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    Skin mapping issues

    Yeah, I worked out my own 'hotfixes' for the Abrams issues. I stretched the gun tube to the left to fill the space marked in yellow, and I painted a textured green box in the red area similar to what was on the previous version's skin. Neither change seems to affect the external view of the model. The Bradley issue can't be worked around, though. It seems as though it could be fixed by shifting the mapping coordinates to the left. But what do I know? I don't know nuthin bout birthin no code, Miss Scarlett.
  2. Found a use for the skins in the "destroyed" folder:
  3. Splash

    Skin mapping issues

    The M1A1 problems above were not present in the old version, but were introduced with the new model. A problem that has been present both before and after the upgrade is the commander's hatch on the Bradley. Rather than taking its texture from the hatch painted on the skin, it maps instead from the area circled here in green: ... which also maps to (and belongs) on this housing: ... resulting in this weirdness: There's also that unmapped spot on the lower right of the hatch mechanism. It's obviously an immersion thing and not a gameplay issue, but would be nice to see a fix in a future patc
  4. I've tended to play mostly from the TC position lately, and I've noticed a couple of mapping anomolies on the Abrams skin from that position. First, the smoke grenade launcher draws its TC-view texture from the same place on the M1A1 skin that it did before the introduction of the new model. (Roughly the red box area below.) However, Deja's new skin has some other bits and bobs in that spot, resulting in this weirdness: Also, the tip of the gun tube on the new model draws its texture from the area in the yellow box above ... but the tube on the new skin does not extend far enough, resulting
  5. Oh, the possibilities. But as with DrDevice, my slideshow was unmolested by the uninstall.
  6. Please speak to me as if I were a 7-year-old. I've read the various threads with these admonitions to "Adjust your terrain themes" and still am unclear what it means to me. What is required of the average user? One who rarely, if ever, designs his own scenerios. On arrival, will we all need to open our new, upgraded/patched version and tinker with every scenerio included (or at least those we intend to play) to ensure the values have been set properly?
  7. Splash

    M1A1 sound overhaul

    That piercing, high-pitched buzz/whine on the interior would drive me batty. Is that an actual M1 sample? If so, you real tankers, who already have my respect, have earned even more.
  8. That did the trick! Thanks, GH! I had at some point apparently placed a stream.dds file in the wrong place. When I moved it to my mods/textures/woodland folder, all was again right with the virtual world.
  9. Thanks, Tacbat, but that's exactly the same file I have. For some reason, the "stream" object (1m, 3m and 6m) on the maps isn't connecting with a graphic file. Although I'm kind of fuzzy on how the themes work, water appears to be linked with water.jpg in all of them. But all I get on the maps is a bright white line. (I'm not trying to make a map, mind you. This is showing up in play -- and also when I open the maps themselves). Maybe some of the mapmaking gurus can clue me in on what file the stream object calls on for its texture?
  10. Could someone help me find a terrain texture I seem to have lost? It's obviously a water file -- small streams/ditches, not large bodies -- but I have a water.jpg in the main game terrain/high folder and a lowater.jpg in the terrain/low folder. So either I've accidentally deleted some other required graphic file or I've fubar'ed something else. I only recently noticed it, but I haven't been simming much lately, and when I do, it's usually a desert map with no water. Any hints? Oh, btw, I'm using 2.328, ATi Radeon x1650 Pro w/512mb, and a graphics driver update didn't fix it.
  11. I use the same setup (CH throttle & stick) as HardRock, with the buttons set up similarly. That's a good write-up for anyone who hasn't tried it. Indeed, very intuitive. Add a voice-command program like Shoot!, and I never mess with the keyboard and very rarely touch the mouse. In fact, I use the throttle with its buttons for every game I play -- in combination with Shoot! -- plus the mouse if needed. Never really liked or became proficient hitting keys on a keyboard for gaming.
  12. Splash

    Bloom-HDR Mod

    I guess I'm missing the point of this mod. What's its purpose? To simulate cataracts?
  13. I miss Norm Crosby.
  14. Splash

    TIS image "mod"

    I wouldn't use it ... any more than I would put hunter orange skins in my Red folder. But like GH, I'd love to see the foliage-in-winter issue fixed.
  15. I don't think we need opinions. They're like assholes ... everyone's got one. Forget trying to grade a scenerio as 'good' or 'bad.' It's all subjective, and unless I know you well, it means squat to me whether you like something or not. What's needed is something along the lines of the review Ssnake outlines. A comprehensive assessment of what is present in the .sce, what is required of you, whether it works as planned ... things of that nature.
  16. I've been playing this a lot lately, too. I play from the TC position of the Leopard 2A5 ... trying to develop some skills there. I've nailed all of the enemy tanks one (1) time. I usually manage to get 5 or 6. I start by taking up a position on the ridgeline immediately to the WNW of the starting patch of woods. (By the way, I don't start in the woods. I start in the clearing just south of the woods and circle around them to the left to the aforementioned high ground.) From this point you'll be presented with a target-rich environment. If you take up a good hull-down position, though, you sho
  17. Thanks Sean, Ssnake. Negatory on the non-Nortonized machine to test it on. I tried one of the ports in the rear of the box (usually use the front one) and had the same issue -- with the same fix. So for now, beyond a little hassle and the need to hold my mouth just right to get it to work ... at least it works. I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks.
  18. Funny this topic should bubble back up. I ran into this same problem. I, too, had been getting the flashing/alternating red/green light -- but only for a few seconds ... about 11 red flashes then the lights went out. The sim would start fine. It has been this way for as long as I can recall noticing. Now, after a few weeks break from the sim, I get the "ensure your CM stick is securely in the USB port." message after I've plugged it in and try to fire SB up. Where my issue seems to part with other posters is that it will work if I unplug/replug the dongle in the USB port _without_ first going
  19. Version 1.0


    This is the TC roof view in desert paint to match the default desert CV9040.
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