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  1. What's the deal on 4.2 do we just download the new content ?
  2. Hey Boys quick question where do or how do you find in the manual to download new scenarios? I got my new 4.1 code meter and playing game but would like to download some new content. Please excuse my handy cap my Brain injury combat served. Thx any help would be much appreciate.
  3. Wow 3/4 Cav was my old 3/7 Cav changed over in what -81-82 to the 3/4 all scouts no moor Tanks 3rd ID scouts...yeah I was already gone when you were in...had some good Ol times in Pig town and up in Border camp- camp-Harris-Coburg...Garry-Owen. Was so good to turn over are Starships'' -'' A-Deuce'' for a real kick ass Tank are M1-Abrams.
  4. Thanks I have OBS also I'm doing some work up to live stream on OBS-GE-Force- Facebook- Tank Gunnery for now but i'm running the Team-Yankee sce.hope to stream it for my buddies Just wanted to let you no I served in 1977-1984 West-Germany My first unit was B Troop 3/7th Cav Garry-Owen Ledward barracks Schweinfurt West-Germany M-551 Sheridan then M60A1-Rise Re-upped and went to the 3 BN 64 Armor Co C at Conn Barracks Schweinfurt aka Pig-town West-Germany I re-upped for the Abrams we were the very first unit to receive them in Germany traded in are M60A2 Star-Ships for them But I must say I was part of the great CATC-83 and we won for the very first time we smoked the other competition Great times brother.
  5. Any tips on using a web-cam for Steel-Beast , or is it plausible ? I would like to show other fans the great Sim that Steel-Beast is or could I find this information in the manual ? thanks. Boys..
  6. Yeah i got my system set for Nvidia Shadowplay now i'm going to learn to use it i want to stream videos to my Tank-Net Bros on facebook and my ex Tanker Buds on line.I think they will really appreciate Steel Beast.It's really hard to explain how good and realistic this Sim is i tell them i can almost smell the cordite i think when they see the videos they will get it...Down Range Steel on Target old school Cold War Desert War Cav-Country..
  7. Thanks for the Intel i'm going to look at my system i have and see if i have any of those items you mention if not i'll try and find and download.I'm a combat Vet served on Tanks on a M1A1 I'm on line with other vets and would love to show them our Sim game Steel Beast.
  8. I think the Videos are great how do you go about taking a video of your sec. or can you take video anytime anywhere in your sec. game play ? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for all the intel guys much appreciated.
  10. What would be the recommended playing time before a new player should try and hook up with a Unit and play with other moor experience players ? Or should new players learn all the single sce. first. and play against AI's. Then try and hook up with a Unit. Thanks for any input into this
  11. Could we make a sce. for the Battle of Easting the 2-ACR Eagle-Troop and Ghost Troop 1991 Iraq War Steel Beast has the Tanks and APC and other support equip. To do so i think it would be a great battle it was the turning point in the war against Saddam war machine. Or if there is one i would like to know about it Thanks.
  12. Have not received my USB-Stick 4.0 in the mail it's been 20 days. I have only 10 days left on my free license what should i do? thank you I'm worried
  13. i'll get my wife to talk to you if that's ok.
  14. i've downloaded Camp Hornfeld in order to get some practice as i'm new to steel beast. i'm unable to find it on my game. is there a file name i need to save it to? i have the zip file then extracted to the file name suggested, but it's not appearing in the game. what am i doing wrong?
  15. Hello fellow Tankers my Question is my hardware my gaming PC was built ground up. The components are AMD 8 Core fx 3.3 Ghz 16gb DDR3 650 watt corsair PSU '2TB HDD, 240GB SSD GEFORCE GTX 980 ti CMP 351 CASE WIN 10 PRO 64BIT. Hope it's enough for this game
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