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  1. Just now, Ssnake said:

    That would be the kind of a novelty feature that I would most certainly announce as a major feature.


    So, No. Sorry.


    Of course, there are changes in the Mission and Map Editors. I will describe them in the Release notes, possibly demonstrate the one or other in a tutorial video.

    ahh thats a shame. IMO thats whats really missing from this game.


    For example, a matrix game called Armored Brigade has an awesome mission generator that lets you classify the enemy force type (Mechanized, armored, infantry) , pick an area on the map and it generates an appropriate enemy OOB with random objectives and such. 

  2. 7 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    When you have a condition/event to evaluate the capture of a region you need to consider several factors.

    a) "Capture" implies that you (=the player's party) don't own it at mission start.

    b) "Capture" involves a comparison of combat strength of (antagonistic) forces:

    Tanks are usually assigned a higher combat strength than IFVs, those rate higher than APCs, they rate higher than dismounted infantry. Only units that have a non-zero amount of ammunition are factored into that force comparison. Full platoons/squads have a higher combat strength rating than the assembly of the same number of AFVs or individual dismounts.


    Aside from the scoring condition "Capture region X before mm:ss" which is merely to assign victory points you may also want to create an event and/or conditions with a similar metric as a named event/condition. Then go to Control logic | Blue End mission if... and reference those named conditions/events. That way you make sure that the mission ends if a capture has occurred, and that it can be properly evaluated by the scoring formula. Note however that these are different aspects that are completely independent of each other.



    Awesome, thanks!


    So the unit "value" such as tanks being worth more than anything else is only relevant for scoring purposes?


    What do you recommend as a capture event trigger? Im thinking of using "If operational enemy forces in zone X are < 2" but I also dont want it to turn into a "hunt the remaining unit that you cant find" mission. 

  3. Say most of my missions are gonna be some variation of "Capture Objective Alpha, Beta and Charlie"



    What is the easiest and most efficient way to make it so that once those zones are captured , the mission ends? And what is the best way to define to the game logic that a zone is "captured"? 


    Im probably gonna stick to capture the zones missions for the forseeable future as they seem the most versatile. 



  4. Is there a reason you cant drag and drop a bunch of your units and give them all the same waypoint? Like have them hold the formation they are currently in but just move together? 


    That would be a nice quality of life feature to have

  5. On 10/13/2016 at 10:31 AM, MDF said:


    One of the forum members, Cobrabase, has a youtube channel:  Steelbeastscavalry.  He seems to play SB exclusively in single-player mode, and has posted numerous videos of his very, umm, enthusiastic sessions.  You can get an idea of the universe of SP missions and you might even be able to communicate with him for his thoughts on the matter.



    Wow his vids are pretty good. He definetly seems to enjoy the single player side.



    5 hours ago, Red2112 said:

    From a newbi prospective (have SB for a couple of months or so)...


    - When buying a game I look for three things mostly, SP and MP modes, and included editor.


    - Depending on the game I buy and specially a combat sim type, I tend to want a editor included, and if it´s a good editor as in SB the better. Why? well that gives you the flexability to creat your own mission, so you never run out of gameplay.  Some editors are a bit deep in the learning curve (not so much with SB, but it can get deepr if you so wish), but in the long run once you understand how it works it´s quite easy.  As stated above the SB editor is quite easy on the simple side, and as I said it can get a bit complex if needed.


    - For gameplay, I like both but I tend to like a bit more the multiplayer side.  It´s alot of fun to play with other human players and a challange, be it co-op against the AI or head-to head.  If you like this type of game/sim, Steel Beast is awesome in every way you put it, the more I play, the more I enjoy it and I have been siming for some years now.


    - Support is also something to take into account and SB support is the best that I have had to deal with in many years.


    - Money wise, well some of us here are into flight siming with DCS and FSX/P3D.  If you compare a 3rd party add-on for these two sims (50<120$ with a quality plane) SB is in no way expensive taking into to account that you get a whole sim with editor and what would be the add-on´s (tanks, AFV´s, infantry etc.) for it, it´s spot on and on the affordable side for me.  If we look into a game that just came out for PC (50-60$) and that it might not even have to much replayability, and/or might be obsolete in a couple of years, your still in for a winner with SB, people have been playing it for years.  Also a security USB stick (I have other) will cost you around 20-30$ aside from the software that will be protected with it.  I remember playing Call of Duty (any title) and finish the games in a weekend, all you where left with was MP gameing. Nice to play but it was like going to the movies with the whole family. Once you see the movie, that´s it!  Not that there´s nothing wrong with that mind you, but you get the idea.


    Beside, you can always buy a one month time limited licences and try it out. Can bet that :)


    Just my humble oppinion.






    Way ahead of you lol. I got the month license and have been playing almost every day. The core game/sim is great, its just the lasting content im worried about. 

  6. 5 hours ago, Marko said:

    The mission editor is a very powerful tool in SB

    To alter the dynamic of a mission is very easy .

    As an example I will often play a mission using say a CR-2 then try the mission in a leo-1 or even in a T-type

    I can honestly say I have never run out of Missions in SB. and I have been playing it for ten years

    The options for changing a mission are virtually endless you can add or subtract units change the map add more arty

    And as stated you can do this very quickly literally a couple of clicks all depending on the complexity of the changes of course.

    If your not in to editing. the SB community provides a steady supply of new missions

    You will never run out of missions




    How fast do new quality missions generally get uploaded on here? 

  7. Sorry for all the topics, but at 120 dollars I really wanna make sure this is worth the purchase for me so I wanna gather all the opinions i can. 



    So im wondering, do you guys who play single player find there are enough user made scenarios for you to enjoy? There obviously is a finite number, and some of them are probably poorly made (no offence), so do you tend to replay some of them? Does it feel different when you replay them?  Do you ever get to the point where you wanna play some steel beats, but youve already played all the good ones out and you are just waiting for someone to make something unique?


    Or do you guys find that most of your playtime comes from making your own scenarios and playing them?




  8. 21 hours ago, Grenny said:

    Logic, isn't it: you tell it to spwan 20 units, it will do so. The Units you select are just a templete to create random spawn object from. Otherwise if you just select 5 unit types and select to spawn 20....it would stop after 5 units get killed. Which i would find illogical.


    That said, what do you want to achieve with the spawn zone? Maybe there is a workaround.




    Mostly random patrols would be great, especially for infantry or light vehicles like technicals.



    For the big guns like tanks and such, I would probably stick with manually randomizing the spawn points myself with the "jump to end if" logic. 

  9. 1 minute ago, Apocalypse 31 said:


    There is no way to spawn them all at once, the lowest variable is either 5 or 10 seconds. 



    yeah so it seems like no mater what, every interval it will keep spawning units as long as the maximum number has not been met. 



    I see what people mean when they say its meant for civ traffic



    Its kinda a shame because its great for infantry. They walk around like they are on patrol and they shoot at enemies. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, Apocalypse 31 said:


    Check the number you have set to spawn and the time intervals you have them set to spawn.  



    I had it set at 50 units to spawn every 10 seconds. 



    I dont see an option to just make them all spawn at the same time, i guess the only way is just a continuous spawn of some sort?



    edit: sorry i meant 20 units

  11. 9 minutes ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

    You can set the spawnable units to be finite, but there are pre-set limits in the mission editor. 


    If you select 50 units to spawn then 50 units will spawn If you kill 3 then 47 are remaining. Be careful, if you set the spawn limit to 50 and set the unit as a tank platoon then 50 tank platoons will spawn. 







    hmmm i just tried it but it always keeps respawning the ones i kill






    I tried setting a time limit to stop spawning, like 5 minutes but after the time is up, it actually removes all the units it spawned. 

  12. 2 hours ago, CalAB said:

    I've used the spawn/drain regions too.  Use half the map for spawn on the opfor side and place the drain off map behind your own forces.  Templates make it real quick.  Add in some placed stuff with random variables and in a few minutes you have a ready made scenario.  You just have to make sure you pick a clean map, not to many natural obstacles.  Unfortunately behaviour for spawn/ drain is just move, nothing else.

    If i do this and i pick say....50 units spawned, does that mean if i kill 3 units it will spawn replacements to keep it topped off at 50 and replace the 3 that i killed? Effectively would the enemy have an infinite force?


    is there a way to make it finite so one i kill all 50 thats it?

  13. 1 hour ago, Gibsonm said:

    Yes you need a 2nd licence.


    Now again you don't necessarily need to spend $125.


    Option 1: If he only wants to try it out then he can buy one of the time limited licenses.


    Option 2: If he only ever wants to play when your machine is running (i.e. has access to your dongle) you can put a secondary license on your USB dongle (US$25.00).


    Option 3: If he wants to be totally independent of you, then he needs to either buy a time limited license for his machine or a full (US$125.00) license for his machine.



    Ok cool.


    does the secondary license work ok with virtual lan programs like hamachi? Say if i wanna play with a friend not near me

  14. 2 hours ago, Mirzayev said:


    To sidetrack a bit, you certainly don't have to build all of your own scenarios. This site has a great download section for scenarios for singleplayer use. I highly recommend going through the extensive library, finding some you like, and trying them out. 


    For me, building scenarios is meant more for sharing them. As the designer, you will always know what the enemy is going to do, no matter how random you make it. This makes sense, as the designer is for all intents and purposes the Enemy Commander when the AI is controlling the enemy. Playing someone else's scenario adds in that bit of unknown that makes it unpredictable. Will the enemy follow strict Soviet Doctrine? Will he attempt an envelopment? Will he use his recon assets poorly? You get the idea.





    Yeah im just worried il exhaust all the good scenarios quickly.


    Also I love russian/soviet gear more than anything and there seems to be a lack of T72/BMP missions out there. 







    Let me ask this question, is there any of you that is mainly a single player gamer that makes their own missions/scenarios and enjoys it?

  15. Ok so I read some of them, and I like the possible workarounds of having different possible spawns for units. Thats easy enough to do.



    But is there any way to have their AI kick in instead of manually mapping possible routes? Like say mark an objective for them to take and let them pathfind to it? I think my biggest inconvenience isnt setting their order of battle, but their waypoints. 






    Like for example, I just spent an hour trying to figure out the infantry AI.



    I placed a bunch of AI infantry units in a town and advanced some opfor forces on them. 


    I tried 2 different method for the AI units.


    First method involved placing them spread out around the town with the "None" tactic selected. So they all spawned looking east as normal. When the enemy came up on the town, the vast majority of the infantry stayed looking east without running for cover or doing anything to protect themselves! OCCASIONALLY, someone really close to the enemy might rotate to face them and fire back, but thats all they would do. They would never run for cover or garrison a building.




    Second method involved placing them down the same way but with the "Defensive" tactic selected. Now, I like how the AI garrisons buildings nearby automatically. Thats exactly the kind of thing i want! They also appropriately fire back. Except theres one downside, you can only have them face a certain direction. Now if they were units under your control, that would be fine since you can just change their facing, but since I would want to use them as the CPU adversary, whatever I place them in the editor, they are locked as. There is no option that i can see for "secure the perimeter" or "scan 360". Also, even if they are on "Defensive", if an enemy advances near them but they arnt in the cone of sight, they will remain facing the direction they will be placed in.



    Now, I really hope im jsut really dumb and missing some obvious editor tricks. Im not looking for super advanced AI or anything, but some autonomy is needed. I dont want to have to plan each and every step units take.


    On the plus side, I like ssnakes method of placing down a group of units and link them to possible spawnpoints with the "jump to if" command. That is an extremely simple way to randomize enemy force starting locations. Its just what they do after thats my problem :(


    Is this just something I wont get with this game? I really want to like it, and I do love the core simulation/gameplay. But the mission editor is such a big part. 

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