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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is a Norwegian scheme for the Leopard 2A4 in SBProPE, in markings of the Telemark Battalion. Made with eSim's 2013 template. This package also includes roof and interior files, decals and tracks, plus a snow-dusted version for winter, because Norway.
  2. "A supported game is required to use this filter." SBProPE is, apparently, not supported.
  3. Seems pretty clear to me. Say you have a dismounted missile team and rifle team at a position, and want to mount only the missile team, (maybe to reload or maybe to transport the team to another position) while leaving the rifle team in place. You can do this manually with the vehicle's icon context menu ... But to answer the original question, I don't believe it is possible to script this for the AI to do it.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    These textures improve the sharpness and clarity of the control panels for the gunner and commander's stations in all playable Leopard tanks of SBProPE 4.363 (with the exception of the Leopardo and Strv122, which have their own language-specific textures, and the AS1, which has no interior model). These are not "higher-resolution" but rather the same size as the stock eSim textures. While many of the details and upgrades are mine, I did incorporate some elements of previous work by Hase. Improvements, based on video research, include: Blurry text replaced by sharper text; Missing labels and text restored; New, upgraded screw and bolt heads; Reworked and recreated stickers for legibility; Smoothing of pixilated surfaces.
  5. Splash

    Leopard interiors

    So this is pretty minor as far as issues go, but it got my attention: There seems to be a bulb out on the multi-launch control of the Danish Leopard 2A5's. ๐Ÿคจ The area that (based on my guess of the pictograph) indicates smoke is dark, while the one that appears to represent HE grenades is lit. By comparison, both are lit on the Leopardo, which has the same unit. That makes me wonder if it's supposed to be lit on the DK Leopards? I realize it's not a fully clickable/functional control, as smoke/HE don't appear to be selectable on either unit (although the covered switch does control whether you can launch smoke or grenades, and the arrow buttons do govern which side of the turret the smoke salvo is launched from).
  6. Splash

    Leopard interiors

    For reference, here are some screenshots of the un-altered stock textures in-game.
  7. Splash

    Leopard interiors

    I believe if text an arm's length away is out-of-focus, you need glasses. On that premise, I've been reworking the interior panels of the Leopard series so that I don't feel like I need a new prescription. Elements of these files appear in all crewable Leopards (with the exception of the Leopardo and Strv 122, which have their own language-specific graphics, and are not covered by this mod). I can't improve on the lit buttons until I can solve the voodoo of the "changertexture" graphics file. But what I have done is re-do the blurry text on panels viewable by the gunner and commander, added a few details and some text missing from the stock textures, recreated some of the manufacturer labeling, and upgraded much of the fastening hardware (bolts, screws, etc.) The textures -- leo2A5_hi1 and leo2A5HI2 -- are not "higher-rez" but rather the same size (2048x2048) as stock. Sources were mostly Google images and a couple of YouTube vids of the interior of a Polish Leopard 2A5. Plus a clue from Ssnake (thanks) which I was able to confirm via one of the videos. The work is based on the stock 4.363 graphics files and some 15-year-old textures by (apparently former) community member Hase, so it's not 100 percent my own art. Click on the images for full detail.
  8. Another issue that might be a bug, common to all the post-2A4 Leopards, is that the TIM on/off switch is set to OFF initially ... even though the unit is clearly ON. You can use the clickable switch to turn it off ... but only after first turning it to the EIN position. From that point it works as one would expect.
  9. Thank you, very much. These look correct?
  10. I guess I'll shelve the idea of higher-rez buttons, since the changertexture.dds is such a mystery. But I'd still like some help updating the higher-rez interior panels for the Leopard. For now, a couple of issues (screenshots below): On the commander's display, there's a box below the nameplate that seems to contain a series of alpha-numerics; with the lower left one in blue. Top line appears to be something like x0 x1 x2 x3 x4, with x being maybe a letter? Bottom line similar, same letters but with different numbers. It's hard to tell from the blurry stock texture, and I can't find a web image clear enough to decipher. On the other display (made by AEG; don't know what it's called), the field for speed in km/h is missing a label on the stock texture, but from a video I found showing a Leopard 2A4 interior, it should have one -- I just can't tell what it should say. It appears in the vid to be about the name number of letters as HOHE above it -- maybe a little longer. I assume from the SBWiki the label should be "Speed" ... but the abbreviation for Geschwindigkeit I've used is too long. Could "GESCH." be right? Or could "SPEED" be appropriate in German? Would appreciate any help.
  11. I would be surprised if this hasn't been reported before, but I couldn't find mention of it so ... The gunner in Leopard 2A5-DK and 2A5A1-DK cannot reach the Normal/Emergency/Manual switch by looking to rear-right using Mouse View. (Screenshot below; crosshair showing extent of movement). The switch can be reached in the other Leopard 2's (including the 2A5A2-DK) using mouse view. It also can be reached using Track-IR in all Leopards, because the mouse isn't locked to the view. Worth noting is that in the affected tanks, you can reach the switch if you first pan to your LEFT, ZOOM (N), then pan back to the rear-right. Starting head position just a wee bit too far forward in those two tanks, maybe? I don't know if this existed pre-4.3xx, since I normally use Track-IR, but I assume it did. I suspect most just use the hot keys, anyway.
  12. Thanks. I've been saving without mip maps all along. I've tried no compression, DXT1, DXT3 and DXT5. My DDS plugin for GIMP doesn't offer a 4 bpp | no alpha option, only an RGBA4, which was another fail. I've been using RGB8 -- though I also tried RGBA8 once with no luck. Converting the image to 4 bit in another app just seems to lose all color detail. You sure it's supposed to be 4 bit? The original seems to be 8 bit.
  13. I'm trying update/rework some higher-rez Leopard interior graphics based on some outdated files in the download section. Specifically, the works by Hase. A problem I've encountered is that while I'm able to upgrade the various illuminated button labels by modifying the "changertexture.dds", doing so causes a loss of the displayed telemetry. I've tried several approaches, all unsuccessfully. I'm hoping someone at eSim can clue me in to the necessary export settings for the file ... or perhaps another modder has already cracked this nut.
  14. Tried. You do appear to be able to set the formation for a battle position (Hold/Defend/Guard) waypoint, but regardless of the formation set, a platoon fans out into a line formation upon reaching it. They follow formation orders at a Stay waypoint, as the manual says.
  15. The 2A4 has a gunner as of 4.357. Evidence in the posts and pic above. It, the 2A6Ma2 and Leopardo2 have the gunner crewman modeled now. The 5's and the 6 don't, which is the odd thing since the 2A6Ma2 uses the 5/6 model and view for F7. If I'm not mistaken (might be) the current 2A4 is of similar or older vintage than the 2A5's in SB.
  16. I had the same problem with the map. Querying for it in-game or entering 8baa3d95-7289-4af4-8548-a7346a2ad505 in the Transfer Manager brings back "Package Not Found." I looked in my maps/packages folder and found I already had a map with the same name: Kouvostoliitto Finland 50x50km, a delta of Kouvola (50x50km) [autocreated base]. So I did the "Replace Map" function in the Mission Editor, and it loaded and looks fine. Is it possible maybe the author has used an edited version of the Kouvostoliitto map ... saved with the same name but now with a different UID? The scenerio is looking for a different UID than the Kouvostoliito map on my drive. I don't know the UID of the version offered as an attachment by the OP above, but, as I said, the one on my drive, part of the original installation -- UID 41537f18-8f1f-4f1c-bc2a-60dfd1e4cd62 -- works when I use that one instead. Don't know if I'm missing any edited differences. I haven't had a chance to play the .sce yet.
  17. OK, for anyone who might prefer a more "mature" vintage of concertina wire, I'll attach the file below. Unzip it and copy the file into any or all of your seasonal mod folders (woodland, winter, desert, autumn). Put it alongside -- not within -- the various nations subfolders. If you want to go back to the shiny stuff, just remove or rename the file. Before using, ensure that your combat engineers' tetanus boosters are current. ๐Ÿ˜ Concertina.zip
  18. In the first screenshot of the Boxer above, the roll shows the rust. For comparison, unmodded:
  19. Sounds like the sort of thing I might do. ๐Ÿ™‚ Will take a look at it when home from work.
  20. Splash

    BM27 Uragan

    Version 1.0.0


    A green scheme for the BM-27 Uragen MLRS in SBProPe. This is an edit of the stock eSim texture by Roguesnake79, intended to more-or-less match the appearance of many of the newer (4.xxx) Russian vehicles and prototypes. For those seeking to model current events, an optional alternative decal file is included.
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