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  1. Hello everyone, I just wanted to hear if there are anyone how are streaming on Twitch when you meet online and play scenarios or fighting battles? Best Lars
  2. Thank you all for the many fine answer. Sometimes I need to know how things and devices work to understand them. Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions and even with such detailed answers. If there are others out there with more knowledge, please write. best Lars
  3. I talked with a platoon chief from JDR (Jyske Dragoon Regiment) and he told that it is impossible to burn the laser tube on the A5-dk´s, because there is a fuse that shuts down it if it gets too hot. So that I can read is, that the A5-DK´s has a saftey and that this saftey is not on M1érne and M60?
  4. I know that the danish A5-DK´s uses the CE628 laser range unit, that can lase 3 times in 4 sec. I am almoste sure that it is the same asin the German Leopards. The M1´uses an ELRF made by Litton. The M60A3 uses an AN/VVG-2.
  5. Hey I´m new here and I have a quick question. If you use the Laser Range finder too much on the M1 and M60 it will take damage and you can not use it any more. Is this a real problem and if yes, what happens? The Leopard1 A5-DK and the Leopard2 A5-DK dose not have the same problem. I hope anyone can help me. Best Lars
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