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  1. Im only interested in playing single player, so I would have to design a lot of the missions for myself to play. And I would want to be surprised at what is thrown at me. Ive been trying to learn the editor and it seems like the only obvious thing availalbe to create ranodmized routes/paths is using this system http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Random_Numbers_In_Control_Logic But all that really lets me do is assign a probability that a certain route will be taken, and also lets me sync units together. Is there an easier way to populate the map with intelligent adversaries? This still needs me putting down units one by one, so I kinda know what to expect even if they could take many different routes. Thats really the main thing keeping me from purchasing the full game (doing a month trial now). I dont want to depend on user created missions to play the game. Ideally id just like to define some parameters such as "Enemy force is mostly mechanised and occupies this zone" and off I go with a random yet cohesive mission, but im not seeing any way to do that.
  2. Thanks guys. Some more questions Does the 120 dollar version come with a physical manual? Are there crew voices besides american english? Like russian/german?
  3. Not sure if this is a taboo question around here but I am very interested in this game, but am having trouble justifying the 120 dollars.
  4. Hi, so I am an avid arma 3 player and I am thinking of getting this game. I have some questions though 1. If I buy the 125 dollar full package, will my friend be able to come over with his laptop and play lan with me? Or does that require me buying something else? 2. Is there a repository of community missions for this game, like the steam workshop for arma 3? 3. Arma 3 has a mod called "ALIVE" where it generates a dynamic battlefield where you dont know what types of enemies are in the map and where they are. Does steel beasts editor have something like this or do you have to hand place each and every single unit down? As someone who mainly plays single player, this would be a disadvantage because when I would make missions, I would know exactly what to expect and where the enemies are. I dont mind the lack of dynamic campaign too much, as long as there is a feature to allow generation of dynamic missions. Also a side questions about the abrams Does this thing really have no commander periscope? As far as I can tell and from what ive read, the only option the commander has besides the viewports and turning out is have a sight that is slaved to what the gunner sees. In order for him to look around with that though, he would have to interupt the gunner. Is there no independent way to scan for targets while the gunner is doing his own thing? Even the t72 has that feature. Thanks!
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