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  1. I was 2/2/C and survived the mission 1, I don't see my tank... but present, mission tested and OK
  2. Thanks a lot for the game, thanks to my fellow teammate who almost succeed to kept me alive
  3. B2 platoon please, but not commanding position, I'm f####g noob with the CV90-40B
  4. I edited the picture Ssnake, the .50 is not there but right and below the Maine gun on the mantlet and the size doesn't fit a standard .50
  5. Hello! I would like to know what's the purpose of that box added on top of the gun of the Leclerc and if you have sources about it. For me it's part of the MRS but for some friend, it's a 7.62 coax. The "box" seems to be too heavily protected and has no "quick" opening hatch's to reload that presumably 7.62 As always, for every info you find on internet, there is an another one saying the exact opposite...
  6. DF-90 is Exactly, low intensity conflict / peace keeping... (wtf) primary objectives are: Technical, APC, IFV, bunker, ,... Be aware that everything stronger than a .50 can go in... Look like they can try to shoot some older tanks till the T-55 (non up-armored), but with a vehicle that high, I won't try... About the ATT in the DF-30, I never saw it working that well like in the first vidéo, indeed it's "idealized" Usually we send a Mix (1 DF-30 & 1 DF-90) in Sp of a Inf Coy
  7. instaled, tested, working perfectly Thanks Ssnake
  8. Tested and no issue, just waited 40min after Eni before closing game without seeing one of theme
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