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  1. Version 1.2.0


    New and revised for Version 4.159 to adjust Tan color and include a new decals file. This M113 Ambulance is painted in Australia's "AUSCAM" disruptive pattern as a proxy for the M113AS4 Ambulance. Also included, by request, is a M113A3_2015 in the same pattern, for mission makers who wish to use the A3 -- rather than the G3, which I have modded separately -- as a proxy for the M113AS4 Armoured Command Vehicle. The decals file replaces stock U.S. markings with an Australian-style vehicle number on M113s when your Camouflage scheme is set to Australia. Plus, new for version 4.1
  2. Version 1.1.0


    An M113A1 painted in "Auscam" disruptive pattern. Updated for version 4.159 to include a new decal file and adjustment to the tan color. The M113A1 saw early and heavy service in the Australian Army until refurbished, stretched and upgraded in the early 2000s into today's M113AS4 family of vehicles. Adding a gunner's cupola, gunshield and a considerable amount of squinting can serve as an approximation of the T50 turret these vehicles were fitted with for much of that service. Template by RogueSnake79
  3. So I noticed the medic team control issue wasn't one of the things addressed in the 4.159 patch. Just curious about whether that's considered the intended behavior of those units (not being able to command them from the host vehicle) or if it's a bug to be addressed later.
  4. The new dismountable medic teams can't be controlled, it seems, from the ambulance vehicle's F8 position. (Lower-right icon context menue -- advance to, march to, etc). You have to jump to the dismountable unit to move them. Shouldn't I be able to direct them from the vehicle as with other dismountable teams? Also ... It's a nice animation, but I think the Dingo2A team is exiting the wrong door.
  5. Yeah ... I don't model'em, I just paint'em. 😏
  6. No. I'll leave that to eSim. 😏 I might do an Auscam version, though. If that camo would be appropriate? I suppose if anyone fancies running without the vented panels on the generator mount, they could continue to use the decal files I supplied in my original mods. (The modded decals were necessary to take Danish markings off U.S., German and Australian vehicles). But I'll upload new ones to include the new texture, anyway.
  7. Ah. I had forgotten about that one. You are correct. Looks like an update is in order, since anyone using one of my M113 skins with the decal file will be missing that texture. Thanks.
  8. Nice work all around, guys. A quick question (maybe for RogueSnake?) I'm looking at updating my skin uploads to conform to 4.1, and that would include the M113s. I see the fix to the headlight lens in the decal file (also mentioned in the readme), but I was wondering about the function of the new texture I've outlined in red below. It doesn't seem to show up on any of the 113 models ingame.
  9. I guess I use it in the intended fashion. My voice software sends a Shift-A keypress when I order my AI driver to turn left. I hadn't noticed it not working before 4.1. Anyway, I'd hate to see it axed, but suppose I could adapt by scripting a 'hold' keypress or something of the sort.
  10. Default key bindings. Vehicles don't respond to Right turn (Shift+D) and Left turn (Shift+A). The orders are confirmed with a message in the lower left text bar, but the vehicle does not respond. It should make a 22.5-degree turn per key press in the direction ordered. Steer left/right (A/D) work fine.
  11. @marques, you could also use SHIFT+a and SHIFT+d to get 22.5-degree turns.
  12. If you have uploaded it to the site's Downloads section, you'll have to wait for it to be approved by the administrators before you can link to it. That can take days, sometimes, unless you PM them. (I usually PM Sean) Edit: The other option would be to just zip it and attach to your post here. Then, anyone logged in could immediately download it.
  13. Yes. Virtually every screenshot I've ever taken in SB has been either in an AAR or in the 3D view of the Mission Editor. Here's one from July of 2015, version 3.025:
  14. OK. Thanks for the confirmation. Admittedly it's something of little value to anyone but screenshot artists and the like. But since it was there in versions 4.023 and prior, I wouldn't be at all upset if it were to find its way back into the code. ☺️
  15. Uniform1970RU and Gear1970RU
  16. With 4.1, shadows are no longer rendered in Mission Editor 3D view or in AARs. Feature or bug? (Default settings) Shadows render as expected at runtime.
  17. OBSOLETE (unnecessary) as of Version 4.157.
  18. The texture files for (CN1970) China (1970) infantry camouflage -- Uniform and Gear -- are misnamed, and thus do not show up ingame.
  19. FWIW (e-mail sent to Ssnake per request, anyway) ... On my outdated PC with 3.5 Ghz, 16GB ram and a 2GB GTX950, frames were DRASTICALLY improved (back to 4.0 levels for me, anyway) at the default settings by lowering the road rendering detail to 2. I did this based on a post by Rotar pointing out that the "3" setting exceeds the VRAM of a 2GB card. I don't know what eye candy I'm giving up at that setting because I haven't had a chance to explore much. But at least I'm back in the game.
  20. Well, you're not the only one. I just installed, and ran the M1A2 Tutorial Introduction for a quick look. Completely unplayable. Single-digit frames, where, with the same settings in pre-4.1 it ran smoothly (maybe low 30s). Unchanged graphics settings -- which were on the higher side, but not maxed.. No changes to the machine (which is admittedly old). Off to work now. I'll investigate further later.
  21. Curious/confused about this one: "Fixed bug #3663; for all but instructors, the 'Set Unit Spacing' and 'Set Unit Formation' entries in the Planning Phase are now disabled. Instructors may also change a unit's heading." No more setting your platoon up in the planning phase for, say, a road march? Instead let them untangle themselves after mission start?
  22. I use a considerably older software called Shoot, but here's what I do: I only need one mic -- the headset one. Shoot is set up for Push-To-Talk, and so is TeamSpeak. I use a different PTT key for each. So, since each app only hears/sends voice when it is keyed, TeamSpeak players only hear you when its dedicated key (or keys, the case of multiple whisper channels) is pressed; Shoot only responds when its dedicated key is pressed. I have limited multiplayer experience, but the setup has worked fine thus far. It's just a matter of remembering which send-key to press. Admi
  23. With help like that, who needs OPFOR?
  24. According to photographic evidence, I think the Boxer, at least, should have an emblem on the front. Since that texture is shared with the APC version of the vehicle, ESim could handle it with a decal, in the same way the Dingo is.
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