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  1. I'm trying update/rework some higher-rez Leopard interior graphics based on some outdated files in the download section. Specifically, the works by Hase. A problem I've encountered is that while I'm able to upgrade the various illuminated button labels by modifying the "changertexture.dds", doing so causes a loss of the displayed telemetry. I've tried several approaches, all unsuccessfully. I'm hoping someone at eSim can clue me in to the necessary export settings for the file ... or perhaps another modder has already cracked this nut.
  2. Tried. You do appear to be able to set the formation for a battle position (Hold/Defend/Guard) waypoint, but regardless of the formation set, a platoon fans out into a line formation upon reaching it. They follow formation orders at a Stay waypoint, as the manual says.
  3. The 2A4 has a gunner as of 4.357. Evidence in the posts and pic above. It, the 2A6Ma2 and Leopardo2 have the gunner crewman modeled now. The 5's and the 6 don't, which is the odd thing since the 2A6Ma2 uses the 5/6 model and view for F7. If I'm not mistaken (might be) the current 2A4 is of similar or older vintage than the 2A5's in SB.
  4. I had the same problem with the map. Querying for it in-game or entering 8baa3d95-7289-4af4-8548-a7346a2ad505 in the Transfer Manager brings back "Package Not Found." I looked in my maps/packages folder and found I already had a map with the same name: Kouvostoliitto Finland 50x50km, a delta of Kouvola (50x50km) [autocreated base]. So I did the "Replace Map" function in the Mission Editor, and it loaded and looks fine. Is it possible maybe the author has used an edited version of the Kouvostoliitto map ... saved with the same name but now with a different UID? The scenerio is looking for a different UID than the Kouvostoliito map on my drive. I don't know the UID of the version offered as an attachment by the OP above, but, as I said, the one on my drive, part of the original installation -- UID 41537f18-8f1f-4f1c-bc2a-60dfd1e4cd62 -- works when I use that one instead. Don't know if I'm missing any edited differences. I haven't had a chance to play the .sce yet.
  5. OK, for anyone who might prefer a more "mature" vintage of concertina wire, I'll attach the file below. Unzip it and copy the file into any or all of your seasonal mod folders (woodland, winter, desert, autumn). Put it alongside -- not within -- the various nations subfolders. If you want to go back to the shiny stuff, just remove or rename the file. Before using, ensure that your combat engineers' tetanus boosters are current. 😏 Concertina.zip
  6. In the first screenshot of the Boxer above, the roll shows the rust. For comparison, unmodded:
  7. What do you think? Too much? Too little?
  8. Sounds like the sort of thing I might do. 🙂 Will take a look at it when home from work.
  9. Splash

    BM27 Uragan

    Version 1.0.0


    A green scheme for the BM-27 Uragen MLRS in SBProPe. This is an edit of the stock eSim texture by Roguesnake79, intended to more-or-less match the appearance of many of the newer (4.xxx) Russian vehicles and prototypes. For those seeking to model current events, an optional alternative decal file is included.
  10. Splash


    Version 1.0.0


    BMP-3 IFV in green, as an alternative to the stock three-tone Russian camo. Created by editing one of eSim's textures. Winter version included.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    A Canadian skin for the new Leopard 2A6MA2 in SBProPE version 4.357. Created by editing dejawolf's stock textures. Included are woodland and winter versions. NOTE: In version 4.357 the sim uses the Leopard 2A5/2A6 model and skin for the TC's view of the turret and hull deck, so I have also included the latest versions of my Canadian skins for that model, so you see Canadian camo rather than the stock German when unbuttoned. If you previously downloaded that mod, you may either keep or overwrite the older version.
  12. I've been doing the same as Lt DeFault for years ... except with CH products. Works great.
  13. The new Leopard model is a beauty. Is that yours, @DK-DDAM? Nice. Are the earlier Leopards on the table for such an upgrade?
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