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    M60A3 ID Placard Removal

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    The sim does actually load additional spare roadwheels that do show up as you've seen. (And I get them, too).  However, the missing ones noted are when the sim wants to use a roadwheel as a round placard holder. No placard = blank space. But it's pretty rare. Only about once in 20-30 iterations in my testing. Enjoy!




  1. Correct, under SB's structure, they cannot co-exist. (Maybe eSim will someday give us a separate "au 2015" folder.)
    But do not rename the files; the sim will be looking for "us-molle".  

    What I do is add two folders within my "au" folder: "DPCU" and "AMCU". Into each folder I put its respective skin files (us_molle and us_equipmolle). These then are basically backups that you will copy out into the au folder when you want to use them.

    When I want Auscam, I copy the files from DPCU into the base au folder. When I want AMCU, I copy the AMCU files, replacing the former.
    I have a similar arrangement in the desert folder, except I have a third subfolder there called "DPDU". 

    Seems a little clunky, but it actually works pretty well.  

  2. I didn't include these in the download package, because modding the normal files can be more effort than many players are comfortable with -- and any change will effect all troops using the interceptordress troop model (US2000, South Korea, China and Finland) -- but attached to this comment post are two files I use.


    One just smoothes out the body armor detail on the interceptordress model so there's no visual conflict no matter the nation. (The screenshots above use this normal file). The other replaces all the detail to match my U.S. IOTV armor.


    If you're a stickler for the small details, pick one and place it in the sim's main textures/woodland/normals folder after first backing up the existing file of the same name. 




  3. Thanks for the comment, Gibsonm. I'm happy the skins are appreciated. I just used eSim's nomenclature for the vehicle, but agree it's more accurate to say it represents a Leopard ARVM, which was the Wisent 1's predecessor, but from photos the two appear nearly identical, so only limited squinting should be required. ;)

    (The modeled Wisent is on a Leo 1 hull, like the ARVM, not Leo 2.)

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