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  1. I think I will have to do that. It's a shame to have the enviroment and the assets but such poor AI. No idea where to look for Arma people who take things semi-seriously though. The community seems to be mostly kids " yeeting 'nades " with a small number of very serious groups that are a bit too Walt-ish for me... I'm looking forward to the GM helo's, even though I don't really get along with the Arma flight model ( I bought the helo expansion just for the advanced flight model, which isn't advanced, it's just better than the stock hovercraft\UFO ) maybe I can work out some way to enjoy those...
  2. Hope no-one minds me bumping this thread. I just bought Arma 3 solely because of Global Mobilisation. But once I finished looking at the gorgeous models, terrain and enviroment I realised that there is very little substance. I thought Arma might have evolved in the five or so years since I last looked at it, but the AI vehicles are still clueless unless micromanaged to an insane degree and the control interface is still poor. I can see that various modders have done their best to address some of the issues, but it still isn't very engaging - beyond setting up simple static scenarios that aren't much more than a glorified shooting range. Has the OP found a way to make Arma interesting ? apart from having one or more humans crewing every tank...
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    Lost licence key

    No option for Paypal ?
  4. Siddley

    Lost licence key

    I think you are correct, web shop here we come
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    Lost licence key

    I really do appreciate this, thanks for your help OK, the WebAdmin page is telling me that I have a licence for SB Pro PE 4.0
  6. Siddley

    Lost licence key

    A friend bought SB for me ( a member of this forum actually - hello Chris ) in spring\summer of 2017 - so it would have been the version that was current at the time. I used a temporary key until the dongle arrived from the US, I don't have any of the emails or even remember which of my two email addresses they would have been sent to.
  7. Siddley

    Lost licence key

    I want to reinstall SB, but have no idea what to do about my missing licence key. I've got the USB Codemeeter dongle thingy but it's saying that there is no valid licence. What's the procedure for getting SB up and running again ?
  8. I've come to a very similar conclusion as you guys regarding how vehicle specific the controls *shouldn't* be ( I do own PE and enjoy the sim massively when I get time ) I think a generic controller\switch panel that looks AFV-like is the way to go. There are off the shelf software methods to capture mouse positions and clicks ( for clickable only buttons ) then bind them to a physical button, but they all look pretty unreliable in practice. So the functions on the physical controller will have to be ones that PE supplies as keyboard\joystick. The only minor issue after that is the look and ergonomics. Years ago I was in a job that is very difficult to explain and got to interact with a lot of Soviet military hardware - I ended up with a respect for what they made, but ergonomically it could be very awkward. I reckon that only a fanatic would want all the Soviet ergonomic quirks reproduced. Currently I'm building a lot of the Viggen's cockpit just for fun and helping restore a Ju-88 cockpit section for a museum but I reckon there is room to squeeze in some AFV controls. For a business model I'm thinking about offering the units in kit form - you'd get a set of plans detailing the construction, *stl files for 3D printing, and maybe some hardware. The price would be pretty modest because the customer is doing a lot of the work Or as I said, I might just give the 3D models away...don't know yet....
  9. Does anyone think that there might be a market for realistic or semi realistic SB controllers\button boxes ? It's the sort of thing I build for fun - for flight sims - and I'm thinking about maybe doing something for SB too. Here are some of the cockpit panels ( two notional, one pretty much true to reality ) I built for the DCS Saab Viggen...and a 3D model of a Harrier GR7 up front controller I've got blueprints for some AFV controller handgrips, I could model those next ( and probably end up giving them away for nothing )
  10. Eyup, new member. I don't have Steel Beasts just yet, but as a lifelong flight simmer who builds his own hardware I'm already thinking about making some custom controls for the sim. Anyway - dead simple question - how many joysticks can SB support ?
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