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  1. Isn't it amazing I posted about this problem in 2016 and for a sim we all paid a lot of money to support, this STILL is not fixed!
  2. Been a while since I have been able to play. Just got back and was looking forward to doing so. However, I see there have been NO updates in over a year now, even this forum has very few new posts or updates. And the SAME problem that came out of the 023 update, still exists which makes Steel Beasts unplayable.. ie the mouse pointer completely disappears in full screen and the design does not allow a windowed lower resolution apparently because it just crashes out with a DX error when you try to resize the window. For as much money as I have paid for this title and all the upgrades over the years, it is getting a bit irritating that the developer is not bothering to use industry standard coding, window and screen API's etc. Has anyone found a workaround so we can at least play the sim full screen and be able to see a mouse pointer?
  3. Thanks will switch to that mode... Will there be a future update fixing this issue?
  4. Just went to load SBPro after upgrading to 4K UHD. No mouse pointer appears now for SBPro in the menus or game. I have seen this in some other games and the solution was to change to windowed mode which was a temp fix but I want to run in full screen which I cannot without a mouse pointer. System is also Windows 10 Pro, dual GTX-780's in SLI mode, i7 based.
  5. Windows 10 has problems with a lot of games in FULL screen mode.. I have quite a few titles with this problem.. If you run in WINDOWED mode OR can change the mouse option to hardware mouse in the game options, it works fine.. The devs will need to update the way they handle the mouse cursor but for now, changing to windowed mode will solve it..
  6. Specs say it is a gas turbine... did they change that?
  7. Hi, I am not understanding something about scoring I guess and need some help. Last night I played a scenario that comes with the game when installed. (Pro-PE 3002) Much of the scenario had been set, I.E. checkpoints and so forth so all I really needed to do was issue proceed orders, watch my flank during a major attack and assist any units in danger of being over run. I did have the option of calling in arty as well which I did not need to use. I lost no full platoons in the battle but a few platoons lost a unit or two here and there and if I remember, those that did take losses were only two platoons, one a scout platoon of jeeps and the other a jaguar anti-tank platoon. The enemy on the other hand was decimated. 100%. bow, bow, bow... LOL Anyhow, the score gave me 260 out of 1000 for the scenario and 26 out of 100 for mission scoring AND was told I LOST the mission as a defeat!!?!? I hit all milestones in the scenario, accomplished all tasks AND walked away with minimal loss. What am I missing because this seems to be the case with a lot of missions I am now playing...
  8. Dam... oops. Turned the brain off for the holidays... Thanks... should be fine once I grab the new license..
  9. Hi, Been offline for a while but finally able to get some sim time in again.. I downloaded and installed the V3 upgrade to Steel Beasts. However when I plug the dongle in, the light comes on then goes off although an icon does appear in by system tray and my computer list. I have also downloaded and installed the latest Codemeter software, 5.1. When I try to run Steel Beast, I get an error that says : "Codemeter error: Please ensure your CM Stick is securely in a USB port" I have tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. My system is fully updated and current (I am actually trying two different systems with the same result just to confirm it is not hardware or driver related from the machines) One system is running Windows 7 and the other is running Windows 8. Both are 64 bit. Suggestions? Really want to get into the sim again plus I bought a new TrackIR I want to finally try out! Here is the attached dongle diags file I generated... CmDust-Result.txt
  10. I had read all the docs and faqs. Having done a lot of coding myself, I happen to be one of those that tries everything before asking for any kind of help. Thanks though for the recommendations. The install was clean from the DVD then the 2.640 update then the latest update. I have uninstalled completely and re-installed with the 2.6xx latest version only. So far it seems to be working but still trying different vehicles to check fully.
  11. Hi, I am finally able to get into really digging into Steel Beasts Pro PE so bear with me as I learn the nuances of the sim finally. A couple questions have come to mind at this point.. First, why do rocks block tanks and tracked vehicles? Large boulders I can understand. But smaller rocks even on the large side should be able to be tracked over easily or pushed aside at worst. Yet every time I try to move through a rock field, my tracked vehicles are stopped. Is there a specific reason for this design decision or something that will be fixed/changed in the future? Next, Why do units separate attachment when they get a certain distance from each other? Finally, Is there any plan to allow external guns (i.e. commanders mounted 50 .cal) to be mouse enabled for aiming etc? One other thing, any mods or scenarios that are highly recommended for use? Thanks for any help... Todd
  12. Thanks will do that and see what happens. Already updated Codemeter and DX
  13. When I first bought ProPE, I had a problem after install where the graphics were not correct. The maps for the M2A2, for example, were all messed up. I remember there being some cockpit issues as well.. However I was not able to do anything about it at the time due to lack of internet access and some other things I have been dealing with on a personal level. Today, I now have internet access and finally the ability to really dig into Steel Beasts ProPE. However I again have a major problem after clean install. This is a completely different system all around. After install, I then installed the patches v2.640 then 2.654. Was I supposed to install all the previous patches as well?? I am seeing two major problems. First the outside graphics for some of the units is all messed up. Second, in the majority of units, anytime I try to use certain positions, I get an all black screen but if I look around, I can see the cockpit above me?!! Again this is a brand new system, completely clean install and then patched per above. Any ideas on this one?
  14. HI all, For those of you reporting you are not hearing a difference in sound after setting up Alchemy, You must ALSO go into the Creative Audio Control Panel and select 'Games Mode' and even more important let it auto detect your speaker configuration. For some reason, the Creative drivers and tools seem to 'lose' configuration settings once in a while for no apparent reason. If after you setup alchemy you are not hearing a difference then either you are not using the right speaker setup or the config for the Creative drivers is not set for your specific speaker layout. Many times, especially after a reboot or software install I have gone into that tool to find that my speaker config and THX config had rest to basic surround sound or to 2 speaker when I actually have a full 7.1 surround system. Once I clicked the autodetect button.. WHOA!! BIG difference trust me...
  15. Hi all, Wondering if anyone might be able to assist me in getting the latest patch/update of 700megs. I am a veteran on disability now and because of the limited income I only have a 24K dial-up modem connection. I am wondering if someone would be willing to send me a disk with the huge update on it by mail? I could send a couple dollars via PayPal if needed to cover postage and the cost of the disk. I had thought about just starting the download and letting it run however the last few weeks I have been trying to download a new update for Combat Mission Shock Force Marines as well which is only 133 meg or so and my connection craps out every time. Large files are just not possible to grab on a dial-up connection. If anyone can help, please let me know. You can email me direct using this address: MalakieUSN for the email account and the google mail address or the hot mail address. You can also leave me a private message here although because of my connection I do not check things very much. Thanks..
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