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  1. 4,023 installation problem

    I tried Tweaking.com - Windows Repair Properties free version in safe mode for my Windows 7 and 4.023 version was installed well No problems with configuration or updates checking and dont need any reinstallation installations
  2. 4,023 installation problem

    Thanks for the help I have already done this operation of reinstallation and not only KB299226 but also Visual C++ 2013 2015 but without any effect . It's strange how I wrote earlier that a year ago I installed 4.010 without problems and I do not understand what could have changed and what subsequent Windows update or som—Éthing could be fatal
  3. 4,023 installation problem

    KB2919355 update not for Windows 7 and it has never been installed that it did not prevent to install 4.010 a year ago
  4. 4,023 installation problem

    Well, in the first place it's Windows 7 PRO Secondly, do you suggest removing all Windows updates that were after I successfully installed patch 4.010 a year ago? Or can you list the updates that should have been before KB299226? (Microsoft only system requirement is to write only Windows 7 SP1)?
  5. 4,023 installation problem

    It's strange . A year ago when I first installed 4.010 Windows update KB2999226 already was and did not create any problems So what has changed?
  6. 4,023 installation problem

    No, all these reinstallations KB2999226 and Microsoft Visual C ++ 2013 2015 have not given any effect In fact, Now I can not install a new or old patch, although before that, with the same configuration, the game worked without problems
  7. 4,023 installation problem

    Downloaded new 4.023 Uninstalled old 4.010 which always worked fine I install a new patch and suddenly "update Windows KB299 ... not installed" This is normal ? What suggestions? As you understand the update installed long ago otherwise i could not install the previous version
  8. AGL M383HE

    M384 probably a later version similar to the M383 https://www.bevfitchett.us/mk-19-machine-gun-40mm-mk-19/note-ein.html https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/munitions/m383.htm
  9. AGL M383HE

    Probably You mean the M430 HEDP ? (because the M384 is also an ordinary high-explosive fragmentation grenade)
  10. AGL M383HE

    AGL with M383HE rounds can easy to destroy an infantry fighting vehicle or an armored personnel carrier in real life like in the game? I'm sure not. Maximum can cause non-serious damage . The ability to penetrate the armor with M383HE is not more than with 5-millimeter bullet