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  1. That tutorial is for lasing practice. There is no TC, and your loader only loads sabot. You don't get to choose the ammo. So of course by changing the indexing to HEAT, you cause the sabot round to fly high until you change it back to sabot (er, fin for you brits).
  2. Mounted troops don't dismount if vehicle is immobilized

    Thanks, Ssnake. This might all be moot, but I've attached a .sce in case Jartsev still wishes to look into it further. As far as getting troops to disembark from a disabled AI vehicle by scripting, I found that it can be done ... but routes seem to override vehicle-assigned "Troops" conditions. Therefore, "Dismount If ..." needs to be applied to the route, not the vehicle, apparently. In other words, for testing purposes I can set a specific vehicle or vehicles to become damaged, and that damage will occur when the condition is met -- whether it's on an assigned route or not. But I cannot set a dismount condition in the same manner; I must put that condition on the route or the vehicle setting will be ignored in transit. The result during play is that a vehicle set to dump its troops in the event of engine/track/driver loss will do it if, A) it is not connected to a route, or B) if it is, that route must have the desired dismount condition. I think this behavior has been discussed before; I don't remember if it was considered a bug or a desired behavior, but having to put the "Dismount If" condition on every conceivable route in the planning stage is pretty impractical -- whereas, if it were on the vehicle, groups could be selected and the condition set en masse. While experimenting with different approaches to the problem, I also found that the "Troops/Dismount If..." condition appears to work only once per vehicle, even in the absence of a route. If you repair the damage and reload the troops, they ignore the "Dismount if ..." condition upon subsequent damage. Dismounts.sce
  3. Mounted troops don't dismount if vehicle is immobilized

    Sorry. Upon further review, the dismounts don't vanish -- they just aren't represented by 3D models when viewed from the outside. I hadn't noticed that before. The bug noted above still stands, though. Troops in 4.023 do not automatically dismount from disabled vehicles, nor will they abandon them if the vehicle has a specific "dismount if ... damage:crew/engine/track" condition. Maybe these 11 relevant posts could be separated into their own thread in the support forum?
  4. Mounted troops don't dismount if vehicle is immobilized

    It happens using "damage if," as in Bond_Villian's video.
  5. Mounted troops don't dismount if vehicle is immobilized

    FWIW, my testing with the M113A2 confirms Bond_Villian's results. Immobilizing damage -- engine, tracks, driver -- also annihilates the dismounts. (It's not that they fail to dismount; they are no longer there.) Bug?
  6. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    Not "all." The A and AM use the same file. The AM2 uses a separate one -- for which, unfortunately, there is no layered photoshop template available at present. (Dejawolf's T-55 template uploaded by DarkAngel is for the T55A_AM_soviet, and does not include layers for parts unique to the AM2 texture.)
  7. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    I'll leave to others the discussion of whether the AM or AM2 is a proper proxy ... but I did plan to do a Finnish T-55 after completing the T-72M1. However, when I read Finland's tanks weren't T-55A's, I decided a plain green one with Finnish roundels was sufficient for me. I might revisit the idea if there were more than tepid interest. FWIW, the T-55A and T-55AM use the same skin file in SB, so if you do one, you've got the other.
  8. Looking for old Tank Platoon missions...

    This series was based on an even earlier sim, but might be similar to what you're looking for. https://www.steelbeasts.com/files/file/2196-m1-abrams-battle-tank-campaign-for-steelbeasts-prope-30/
  9. German Marder Milan

    Following Rotar's instructions (which, of course, are correct) you'll probably notice a couple of things: Choosing DE as your camo will result in troops with more modern weapons and uniforms than you likely want considering your time period, but I think you'll find that's of little concern to most of the people who'll download your scenario. It will also, however, give you a default starting point for German ammunition, which you can tailor to your time period by right-clicking on an infantry unit and selecting Options>Set ammunition. As far as the M113, depending on which model, you'll probabLY find you still have U.S. or Danish camo, because only the M113a2G carries German camo in stock SBProPE. You'd need custom skins (mods) to change that for non-a2G models, but as above, I think you'll find most downloading players probably won't be bothered by it.
  10. Mouse sensitivity/smoothing/refinement

    I don't remember being asked to weigh in on this. But I'm with Botas. Fortunately, TrackIR solves the issue with F1 viewing. And using a joystick for the binoculars instead of the mouse (since binos, like all optics, are unaffected by TrackIR) considerably dampens the response there.
  11. FN-FAL

    Assuming the question is not geographical in nature ... France, although it has a localization package, is not selectable as a nationality in SB. (Ditto for Greece). You would have to use, as a proxy, one of the existing nations with a similar weapon and uniform style to whatever France uses/used in your chosen time period, which is why Hedgehog's list is so helpful. The list, by the way, omits CIV, which uses the M-16 rifle and USMOLLE troop model for "infantry."
  12. We love screenshots

    I TOLD you to set the #@!%$&# parking brake!!
  13. Bad Dog

    PM Sean and/or Homer. This has been a recurring issue for me, as well. These guys, I'm sure, have real-life priorities that delay approvals ... and sometimes, it seems, the forum notification software fails them. I think the issue could use some attention. Creative types can sometimes be discouraged when, after finally pulling the trigger on an upload after hours of work to get a skin or a scenario "just right" ... it doesn't appear for download to the community for days ... or weeks. Just sayin.
  14. OK, well, regarding the "multiplayer" ... SB doesn't work like that. All graphics mods are seen only on the modding user's screen. If you apply any custom skins or unit markings to your vehicles, they do not, as in some other games, transmit to other players in a multiplayer environment. Only you will see them. Other players will see the graphics they have installed on their own machines -- whether they be the stock ones or mods of their own. There are a number of community members who are familiar with modding the decals files and might be able to help if you can be a little more precise on what you're wanting. I am one of them, but my real-world job gives me less time for SB modding these days, and I tend to limit myself to historical enhancements. I did a quick image search for 11th Cav armored vehicles and couldn't find any emblazoned with the regiment's distinctive emblem. That doesn't mean it doesn't or didn't happen ... but it leaves me short of references for how to realistically do it. Maybe you're a 2/11 ACR vet and have some ideas? The M1A2 decals are pretty straightforward to mod for a specific unit ... although you are limited to certain areas on the tank, and the sim randomizes some of them among tanks within the platoon, which is frustrating. The M60 is more problematic, since the unit placards on the turret are completely random. Which is very frustrating. In both cases, one could "blank" the decals and paint desired markings directly on a chosen vehicle skin. That is, if the artist knew what you wanted. Maybe post a photo or a description of what you'd like? If it's something make-believe, I'm probably not your guy.
  15. I'm not sure exactly what an "Emblem MP" is. Are you looking for a Blackhorse decal/markings for the M1A2 and M60A3?
  16. Sure. I set Drag at 0.20 and Traction at 0.60 for all "Is Snow" terrain types in the theme. That made a Humvee perform similarly to my own (limited) experience 4-wheeling in deep snow. I did notice that tracked vehicles, oddly, are slowed more than wheeled vehicles with that setting. And the settings appear to have no effect on roads, so even snow-covered lanes seem to offer the same speed/traction as dry. That's not realistic. For my test I mirrored the traction and drag settings for "(wet)" but think some tweaking may be in order to simulate muddy vs. solid or frozen ground. Same goes for Hardness. (I wasn't sure when/how the sim calls on the "wet" setting -- probably via the "Ground Saturation" checkbox in the Weather dialog ... but that's a percentage as well.) Bumpiness, per Ssnake's recommendation, I lowered to near zero for snow (except in woods, where I kept it high). I've attached what I did, if you'd like it as a reference or a starting point. Realism_Winter_(snow-heavy)_REV.thm
  17. We love screenshots

    Warrior. Out standing in its field.
  18. So, in line with the topic of the thread, what are the recommendations for a heavy snow environment? Especially regarding infantry? I experimented a bit on a copy of the "Realism" theme with deep snow shown above, and achieved what I consider more-realistic behavior (at least of wheeled vehicles) by adjusting the traction and drag. But I'm curious: Since the terrain type (grass, field, sand, rock, gravel, etc.) instead "is snow", do the variables apply to the "snow" or to the theoretical "ground" beneath it? Particularly I'm wondering about the "sink-in" effect of bumpiness, since snow also effects line of sight and infantry can only fire from the prone position.
  19. What about the themes that came with the sim? Have they been reviewed to ensure expected appearance/behavior? In the interest of easing Mark's task, if the "stock" themes have been vetted, adding snow to a map is very nearly as easy as "a simple check box": Just pick a map in the Mission Editor, select "Replace Theme", save the mission. That's what I did to get the above screenshot. (I'm not sure why Mark was forced to duplicate his map to get the desired result, but glad it worked out for him.) In my ProgramData directory I have 20 "Realism_" files. I believe those came with the sim as-is. I have 5 "FULDA_" ones, but I'm not sure whether I downloaded those. And I have a couple of user-made ones I downloaded. That's it. I won't even ask about the impact of the new terrain engine on all this. (Well, OK, I did.).
  20. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    I agree that what appears to be an RAF roundel would seem out of place on the front of any tank -- assuming the user is interested in historical accuracy. Even so, I have seen knowledgeable, respected players paste fanciful VU shoulder patches and markings on skins for their own use. Meh. What concerns me, however, is that hobbyists offering graphic mods for SB are in very short supply, and their work is largely unappreciated by the majority of the community. Rather than comments that can easily be received as ridicule and discouraging, I would prefer to see helpful advice -- especially from one who has so frequently been quick to volunteer valuable assistance to new players in the past. That being said, personally, I'd rethink the bull's eye on the glacis.
  21. You don't mention whether you've tried this one on your list, Mark, but, FWIW, the Realism_Winter_(snow-heavy) gives me the following result on the Hannover map. Rivers are unfrozen; paved roads have been bladed but remain packed-snow covered. Vehicles (like infantry) sink into the snow. I didn't compare traction effects, but wheeled vehicles seem to get around in it ok -- maybe too well, I don't know.
  22. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    That would be centuriontracks.dds