
  15. hmmm i just tried it but it always keeps respawning the ones i kill I tried setting a time limit to stop spawning, like 5 minutes but after the time is up, it actually removes all the units it spawned.
  16. If i do this and i pick say....50 units spawned, does that mean if i kill 3 units it will spawn replacements to keep it topped off at 50 and replace the 3 that i killed? Effectively would the enemy have an infinite force? is there a way to make it finite so one i kill all 50 thats it?
  17. Ok cool. does the secondary license work ok with virtual lan programs like hamachi? Say if i wanna play with a friend not near me
  18. Say he wants to bring his laptop and play over lan, not internet. Do i need to purchase anything else?
  19. What about using the spawn zone/drain? I just tried it with civilians (apparently what its meant for), and the civilans are walkingm around/driving around routes by themselves. Is there any downside to using this for vehicles/infantry? Surely there must be since no one mentioned it
  20. Yeah im just worried il exhaust all the good scenarios quickly. Also I love russian/soviet gear more than anything and there seems to be a lack of T72/BMP missions out there. Let me ask this question, is there any of you that is mainly a single player gamer that makes their own missions/scenarios and enjoys it?
  21. Ok so I read some of them, and I like the possible workarounds of having different possible spawns for units. Thats easy enough to do. But is there any way to have their AI kick in instead of manually mapping possible routes? Like say mark an objective for them to take and let them pathfind to it? I think my biggest inconvenience isnt setting their order of battle, but their waypoints. Like for example, I just spent an hour trying to figure out the infantry AI. I placed a bunch of AI infantry units in a town and advanced some opfor forces on them. I tried 2 different method for the AI units. First method involved placing them spread out around the town with the "None" tactic selected. So they all spawned looking east as normal. When the enemy came up on the town, the vast majority of the infantry stayed looking east without running for cover or doing anything to protect themselves! OCCASIONALLY, someone really close to the enemy might rotate to face them and fire back, but thats all they would do. They would never run for cover or garrison a building. Second method involved placing them down the same way but with the "Defensive" tactic selected. Now, I like how the AI garrisons buildings nearby automatically. Thats exactly the kind of thing i want! They also appropriately fire back. Except theres one downside, you can only have them face a certain direction. Now if they were units under your control, that would be fine since you can just change their facing, but since I would want to use them as the CPU adversary, whatever I place them in the editor, they are locked as. There is no option that i can see for "secure the perimeter" or "scan 360". Also, even if they are on "Defensive", if an enemy advances near them but they arnt in the cone of sight, they will remain facing the direction they will be placed in. Now, I really hope im jsut really dumb and missing some obvious editor tricks. Im not looking for super advanced AI or anything, but some autonomy is needed. I dont want to have to plan each and every step units take. On the plus side, I like ssnakes method of placing down a group of units and link them to possible spawnpoints with the "jump to if" command. That is an extremely simple way to randomize enemy force starting locations. Its just what they do after thats my problem Is this just something I wont get with this game? I really want to like it, and I do love the core simulation/gameplay. But the mission editor is such a big part.
  22. Thanks a lot! Il take a look at them Is there any plan to add a formal/official/streamlined "randomizer" feature in the editor?
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