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  1. If the problem is missing smoke and dust from artillery explosions, I think that was covered in another thread. Feature. Not bug. If that's not what this thread is about ... pardon my intrusion. 😐
  2. It's my understanding that the "Is Dirt" checkbox in the theme determines the texture of emplacements. Could that be the issue here? Make sure only one terrain type has that checkmark ... preferably a sand or dirt one.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I stole RogueSnake's MERDC pattern layers from the M113a2 template and fit it to the M113G3-DK, which is the base model for the M113 FO, Engineer, TOW, OPMV and Repair vehicles. MERDC is the sim's default scheme for us 1980 camouflage. These files give you the MERDC scheme when the G3 is used in a proxy role for U.S. versions of those vehicles. The package features summer, winter and fall versions. Included is a decals file necessary to eliminate Danish markings on these U.S. vehicles. Template by RogueSnake79
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is an overall green scheme for the M113G3-DK -- which is the base model for the M113 FO, Engineer, TOW, OPMV and Repair vehicles -- and is intended to match eSim's M113A1 skin. The package also includes an unmarked skin. These files give you a nondescript, non-Danish scheme when the G3 is used in a proxy role for other nations' versions of the above vehicles. Included is a decals file necessary to eliminate Danish markings on these vehicles when not playing as Denmark. Template by RogueSnake79
  5. Had been looking forward to this and planning for it, but real life will intervene. So I must back out. Sorry.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    The Desert Camouflage Pattern was used by the U.S. military well into the 2000's, having replaced the six-color "chocolate-chip" camo in the early 1990s. Based on the appearance of the U.S. Army during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, this skin features the DCU's three-color camouflage pattern plus Interceptor body armor in the M81 woodland pattern. This skin was created with deja wolf's template and is for the US 2000 troop model (interceptordress). Also still available below is the original skin for when the mission designer has chosen US 1990 as the camo.
  7. (Ahem) The commander's position (F7) is now inaccessible in the Police version of this vehicle.
  8. Release Notes: "Corrected the missing T-72B1 commander's hatch on the OPFOR and RU and RU2020 textures." Missed the same problem on the default T-72M_M1 winter texture.
  9. It could be that the theme used in that operation is a victim of the new "is ground" element in the theme editor. The way I understand it the theme uses the terrain texture ticked "is ground" for emplacements. If more than one terrain type is so ticked, it uses the first one, sometimes yielding unexpected results. (I read that somewhere -- manual or readme -- but can't find it now to reference). Maybe if it pre-dates that change, none of the ground types have the "is ground" box checked ... and the same thing happens -- first one gets selected. ?
  10. Out four-wheelin'. Already scratched the new paint job.
  11. Splash

    German GD240

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a repaint of the stock eSim texture for the GD240 Wolf in tri-color "NATO-flage" for Germany. Includes a matching camouflage top and decals for German plates.
  12. ... Maybe some of the building models could be set to randomize colors in a fashion similar to how civilian vehicles are handled. That would add a lot of visual variety without requiring any additional modeling hours.
  13. Thanks for the offer, DarkAngel, but I'm personally satisfied to use your default skins for the BRDM. I just prefer that my Iraqi Army vehicles not have Soviet markings. That's an easy decal fix, which I offered to ViperX_ since he seemed to have the same concern. But thanks again. It's a really good-looking model and textures. @stormrider_sp, Unless I misinterpreted completely, I believe ViperX_ was looking for a way to get Iraqi camo for his vehicle. His problem was that the vehicle appeared to be Russian even though he had placed it in the Mission Editor as Iraq. That will happen, of course, when the sim doesn't include a texture for that vehicle for a given nation. Hopefully the offer of the decal file will solve it.
  14. Yeah, several nations in the sim have their own markings and/or skins for the BRDM. Iraq is not one of them, for some reason. And at this point there are no texture mods available for the newer, crewable model. Here's what I did awhile back: I just removed all national markings and unit numbering from this unit's decal file. Put it in the woodland and/or desert "iq" mod folder, and you get an unmarked BRDM rather than a Soviet one for Iraq. No charge. ☺️ BRDM_Family_Decals.dds
  15. Dark, from his description, he is not putting the file in a nation folder ... just in the mods/textures/woodland parent folder. That, of course, is his problem. @Monkie. Thanks for the elaboration. As Dark says, if you want to see the skin when, for example, us1970 is one of the parties in your woodland-themed mission, the file must be in that subfolder of the woodland mods folder. If you want to see it when using us1980, us1990, us2000, Turkey, Israel, Iran, etc, or any other nation's camo ... you need to copy the file into those folders as well. Furthermore. If you want to see it when the map's theme is something other than woodland, the file needs also to be copied to the specific nations' folders of those (winter, desert, autumn) parent folders as well. For a refresher, check this previous post: [At the risk of making this more complicated -- Ignore this if you like, since it's more related to what @Captain_Colossus wrote -- Some texture files do work in the seasonal parent mod folders (outside of the nation folders), but these are generally not vehicle skins but rather "attachments" to the vehicles (the biber's bridge, the T72's MG mount, for example). Other modded textures like grasses, bridges and buildings also had to be outside the nation folders to work -- but I haven't checked yet whether that's the case in 4.1x.]
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