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  1. Wouldn't be the first time eSim introduced a bug with a new update. 🤣
  2. There is a phantom object (possibly a jerry can?) casting a shadow on the M113a2 ATGM. It goes away when shadow mapping is lowered/turned off. It appears on most iterations of the vehicle but not all -- which is why I suspect it's one of the random stowage items.
  3. Yeah, the new dustoff effects in 4.250 are sweet. Picky Me would like to see them for the duration of ground contact. They appear on landing and takeoff, but disappear if the chopper idles on the ground. Probably a resources/framerate concession?
  4. I reported the bug because I noticed it while working on my own FISTV skin and thought it might be an easy, if temporary, fix since the installation already includes a legacy track file that does work with the model. I got the impression that it won't be fixed, though, considering that the model is due for a rework. Indeed, I was apparently working parallel to you, unbeknownst, based on the same inspiration. You uploaded a fine skin, so mine (pictured in the linked bug thread) and its brown-dominant fall version will remain in my mods folders for my own enjoyment -- and possibly so
  5. Looking forward to the update. Here's what we could have now-ish if the M1064 and FISTV used the existing, low-rez "M113track.dds"
  6. Yeah, it's an ancient model and overdue for a facelift, and there are so many "more important" things to deal with ... but ... just in case no one has mentioned this, the FISTV track texture is miss-mapped. It uses the same texture file as the Bradley (M2A2track), which doesn't fit, as seen in the attached view. It seems to this novice that it would be an easy fix, since there is in the textures/woodland folder an old file of similar vintage (m113track.dds) that does fit the model. (I tried it). But this is not really a user moddable thing since altering the M2A2track
  7. AAAARRRGG! I've been working on a FISTV skin, off and on, for a couple of weeks now. You beat me to the draw! 🥺 These are very nice, though. 👍
  8. I voted, but it's really a tossup for me, and there wasn't a "meh" choice. It's always nice to see new platforms added to the sim, so I voted for that one ... although there are so many now that there are dozens I've never used beyond loading them up on an empty map for a look. While I think more infantry AT weapon playability would absolutely be useful, I have zero interest in seeing rifle sights included, so I couldn't vote for that as presented. I don't mean to discount those who do; everyone's entitled to their preferences. The recurring calls for rifle
  9. I think that one's on a lot of wish lists. Including mine.
  10. Understood. What about abatis? These are (in SB, anyway) typically used to only block a roadway. They can't be breached but must be maneuvered around. Handy information to have reported by the AI scout.
  11. Question about the wide array of new panels available for placement at runtime: For the non-military among us, is there some available documentation that details the meanings/uses of the various types, colors and shapes? I took a skim through STANAG2019 in the docs folder to see if it might be there, but didn't find anything.
  12. When friendly AI units encounter/discover a minefield, it is reported by being marked on the map. However, while doing some testing and experimenting for this thread ... ... I found that the new tank ditch obstacles are not being so marked. Feature or bug? Also, dragon teeth and steel beams are reported/marked by AI. Abatis are not (and have not been since before 4.2 -- maybe ever). Feature or bug? Discuss.
  13. Yes. An AI Humvee with scout tactics will see and mark a minefield with no human intervention. It will also report dragons teeth and steel beams. But not an abatis or the new tank ditch. Just wondering why. Maybe should be reported as a bug ... but maybe a feature.
  14. Since the thread is about AI scripting of breaches, I have a related question: Why don't AI report (and mark on map) encountered obstacles like tank ditches and abatis? Like they do for minefields.
  15. Well, his idea did solve it for traverse ... with two suggestions. Whether using the mouse wheel induces RSI, I suppose that would depend on the movement ratio. IMO, turning the mouse wheel would be an improvement over stabbing arrow keys. But, it's all about opinions here.
  16. I think Hedgehog meant the scroll wheel on the mouse.
  17. Yeah, this is getting pretty confusing. But in testing your scenario and one I made myself, it was my experience that the key to getting a Breach route to work is to have it set for "No auto-pathfinding". Seems counter to what Ssnake was saying. Perhaps that is true of follow-on routes other than breach routes? But for the initial breach, a Navmesh-enabled route seems to make the vehicle want to avoid the obstacle rather than breach it. How you go about getting "no auto-pathfinding" on the route gets confusing regarding whether one has the "Hold Alt key to plot Na
  18. This particular part of your problem, I'm pretty sure, can be fixed by moving Waypoint 2 away from the obstacle and/or changing the tanks' route from it to COLUMN rather than WEDGE. As it is, the lead tank is sending a "Wedge" formation order to its wingmen before they even reach the bridge.
  19. That was a suspicion ... though it didn't seem to be a likely feature for the PE edition. Maybe there are some deep-pocketed players with elaborate simpits, I guess. <shrug>
  20. What's the "Motion Platform Setting" supposed to do? I couldn't find anything in the RN. I don't seem to have access to it in the Options ... (can't tick the Enable checkbox).
  21. Hey, quick question if anyone is about ... I'm wondering if I should go ahead and install the map packages (tick the box in the bundle installer) if I already have the maps. I know there's at least one new map (Abraxas') but I've already downloaded it from the downloads section. I notice Mirzayev skips it in his helpful vid ... any pros or cons?
  22. Coupla skins I've been working on ...
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