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  1. Feel free to change them as you like for your purposes. I'm afraid the results might be less than visually appealing because of the crude method I used to modify the original eSim textures. (It was a few years ago when I knew less about such things). Each additional saving and compression of the file creates graphic artifacts -- or color pixelation.


    Some might overlook it, but it bothers me to see that. For that reason I'm a little reluctant for them to be re-shared widely. If @DK-DDAM chooses not to offer a skin, I'm considering trying one myself in the future. I have another project I want to tackle first, though.

  2. 9 hours ago, DanTDBV said:

    I have just looked at Dejawolf's template and the skin files for the shot and the shotkal in the game and to me the form look identical so it should still work today.

    The two models have differences notably in the engine deck, rear, and front glacis. So a skin made with the older shot template will have abnormalities if used on the newer, crewable shotkal.


    9 hours ago, DanTDBV said:

    I for one would like to get access to your skin.

    You're very welcome to use the skins (they still lack the bridge rating). I'll PM copies, rather than submitting to the downloads section.

  3. I did this a few years ago for my own use, tweaking the green on the UK skin and doing some cut-and-paste work to make a matching skin for the noncrewable Centurion model. Plus adding some decals.

    I'm sure DK-DDAM could fashion a better, proper Danish scheme. Hopefully he has access to the Sho't Kal template; the only one I have is Dejawolf's template for the original Centurion ("shot").







  4. Looks to me like the blank decal file in the patch may have mistakenly been named "Austriandecals".

    By the way, if anyone would instead like to have a UK-style bumper number on their faux Scout instead of nothing, I offer the attached alternative file.




    Also, since eSim went to the time/trouble of adding a UK texture, it would have been nice to include a roof texture (UlanTurretHi) to match. (grumble)




  5. 2 hours ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

    If you just give us the file structure to make it happen, then people will fill the gap.


    The file structure is there. It's in the mods folder.

    However, the mods stormrider_sp refers to are for the us1990 troop model (with the kevlar helmets). I wouldn't be opposed to working up a version for the us1980 model, because although it saw pretty limited deployment, it did exist from what I've read. 

    If the sce is set in the late 80s, I'd suggest just using us1990 as the camo. You get the same MERDC desert vehicle schemes, and could use stormrider's or my six-color DBDU skin, or just keep the default MARPAT-like camo.

  6. On 2/20/2020 at 10:27 AM, Maj.Hans said:

    Would love to have a generic winter infantry camo that we can use for the US1970, US1980, and DE1970 slots.

    I think it would be more than good enough to just have one plain winter over-white pattern to use with all three.


    On 5/8/2020 at 7:53 PM, Bond_Villian said:



    Like this?

    Can't vouch for the historical accuracy, but I could put it up as fictional and/or generic. 



  7. On 2/20/2020 at 2:11 AM, Bond_Villian said:

    Im opting for the A1 with Ball ammo as a proxy. Has a UK skin, and doesnt have the benefit of the cage.

    Zero, if the lack of a UK texture is all that's stopping you from using the a2G with MG3 as your proxy, PM me. I have a solution. 😉

  8. It was.



    I was experimenting with possibilities for then-planned Rolling Thunder 19. I never released it because 1) I couldn't find historical documentation for a tunic vs. the greatcoat I was copying, and 2) unsupported normal-map modding. I'll send it to you by PM if you'd like to use it anyway. 




  9. I downloaded it, and it extracted fine (no password) using 7-Zip.


    (edit) Actually, come to think of it, I didn't use 7-Zip ... I just right-clicked on the .rar file and used "extract here" in Win10.  In any case, it wasn't password-protected.  Maybe a setting on your PC?

  10. Yeah, I guess I'm quick to blame Win10 because I don't trust it, and this is the second SB problem I've seen since moving from my beloved Windows 7.


    But I found the culprit: I had forgotten about my CH Throttle's microstick, which I never use but was still set as a mouse emulator.

    I de-programmed that function in the CH software, and the persistent cursor seems to have gone away. The microstick had a huge deadzone, but still must have been sending a signal that SB interpreted as mouse movement.


    So, thanks for looking, but nothing to see here. Move along.

  11. I got to sit down and actually play through a mission over the holidays, but found myself annoyed. In the current version (4.162) the white arrow cursor keeps reappearing in the middle of my view. I'm not using the mouse. I use Track IR ... but I did a little testing and found that this also happens with Track IR disabled and using a joystick for view control instead of the mouse.

    This is difficult to explain without a video or screenshot ... but the cursor doesn't appear in screenies, so ...

    When in F1 view (any position -- TC, gunner, driver) looking around inside the tank or unbuttoned ... and also in the optics -- F2, F3, etc. -- the cursor eventually pops into the center of the screen. Sometimes it takes a few seconds. I can move it off the screen with the mouse, but when I change my view (Q or Z for example) it immediately reappears in the center. Moving the view or optic on the x axis with the joystick temporarily makes it disappear, but it immediately reappears.

    This is very annoying and distracting -- especially when the big white arrow pops up in the center of gunnery optics.

    I'm not sure when this started happening, as I didn't get any actual mission sim time in versions 4.160 and 4.161 ... but I'm positive it wasn't persistent in 4.159. In 4.159 and prior -- using Track IR -- the arrow cursor would only appear if you moved the mouse, and would disappear if you moved an x axis. Again, I'm using Track IR for F1 views ... and principally the joystick for optics views.


    If no one else is seeing this, I'll continue to troubleshoot my own setup. I think I ruled out a false signal from my HOTAS.  My next step might be trying a new mouse, or at least moving it to a different USB port. Maybe it's sending an otherwise undetectable signal. ?   It's just your basic, run-of-the-mill 5-button optical mouse. It's also my first go at playing since installing Windows 10, so I can't discount that as a clue.

  12. 6 hours ago, Parachuteprone said:

    One thing I notice is that if trying to simulate a group not expecting an attack. Ie : rear area etc. the troops you place will be standing up straight or prone.

    It would be nice if there was a relaxed stance where troops would individually stand or wander about maybe sit, kneel  - just hang about within a given area until the shooting starts.

    I've done this sort of "in the rear with the gear" thing fairly convincingly for a screenshot. And the thought did occur to me that it would make a nice basis for an infiltration attack scenario. Result can be seen with my Australian M577 in the downloads section.

    All of Mark's suggestions are valid, although I wouldn't use "civilians ... set the look to be country X so they have a uniform", because SBProPE doesn't work that way. With CIV or any other country your only "set look of" options are other civilians or the three flavors of armor crew. Instead, you need "Infantry" unit(s) to get them in uniform. Set them initially as "discard weapon if this unit is anywhere" if you want them milling about/resting unarmed at runtime. But also apply an "arm if" condition as required. Spawn/drain regions or some simple scripted routes, and viola.

    And don't forget the "kneeling" posture. When the figure is unarmed, it provides a very casual/at rest look.  Make a "march" route ending at a waypoint with the troop posture "kneeling" (tactics NONE) ... and your unarmed grunt will walk to the spot and take a knee.

  13. The texture files are in C:\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\textures\woodland.
    The files used include M1A1_HI1, M1A1_HI2, RadioCombined (and possibly radio), and M1A2_int (which also has a desert version in C:\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\textures\desert.
    Don't edit the originals, of course; make copies to work on. Save your finished work in the appropriate mod folders. 

  14. Well, to be clear, the sound file in question existed for more than 2 1/2 years in my SB mods folder without incident and could be also be loaded, played and edited with other software on my PC -- both in Windows 7 and Window 10 -- with the same Realtek HD Audio. It only became an issue when SB tried to load in Windows 10.


    In any case, I'm just happy to have the glitch rectified.

  15. 5 hours ago, ben said:

    Also it would be great to get a Belgian Skin mod for the Piranha III C if anyone has the urge!

    From everything I've seen, Belgium's military vehicles are just basic green, like the DF30 and DF90.  The sim comes with a green Piranha III C in the US 2000 folder (and US 2010). I would just copy that to the "be" folders in your mods directory. There aren't any decals or markings to worry about.

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