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  1. I use a considerably older software called Shoot, but here's what I do: I only need one mic -- the headset one. Shoot is set up for Push-To-Talk, and so is TeamSpeak. I use a different PTT key for each. So, since each app only hears/sends voice when it is keyed, TeamSpeak players only hear you when its dedicated key (or keys, the case of multiple whisper channels) is pressed; Shoot only responds when its dedicated key is pressed. I have limited multiplayer experience, but the setup has worked fine thus far. It's just a matter of remembering which send-key to press. Admittedly, it's quite possible to get confused in the heat of the moment send on the wrong one ... but in general, multiple mics aren't needed if you use Push-To-Talk rather than voice-sensing or always-on.
  2. With help like that, who needs OPFOR?
  3. According to photographic evidence, I think the Boxer, at least, should have an emblem on the front. Since that texture is shared with the APC version of the vehicle, ESim could handle it with a decal, in the same way the Dingo is.
  4. Kewl. Watching Grenny's video also reminded me of something I was thinking of while doing a skin for the Dingo. SB has such a wide variety of Ambulance/Medic vehicles, yet (from my observation at least) mission makers seem to almost exclusively use the M113. Seems a pitty, really. Regarding the dismountable medics. They're armed (for "self defense") by default, apparently. Do they fire when fired upon in a multiplayer environment? (i.e. default set to "return fire only" ? ) Or ... can they be directed to fire at a given target? I'm assuming AI still wouldn't target them, just like the vehicles, but maybe I'm wrong. Just thinking out loud, in the absence of dedicated skins, I suppose one could make them more obviously noncombatants to the human eye by setting them up as unarmed in the mission maker.
  5. I noticed something very interesting about those medic dismounts. Is that a mod? Or is there now a Cold War-era West German nationality?
  6. Version 1.0.0


    An edit of the eSim Games stock woodland skin to add German camo and markings. Liberties had to be taken with the standard camo pattern to account for repeating and mirrored textures. Ambulance included.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    A contemporary arid/desert skin for Chinese infantry using the Type 07 digital pattern. Template by dejawolf; pattern internet-sourced and revised/recolored.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    An edit of the ESim Games stock desert texture to add German camouflage and markings (circa 2010). Includes ambulance.
  9. Splash

    Warrior - Green

    Version 1.0.0


    A British Army Warrior in overall green. Template by Dejawolf; detail added to optics. Unmarked, to utilize the stock decals.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    The new Multi-terrain Camouflage Uniform (MCU) of the New Zealand Army. The digital pattern of this uniform, unique to the New Zealand Defence Force, is designed to provide concealment in multiple environments. Two versions included. Original US_molle infantry template by Dejawolf; camouflage pattern internet-sourced.
  11. Any hints to offer about whether there are infantry model changes? I'm thinking maybe about a skin project or two.
  12. Splash

    Contagious damage

    @Gibsonm has elsewhere offered a workaround that simulates the dismounting of an ASLAV-25 commander from his vehicle to perform recce afoot. And it works great. But in experimenting with the function, which involves assigning "damage if/repair if" conditions to the vehicles, I discovered that when you combine those vehicles into a unit with other vehicles that DON'T have the conditions, the conditions seem to "infect" all of the vehicles in the formation. Test .sce below. The 6-vehicle platoon (troop?) of ASLAV-25s and ASLAV-PCs is set so the ASLAV-25s have a single dismountable soldier to simulate the vehicle commander. When he's dismounted, the intent is for the crew commander and vehicle radio to be "damaged" to simulate his absence. The "damage" is "repaired" when/if he returns. The two PCs in the formations, however, do NOT have these conditions applied. Now, combine/attach the six vehicles into one unit -- either in the planning phase or at runtime. You'll find that, at runtime, NONE of the vehicles gets the intended radio/commander damage upon dismount while the unit is consolidated. But if you separate a vehicle from the pack, it will lose its commander/radio when you dismount -- even the PC's, which had not been programmed to do this before consolidation. Boiled down to its simplest form: Attaching a vehicle without damage/repair-if logic to one that has it will cause both to have it when later divided. (Maybe I should have said that to start with). ASLAV25 dismounts test 4_023 Damage.sce
  13. 😄 LOL I wouldn't worry about a derail. Requests for features frequently prompt multiple-post discussions of said requests. In this case, I'd like to use your workaround for a dismountable vehicle commander, and I can most certainly give him the 3D apearance of a crewman instead of an infantryman. But I've found a possible bug. I probably should start a separate thread in Support. In short, even when setting the ASLAV-PC's to NOT have the commander/radio damage upon dismount ... they become 'infected' with that option when combined in a unit with the ASLAV-25's that have it. If you subsequently separate a PC from the pack, it will now lose its radio and commander when you dismount its squad. That's not desirable, but relevant to the request to make the damage/repair if options saveable in a template.
  14. I don't think it's that fiddly, since you can set the look of carried troops for one ASLAV-25 on your map and then apply it to all vehicles of that type with a single click. But whatever. It was just a suggestion. Keep the grunts if you like. Regarding the binos, I was referring to the 3D model and animation. (Pic below) Of course the player has access to the dismount's optics via the N key in either case. But your points about the icons and artillery-calling powers are well taken. In exploring your test .sce though, I was puzzled by how the ASLAV-25s ignore the "damage if/repair if" settings when combined into a unit ("12"). So I guess the ability to "dismount" a "commander" only works when the vehicle is unattached? Or have I found a bug? I also see that your ASLAV-PC vehicles in "12" have the same damage applied to the commander when the vehicle is unattached and the grunts dismount. That's not intended behavior, is it? I tried editing the .sce to remove the damage logic from just the PC's, but was unable to make it stick when the unit was re-combined. Maybe another bug? Separately, since your ASLAV-25 dismount has the same callsign as his vehicle, the route logic doesn't seem to work. So you can't really script this for AI, can you? It's still a nice training tool for player-controlled vehicles, though.
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