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  1. Splash

    Warrior - Green

    Version 1.0.0


    A British Army Warrior in overall green. Template by Dejawolf; detail added to optics. Unmarked, to utilize the stock decals.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    The new Multi-terrain Camouflage Uniform (MCU) of the New Zealand Army. The digital pattern of this uniform, unique to the New Zealand Defence Force, is designed to provide concealment in multiple environments. Two versions included. Original US_molle infantry template by Dejawolf; camouflage pattern internet-sourced.
  3. Any hints to offer about whether there are infantry model changes? I'm thinking maybe about a skin project or two.
  4. Splash

    Contagious damage

    @Gibsonm has elsewhere offered a workaround that simulates the dismounting of an ASLAV-25 commander from his vehicle to perform recce afoot. And it works great. But in experimenting with the function, which involves assigning "damage if/repair if" conditions to the vehicles, I discovered that when you combine those vehicles into a unit with other vehicles that DON'T have the conditions, the conditions seem to "infect" all of the vehicles in the formation. Test .sce below. The 6-vehicle platoon (troop?) of ASLAV-25s and ASLAV-PCs is set so the ASLAV-25s have a single dismountable soldier to simulate the vehicle commander. When he's dismounted, the intent is for the crew commander and vehicle radio to be "damaged" to simulate his absence. The "damage" is "repaired" when/if he returns. The two PCs in the formations, however, do NOT have these conditions applied. Now, combine/attach the six vehicles into one unit -- either in the planning phase or at runtime. You'll find that, at runtime, NONE of the vehicles gets the intended radio/commander damage upon dismount while the unit is consolidated. But if you separate a vehicle from the pack, it will lose its commander/radio when you dismount -- even the PC's, which had not been programmed to do this before consolidation. Boiled down to its simplest form: Attaching a vehicle without damage/repair-if logic to one that has it will cause both to have it when later divided. (Maybe I should have said that to start with). ASLAV25 dismounts test 4_023 Damage.sce
  5. 😄 LOL I wouldn't worry about a derail. Requests for features frequently prompt multiple-post discussions of said requests. In this case, I'd like to use your workaround for a dismountable vehicle commander, and I can most certainly give him the 3D apearance of a crewman instead of an infantryman. But I've found a possible bug. I probably should start a separate thread in Support. In short, even when setting the ASLAV-PC's to NOT have the commander/radio damage upon dismount ... they become 'infected' with that option when combined in a unit with the ASLAV-25's that have it. If you subsequently separate a PC from the pack, it will now lose its radio and commander when you dismount its squad. That's not desirable, but relevant to the request to make the damage/repair if options saveable in a template.
  6. I don't think it's that fiddly, since you can set the look of carried troops for one ASLAV-25 on your map and then apply it to all vehicles of that type with a single click. But whatever. It was just a suggestion. Keep the grunts if you like. Regarding the binos, I was referring to the 3D model and animation. (Pic below) Of course the player has access to the dismount's optics via the N key in either case. But your points about the icons and artillery-calling powers are well taken. In exploring your test .sce though, I was puzzled by how the ASLAV-25s ignore the "damage if/repair if" settings when combined into a unit ("12"). So I guess the ability to "dismount" a "commander" only works when the vehicle is unattached? Or have I found a bug? I also see that your ASLAV-PC vehicles in "12" have the same damage applied to the commander when the vehicle is unattached and the grunts dismount. That's not intended behavior, is it? I tried editing the .sce to remove the damage logic from just the PC's, but was unable to make it stick when the unit was re-combined. Maybe another bug? Separately, since your ASLAV-25 dismount has the same callsign as his vehicle, the route logic doesn't seem to work. So you can't really script this for AI, can you? It's still a nice training tool for player-controlled vehicles, though.
  7. I can save you a little bit of premature wrinkling from squinting, if you like. Use the "Set look of carried troops" option for your affected vehicles, and set it as "AFV Crewman (US)" ... thus making any infantry you attach to the vehicle(s) look like a crewman, even when he dismounts. Still a little squinting involved since he's carrying an AK instead of an F88 ... but hey, baby steps. You could also equip the 3D incarnation of your attached dismount/ersatz commander with binos by making him a one-member FO team using "Set unit type." I believe those settings would also save in your template. Just some thoughts.
  8. I'm going to miss dpabrams' modded grasses. They add so much to the visuals, imho. But, we knew when they were released that change was coming. Here's hoping progress is better.
  9. I'll take the remaining tank in A1. May I ask which SB nation will be playing the role of the GIR?
  10. Splash

    Chinese Type 99

    Are you using two copies of the edited file -- in the appropriate locations?
  11. First, there is nothing "simple" when it comes to SB4. I have one for the CH Combatstick & Throttle, which you're welcome to try. Its created with Control Manager 4.52. But I don't know if the file will be read properly by a Fighterstick setup, since the Fighterstick has more buttons (a 4-way hat in place of my Button 2). It's below nevertheless. If you can access it in Control Manager, feel free to tailor it to fit your needs. I consider it a 'work in progress' as I occasionally change/add/subtract based on what I'm playing most. As far as "proper" "important" or "recommended" keybindings, that's kind of dependent on which vehicles you focus on, which positions (gunner, TC, infantry) you intend to occupy and how you prefer to play the sim. This is a complicated sim with a lot of vehicles. There are so many keybindings -- many performing different functions in different vehicles -- you really have to pick and choose based on your needs. I, for example, have omitted most AI/comms-type commands from my HOTAS (T for 'found target', I for 'show target', H for 'hold fire', U for mounting/dismounting troops, C for 'resume route', etc etc etc) and instead use a voice-activation app to send those keypresses and anything else I would "tell" a crewmember to do. I have mapped only the actual switchology bindings -- stuff that you actually press/manipulate in the vehicle (Fire, lase, smoke, sight adjustments, TIS, ammo selection etc etc etc) to my stick and throttle. I also have buttons on my throttle (a thumb hat) dedicated to views/positions, a couple of push-to-talk keys, a pause/center for my TrackIR, and one button as a 'shift' so I can effectively double the number of buttons. Even with that, there are a few things I still have to do via the keyboard and/or mouse. All the relevant keybinds are listed in the "Controls" area of the sim. You can export that to text and use it for reference. A less-complete but still useful tool is the PDF keyboard layout which can be found in the sim's docs folder. I hope that helps get you started. Oh, one other thing. SB recognizes only one joystick input, so you have to use the CH Control Manager software to combine your stick and throttle so that they're seen as a single device, which my profile does. SBProPE_CH.7z
  12. Thanks again. Some screens from my first online experience. I played from the TC seat of a tank section in 2 Alpha and didn't think to get screenies ... so these are from Gibsonm's AAR file. They make for a more artful presentation, anyway. Rookie mistake .. I strayed too far forward, I believe, but stumbled onto an enemy unit's flank. My AI gunner called out "PC". I ordered "Fire." Saw later that it wasn't a PC. Spotted a BMP dumping smoke on retreat. Took a missle hit myself, so I popped smoke and backed up. It took two or three more HE hits to kill it. Only the kill shot showed in the AAR. I displaced a bit expecting artillery ... Then I spent quite a while waiting and watching ... while listening to the pitterpatter of the rain ,,, ... While most of the action took place to the east. Nice 1Km flank shot by Gibsonm here saved a pixeltrup. My next action came when my tank gained carnal knowledge of a tree, rending my TC personage Hors d'combat. Alas, a 15-minute visit to the doc was insufficient to heal him. So I continued as TC of the No. 3 tank, dragging my commander-less 4 along as an AI wingie. (I need to practice degraded operations in the 2A6.) It wasn't a total loss on the skins: The I have a Bundeswehr version of the ambulance in my collection. 😏 Anyway, my former mount's AI gunner soon scored a tank kill in the assault on the first objective. Followed by two more and a tunguska between the two of us in the assault on the second objective. None of this showed up credited to me in the AAR ... I assume because my ISP dropped me at the beginning of the mission and I had to be handed a section of tanks after rejoin. (shrug) But all's well. It was good fun. Thanks again to Gibsonm for the early reveille and to chrisreb & Dboy .
  13. Enjoyed it muchly. Even with the ISP drop and the killer tree branch. Hope I didn't stink up the joint too badly. Thanks again to all, especially Mark, for going the extra bit.
  14. Sorry, just saw this (different side of the world and all). Unless they bowed out privately, looks by responses that there are at least two, maybe three others. Total of 6 including you? But if everyone is dropping, I REALLY wouldn't want to see you get up at that hour to host (or worse, decide then to abort for lack of numbers.) Since you've probably already turned in by this time, I'll drop by TeamSpeak at the appointed time since it will be midday here. But if you get this in time, don't feel compelled. Get some sleep. I can do this some other weekend.
  15. I'd like to sign on for this. Happy to show up a bit early to make sure I have TeamSpeak & etc. sorted, since it's my first go at online. And I do appreciate the sacrifice of getting up at 0 dark hundred for no tangible gain.
  16. Sincere apologies for the lateness, but will bow out of this one. Hopefully next week.
  17. May I ask what year the action is set? And the in-game camo (nation code) for blue and red ... and the season? I'm considering which textures I want to load. Thanks. Also a little uneasy about the potential lack of turnout. Maybe not a good time for a rookie to dive in?
  18. It's looking like this will be a good weekend for me to finally test the online waters. I'm new to SB multiplayer but not new to SB. I think I could handle a tank without embarrassing myself too much. Maybe a subordinate role (wingman) in one of the M60A3 platoons? I'll be sure to show up early to make sure everything's sorted with my connection and with TeamSpeak. I'm from the U.S., by the way.
  19. Here ya go. Leo2a4_roof.7z
  20. That tutorial is for lasing practice. There is no TC, and your loader only loads sabot. You don't get to choose the ammo. So of course by changing the indexing to HEAT, you cause the sabot round to fly high until you change it back to sabot (er, fin for you brits).
  21. Thanks, Ssnake. This might all be moot, but I've attached a .sce in case Jartsev still wishes to look into it further. As far as getting troops to disembark from a disabled AI vehicle by scripting, I found that it can be done ... but routes seem to override vehicle-assigned "Troops" conditions. Therefore, "Dismount If ..." needs to be applied to the route, not the vehicle, apparently. In other words, for testing purposes I can set a specific vehicle or vehicles to become damaged, and that damage will occur when the condition is met -- whether it's on an assigned route or not. But I cannot set a dismount condition in the same manner; I must put that condition on the route or the vehicle setting will be ignored in transit. The result during play is that a vehicle set to dump its troops in the event of engine/track/driver loss will do it if, A) it is not connected to a route, or B) if it is, that route must have the desired dismount condition. I think this behavior has been discussed before; I don't remember if it was considered a bug or a desired behavior, but having to put the "Dismount If" condition on every conceivable route in the planning stage is pretty impractical -- whereas, if it were on the vehicle, groups could be selected and the condition set en masse. While experimenting with different approaches to the problem, I also found that the "Troops/Dismount If..." condition appears to work only once per vehicle, even in the absence of a route. If you repair the damage and reload the troops, they ignore the "Dismount if ..." condition upon subsequent damage. Dismounts.sce
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