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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This mod reskins the SBProPE v4.167 Sho't Kal in an overall green scheme with Canadian markings to proxy for a crewable Canadian Centurion. Free Prize Inside: A separate, but optional, decal file also gives the sim's stock AI-only Centurion Mk5/2 model Canadian markings.
  2. Won't be a lot or work, since I've already adapted a template for my DK version. Pretty simple matter of dropping the black part of the camo layer and changing the green ... adding a couple of appropriate Canadian markings. Gimme a day or three (got a lot of real-world OT this week).
  3. There's a Canadian skin already available in-game. It's in the 3-color camo of the sixties. It suffers from the application of Israeli markings, however ... probably an oversight by eSim, which can be helped by dropping the file I've attached below into your ca mod folder(s). If you're wanting a solid green version of the Sho't Kal as an alternative ... that could be done. Israelidecals.dds
  4. Version 1.0.0


    The Leopard 1A5 in Canadian paint and markings to represent a Leopard C2. A matching skin for the Leopard 1A5DK is also included because in the current version of SBProPE (4.167) the TC's out-of-hatch view still uses the Leo1A5DK-1 model.
  5. I don't remember making this, but I'm not sure where I would have downloaded it if I didn't make it. The files are dated December 2013.
  6. Revisiting this. The bug was apparently fixed some time ago on the T-55s in question. But I noticed today it also exists on the Centurion/Shot (the AI-only one). Example screenshot below, where the tank was placed on the map initially facing east, but now faces west. The cupola and TC remain oriented to the east (Commander is looking to his right). Even when an enemy is detected/engaged.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    These skins are for the SBProPE v 4.167 Israeli Sho't and its crewable, diesel-powered Sho't Kal variant, painted to stand in for a Danish Centurion Mk 5. They were created using eSim's "shot" template, which I modified to include textures unique to the "shotkal." Decal files included.
  8. Finishing up the crewable ShotKal version.
  9. I don't personally recall a "single click" method, but this can be done by selecting the vehicle units in the map view (shift/click or lasso with mouse), right-clicking, and choosing "set unit type."
  10. Splash

    Belgium Pack

    Correction of a typo in the readme: The sim's stock AT (Austria) skins for the Dingo, Iveco and Pandur were modified, not AS as written.
  11. Splash

    Belgium Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    This pack contains skins for vehicles used by the Land Component of the Belgian armed forces currently in SBProPE (v4.167) -- the Dingo 2, Iveco LMV, Pandur I, Piranha IIIC and Unimog truck. Also included are ambulance versions of the Dingo, Pandur and Unimog. They are intended to match, more or less, the stock eSim skins for the DF90 and DF30 vehicles.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is a package of textures adding packed snow to most, but not all, of the tracks for tracked armored vehicles in SBProPE version 4.167. This is intended to give a more realistic effect when playing missions in snow-covered winter environments. Some examples:
  13. Version 1.0.0


    A Naval Infantry PT-76B in camo and markings of the Russian Federation's Baltic Fleet, 1992. This is a mod/repaint of the stock eSim skin, with some additional detail to the crew compartment. Done by request, it's an unusual scheme based on a photo, scale modeling profiles and some conjecture. Free prize inside.
  14. Feel free to change them as you like for your purposes. I'm afraid the results might be less than visually appealing because of the crude method I used to modify the original eSim textures. (It was a few years ago when I knew less about such things). Each additional saving and compression of the file creates graphic artifacts -- or color pixelation. Some might overlook it, but it bothers me to see that. For that reason I'm a little reluctant for them to be re-shared widely. If @DK-DDAM chooses not to offer a skin, I'm considering trying one myself in the future. I have another proj
  15. The two models have differences notably in the engine deck, rear, and front glacis. So a skin made with the older shot template will have abnormalities if used on the newer, crewable shotkal. You're very welcome to use the skins (they still lack the bridge rating). I'll PM copies, rather than submitting to the downloads section.
  16. I posted this in the screenshot thread once. What happens when you forget to set the parking brake on a hill:
  17. I did this a few years ago for my own use, tweaking the green on the UK skin and doing some cut-and-paste work to make a matching skin for the noncrewable Centurion model. Plus adding some decals. I'm sure DK-DDAM could fashion a better, proper Danish scheme. Hopefully he has access to the Sho't Kal template; the only one I have is Dejawolf's template for the original Centurion ("shot").
  18. The sim does actually load additional spare roadwheels that do show up as you've seen. (And I get them, too). However, the missing ones noted are when the sim wants to use a roadwheel as a round placard holder. No placard = blank space. But it's pretty rare. Only about once in 20-30 iterations in my testing. Enjoy!
  19. Splash


    Read and follow the instructions carefully.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This mod removes (or more accurately, makes transparent) the Unit ID placards that appear randomly on the SBProPe M60A3 main battle tank. Follow the installation instructions enclosed. By copying the files to the appropriate folders, the mod can be used to remove the placards from the M60A3 of any nation. According to my testing, this mod affects only the ID placards and front bumper number on the M60A3, leaving intact the other various stowage items that appear randomly on this tank and many other vehicles in SBProPE Version 4.167. No guarantees are made regarding future upda
  21. Version 1.0.0


    The Leopard 2A6 in Finland camouflage. Included is a winterized version because, well, Finland. This repaint uses a modified version of Dejawolf's Leo2a5GE template. The Leopard 2A6 in SBProPE uses the Leo2a5GE skin. My custom skins for Finland armor crews are also available separately in the Infantry & Crewman downloads section.
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