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  1. Guys, the Ukraine depots are full of tanks, we just need to pay their crews to halt the Ruskies :-)
  2. Anyone has an idea, how do they generate the electricity? A nuke power plant inside every vessel?
  3. Slovakia is totally wrong. First of all, the few T-72 we still activelly field are homemade, not Russian and the number should be divided approximatelly by 10, IMHO. Perhaps few more are still in storage. There was a political decision last year to abandon the tanks, which was lastly reverted. Czech T-72s are also almost all made in Slovakia, Their M4s are only upgraded. Last "tank" made in the Czech Republic has been the Hetzer :-D Also a lot of Lybian, Algerian, Angolan and other T-72s are Slovak made, as are many T-54s, T-55s and BMP-1s wordlwide.
  4. I remember it that te regime was triyng a lot to raise the kids in the way they could and would fight one day. It was off course presented as defense against imperialists. In Czechoslovakia we all had to be in the pioneer league at the age of 7, then in the socialist youth league (similar to Komsomol) at the age of 15. Paramilitary youth organisation was called Svazarm and was rather oriented at all kind of technical sports than paramilitary activities. Off course the possibility of military use of the skills gained there was obvious. As "pioneer" I have been in an young border watchmen troop and we have learned to handle the vz. 58 as early as at the age of ten. Such troops have been usual in the villages close to Austrian and German borders, aka the Iron Curtain. No live firing, however, only blind shots, but with the regular gear and under the supervisoion of the border watchmen troops. We considered it a lot of fun and I guess in Russia it must have been similar.
  5. Guys at eSim, tank you very much once again, I was allways in love with the T-72 and now I can finally "crew" it on my PC.
  6. Well, that is what I used before and it worked, but now when the whole family surfs wirelessly in the whole appartment a wi-fi capable router became necessary... So I will check the available routers here to meet all my demands...
  7. Hi, so what do you recommend if my router is listed as not allowing me to open sufficient number of ports (it is the Vigor 2700 series one)? It looks like the only option will be a new router... I understand that it is not very wise to compromise my machine with all my data in it.
  8. The acting of Georgians in the war seems to be quite far from organising crimes against non-combatants. Indeed, individual tragedies happened and people have sure lost their lives described as "colateral damage", but comparable actions elsewhere had never different outcomings. War is allways a tragedy, no matter how (un-)justifyied it is. No solid proof of anthing else has been presented yet. The video Captain Colossus points to is clearly a russian propaganda one showing few scenes repeatedly without being a clear proof of the raised accusations. Just compare it to what is available from Chechnya and it will be clear who acts as an agressor and where. We had to do with the Russian occupants in my country for 20 years not so far back, and I can clearly see the parallel here. In fact, it have been Georgians, who have been massively expelled from South Osetia after the Osetians supported by Moscow started the first war in the nineties. On the other side, the true fuel for the flames of war comes IMHO from the acting of EU and NATO in Kosovo: if you once break the international law, you can not expect anyone else (and especially not a heavy weight regional player as Russia is in the Caucassus) to follow it in comparable situations.
  9. Your other rear > Schizophrenic
  10. GmbH > Messerschmitt Flugzeugwerke
  11. prostate exam > better get your medicine
  12. She's makin' a list, sir > am I on the list, sir?
  13. Snake (perhaps Ssnake?) > hehehe, the man who deserves pusu na celo
  14. T.I.T.S. - "The International Tank Simulation" (got rejected) > Are you our new baby-siter? No I am your new mother f@#$er!
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