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  1. Judging from the screenie, this appears to be what he's attempting. That's the "Classics" scenario menu. Probably an installation problem where the needed map either isn't installed or is not in the expected location.
  2. Depending on who the artist was, they often make them available when asked. At this point I don't see them in the "Vehicle Templates" area of the downloads section. The new externals are "cv9040_hulls" and "cv9040_turrets". If you're proficient with PhotoShop or similar, you might be able to craft one of your own from the desert version of the skin.
  3. The CV90/40 B&C models recently received new 3D models from eSim. So unfortunately, those older pre-update skins no longer work.
  4. Splash

    Ukranian T72B

    Nothing wrong. All of your textures are very good. But there's certainly no harm in someone modding a different camo scheme, is there? I don't think any texture mod is meant as a personal afront to eSim artists. I must say there's been a lot of vid and pix out of the region over the past months, and, while I'm sure they exist, I haven't seen any UA military equipment in the particular camo scheme offered in SB ... but I've seen a lot of stuff in that blocky pixilated type of scheme @daskal uses for his mod. Same could be said for the TTskO-like infantry camo provided in-game. I don't see that anywhere in contemporary coverage ... but almost exclusively I see the UCP-like digital pattern they've been using at least since 2019. That's why I did one for myself, and I saw @Apocalypse 31 uploaded a version of his own. If setting up a current-events-based .sce or vid, seems logical to want current camo.
  5. I'd like to see this accomplished by distributing custom vehicle and infantry skins embedded with the map package -- as virtually all other object textures can be now. That way, there's no additional net traffic to transfer large graphics files. We can already put custom building, roadsign, plantlife etc. skins in an "actors" folder in a map package for distribution ... but this does not appear to work with vehicles, infantry & civilians. (Maybe I'm not constructing the file path correctly). But in any case, I would still want files in my mods folder to override.
  6. Splash

    Language Mod

    Yeah. You could do the same in earlier versions. There are at least a couple available for download, for example, for Leopards. None that I know of for the BMP2.
  7. Splash

    Language Mod

    Possible. Yes. Just requires editing of the relevant texture(s) and placing said edits into the appropriate mods folder.
  8. Does it still appear that way after exiting the map and re-entering? I had that happen once when traveling over a long distance in the 3D view with WASD keys in the Map Editor. Thought it was a memory thing. Exited the map, re-opened and all was fine.
  9. Yup. That fixes the problem with the 70's dude. While you're looking, I noticed the Uniform1970RU normal file suffers -- to a lesser degree -- from the same issue. (Buttons, collar insignia, portions of leather rig)
  10. Yeah, already done on my end. There's a minor difference: the 80's version has a 2nd Cav patch while the 70's guy has a 3rd ID patch + PFC rank. Since those are included on the normalmap, the shadowing shows up on the model. Gotta look close for it, though.
  11. The NORMALMAP file for the Uniform1970US infantry model is the inverse of what it should be. I temporarily installed a blank white skin for both 1970 and 1980 to help visualized the issue.
  12. Oh. My. God. That is epic. Hope my computer's got the nuts to run it.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    A desert camo skin for Belgian infantry. Made using eSim's Photoshop template.
  14. The other possibility is that you might catch a shot of AI using the Cal. 50 ... but that doesn't seem the case from your description.
  15. I've been able to get commander-out-of-the-hatch shots only when using the AAR. The position/state of the commander (and gunner, too, if he has a hatch) is recorded in the AAR, so you can force it (QQ) in a vehicle you crew, then get the pic in the AAR world view after ending the mission. But I don't recall ever seeing an AI crew model in the exposed position -- even when no enemy is present on the map. I'd like to get shots like that at runtime, which it looks like you have. Assuming it only happens in user-crewed vehicles, I wonder if maybe it could be done while running two instances of SB (with two screens). Crew the commander's position of the vehicle in one instance; get the screenie or record the vid on the other screen in the 3D world view? Is it possible you were doing something like that when you got the above shots? Might be worth some experimentation.
  16. Submitted to the upload gods. @Ssnake I don't know what "acquiring the rights" would entail, but if it meets your standards, it's yours.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    A texture mod for circa-2020 ROC infantry in SBProPe. As of version 4.268 no camouflage option exists in-game for the Republic of China (Taiwan), so a surrogate "nationality" must be used. Details in readme.
  18. Yes, I made it using eSim's interceptordress Photoshop template. The camo pattern is what I believe Taiwan's army is currently using. I figured the request was made based on current events, rather than something historical. I created it from an internet-sourced photo of an actual garment. I'm not happy yet with my depiction of jungle boots, but after fixing that of course I'll make it available. Using modded infantry skins is generally pretty simple in SB: You place your file(s) in the chosen nation's "camo" mod folder, then, using the Mission Editor, make sure that nation is the desired party in your sce. It gets a little more complicated when SB does not feature the nation you want to represent. That's the case here; there is no mod folder for Taiwan/Republic of China, so you'd have to use a proxy nation. That might sooner or later change, based on Ssnake's inference in his post above. (Would be interesting to see how that plays out, considering the dim view China takes to even the suggestion that Taiwan might be a nation.) The screenshot was taken using South Korea (KR2000) as the proxy folder, because its interceptor troop model and M4 carbine looked the part.
  19. I see VideoStudio Pro is on sale. I toyed with Resolve a few years ago and took an online introductory course in Premier. I remember them being very similar in layout/function but really overkill for what I wanted to do.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Skins for the MB 300G CDi-NL and MB 240GD in SBProPE, to serve as similar G-Wagons in the Australian Defence Force. RHD models unavailable at this time (supply chain issues 😉) but right-hand-drive can be roughly simulated in-game through the Mission Editor. Package also includes an alternate tarp for the 240GD to simulate (with sufficient distance and squinting) the hard-top vehicles in use in the ADF.
  21. Next I need a real video editor.
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