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  1. Thanks for the explanation. I hope a better solution can be worked out. With more testing I have noticed a minor, but perceptible, difference between maximum and minimum tile dustiness in bone-dry conditions, and some very limited scalability using ground saturation values. But with the current setup, Theme dustiness settings below .25 appear to me to be pointless -- an automatic 0 on dust kicked up by vehicles. And .25 still yields quite a bit of dust, IMHO.
  2. I've had difficulty achieving the effect I want because (traveling) dust levels seem to be either "on" or "off" rather than variable tied to a percentage. I see from Lumituisku's video at about the 1:10 mark that this (traveling) dustiness on/off switch seems also in effect with moisture levels. I haven't experimented extensively, and don't have the capacity (or time) to work up a vid, but I'll post screenies later if wanted. But my experience has been that (traveling) dust when applied by theme for a ground type seems to be full-on from 100 down to about 20 percent ... then completely gone below about 20 percent. This is with soil moisture level at 0 in the map settings. Is that correct or intended? Or am I missing something? What I've been trying unsuccessfully to achieve is less -- but still evident -- (traveling) dustiness for grassy areas than, say, gravel or a cultivated dry field.
  3. Maybe these posts could be broken off into a separate thread in Scenario and Maps? I, too, have been struggling a bit with SB's dustiness settings and would like to ask a few questions .. but not derail the videos thread further.
    This does lessen the problem with the tracks on the FISTV and M1064, but at the expense of losing the higher-rez, 3D tracks on the Bradley. So the user will need to decide which is more important to him. Also, it would be a better effect if you had used transparency with an alpha channel to get rid of the black background and at least gain some of that 3D effect. Users should be aware that to re rendered in-game, this needs to be placed in the seasonal mod folders, but outside of the individual nation folders. You can't, for example, use it only for US 1980.
  4. OK. Scooped again. Just took a look at the available eSim skins for the IPM1, and it seems the easiest/quickest way to get an all-green one is simply to copy the existing IPM1 skin from the Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\textures\woodland\red folder into the mod folder of whatever nation you plan to use it for (I assume us1980). Pic below. Also, fun fact, all of the M1's except the A2Sep use the M1A1HA model for the roof and deck from the TC's position (F7 unbuttoned). So, unless you want a NATO camo gun barrel and engine deck, you'll also need to copy the M1A1.dds from the red folder. That, combined with the green M1A1roof.dds I've provided below, you should be able to get what you want. Enjoy. m1a1roof.7z
  5. .... We don't need no steenking badges. What's up with these? Do they have a meaning? And why is everyone a "Newbie"? Woohoo. Seems like I earned 7 of them just for showing up. 🤣
  6. Simple enough. But, obviously, someone has to make and upload the skin, first. 😉 If @dpabrams doesn't come out of hiding and scoop me on it, I'll be happy to put one together. I've been looking for a project ... but eSim and others keep beating me to the punch. 🥺
  7. Interesting. I guess upon install it links to the default Program Data location. (My own "packages" folder is in the same place with "height" "terrain" and "themes" that you picture.) C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps But I believe you could change the target of the Start Menu link under its Windows properties to direct it to wherever you have placed your map packages. Of course, none of that makes it easier to explain to anyone who doesn't know where they put their map packages in the first place.
  8. I have this link in my install. It takes me directly to the maps folder (default place on my install), of which the "packages" folder is a subfolder. Is this what you mean? It works even when the Program Data folder is hidden.
  9. Re: Huge dandelions: Yes. What map was used for that .sce ("Road to Chateau Schlongberger")? From the vid it looks like an otherwise well-appointed map. Even the stock eSim themes beg for a tweak. The supplied Woodland_(Europe-spring) theme -- While not as monstrous as the referenced vid, the blooms are still pretty oversize to my eye:
  10. Approaching a ridge crest northeast of OBJ KERMIT, found ourselves in a knife fight in a phone booth with three T-90s. Let's just say we were a NO GO at this station.
  11. Single vehicle or platoon? If a vehicle in a platoon gets stuck or slowed (woods, water, other obstacle) the rest of the platoon will creep along their route until the stuck vehicle frees itself or is eventually left behind.
  12. Gawd, those dandelions are freakin HUGE. Bigger than a man's head.
  13. Understood. I guess a better question I could have asked was whether cata is publishing his deltas or allowing them to accumulate as unpublished deltas.
  14. At the risk of, as Twain said, opening my mouth and removing all doubt ... Have you tried "save as existing" since freeing up disc space? Maybe I'm not understanding your method exactly, but it sounds like you're creating a new delta with each save? I can understand how that would let you return to a certain earlier "save point" if you're unhappy with a series of changes ... but wouldn't it also create a bunch of very, very large unpublished delta versions on your drive? I've been experimenting with modifying a map (leveling all the roads, changing bridges, flattening under structures, adding lots of roadsigns & infrastructure) and everything saves fine when I use "save as existing". I've only been working on that one map, but saved over it many, many, many times that way as the project progressed. I eventually got it to a state where I "published" it, which reduced the size, but I know I can still make changes by creating another delta from it and editing that one (again using "save as existing" to limit the project to just one humongous file at a time). Edit: Full disclosure, I do have over 300 GB of free space, although I didn't think that was a huge amount..
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