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  1. Version 1.0.0


    A MERDC camouflage scheme for the Ural 4320 in SB Pro PE to stand in as a "squint harder" proxy for an M35 U.S. deuce-and-a-half truck. Includes fueler.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a retexture of the SB Pro PE M1064 mortar carrier to stand in as a proxy for its predecessor M106. Included are a 70's green+star version and an 80's MERDC (drab) version. Credits: Increased size of original eSim texture template to 1024x1024; borrowed/scaled some details from 2015 M113 textures; copied/adapted RogueSnake79's MERDC camo pattern from the M113A2.
  3. Splash

    US Army Truck

    Version 1.0.0


    This is an edit of the default Ural 4320 skin in SB Pro PE to stand in as a "squint harder" proxy for a U.S. deuce-and-a-half truck, for those pre-HEMTT scenarios.
  4. mmkay. Seems I can't add as an attachment, for some reason, but I can link from an image site. So, here you go. You yell, we shell.
  5. Unable to post an image here for some reason. (Error code: -200) 😕
  6. Ah, OK. Makes sense, and I see now this is consistent with similar waypoint-based "if" scripting for Troop mounting and dismounting. Strangely, the unconditioned "Mount" command (no "if") on a no-tactics waypoint results in the vehicle departing its route to pick up nearby troops and then proceeding to the next waypoint. Hmmm. But I'm muddying the waters from my original post.
  7. Thanks. As mentioned, also interested in why a "None" tactics waypoint's "Hitch if" order is ignored when it has an attached unconditioned route, but an "Unhitch if" order is not ignored when it has an attached unconditioned route.
  8. After watching the recent eSim tutorial vid on the subject, I was experimenting with scripting ARV recovery actions and noticed the following: The ARV AI will recover and tow a disabled vehicle when the ARV-conditioned waypoint has HOLD, DEFEND, GUARD, SUPPRESS or NONE tactics ... but not if said waypoint has STAY tactics. That might be intended (Stay means stay?) but is contrary to instruction in the video at about the 5:00 mark where it says you need a "Stay" or "Hold" command on the hitch waypoint. If not a bug, maybe the vid is wrong or unclear. In my testing, as I said, the AI performs the recovery under all tactics except STAY, and you do not need to give, as the video seems to say, a manual "Proceed" command or put a delay condition on the route proceeding from the hitchpoint. You just need an "Embark if" condition on said route. The attached .sce example shows all this. On another related point, I noticed the AI ARV will blow past an ARV "Hitch if"-conditioned, no-tactics waypoint if there's a nonconditioned route leading from it ... but will stop and unhitch at an ARV "Unhitch if", no-tactics waypoint before proceeding on an unconditioned route. (This can be tested in the attached .sce by adding a nonconditioned route to WP21.) Hitching_test.sce
  9. Splash

    M88 MERDC

    Version 1.0.0


    MERDC camo for the M88A1 ARV in Steel Beasts Pro PE. Included are verdant green and drab brown versions. Made using eSim's vehicle texture template with some added details. Recommended: My Higher-rez M88 track texture available for download separately.
  10. Splash

    M88A1 ARV

    Version 1.0.0


    Forest Green and desert versions of the M88A1 ARV in Steel Beasts Pro PE. Made using eSim's vehicle texture template with some added details. Recommended: My Higher-rez M88 track texture available for download separately.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    A higher-resolution T156 track texture for the M88A1 Hercules ARV in Steel Beasts v4.265. An optional snowpacked winter version is included. This file also corrects a bug where the stock texture does not display correctly on this vehicle.
  12. The sim does come complete with 17 PLA vehicle skins, which covers a lot of possible proxies. But I'm guessing the point here was to ask for more to be included in the stock installation -- maybe for some of the newer vehicles? -- because apparently "nobody" can be bothered to download and install separate mods, like those offered by @cata. There's truth to this. Maybe not "nobody", but two or three dozen seems to be the typical download interest in vehicle and infantry skins. Present company excluded, I don't think 'most' players really care what skin or markings SB's troops and vehicles have. And I suppose with thermal optics and long engagement ranges it doesn't really matter anyway. So I'm not sure how it would be "weird" to not have a skin for some odd PLA variant. Skins are only seen on the user's frontend, and if that user is really bothered by an anachronistic skin, he/she will download a mod, if available. Enter cata.
  13. Thanks for the explanation. I hope a better solution can be worked out. With more testing I have noticed a minor, but perceptible, difference between maximum and minimum tile dustiness in bone-dry conditions, and some very limited scalability using ground saturation values. But with the current setup, Theme dustiness settings below .25 appear to me to be pointless -- an automatic 0 on dust kicked up by vehicles. And .25 still yields quite a bit of dust, IMHO.
  14. I've had difficulty achieving the effect I want because (traveling) dust levels seem to be either "on" or "off" rather than variable tied to a percentage. I see from Lumituisku's video at about the 1:10 mark that this (traveling) dustiness on/off switch seems also in effect with moisture levels. I haven't experimented extensively, and don't have the capacity (or time) to work up a vid, but I'll post screenies later if wanted. But my experience has been that (traveling) dust when applied by theme for a ground type seems to be full-on from 100 down to about 20 percent ... then completely gone below about 20 percent. This is with soil moisture level at 0 in the map settings. Is that correct or intended? Or am I missing something? What I've been trying unsuccessfully to achieve is less -- but still evident -- (traveling) dustiness for grassy areas than, say, gravel or a cultivated dry field.
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